9/30 WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Keller’s report and analysis of Sami & Solo vs. Ricochet & Madcap, Shotzi vs. Bayley, Los Lotharios vs. Hit Row

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


SEPTEMBER 30, 2022

Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves


-After “Then, Now, Forever, Together,” a new Smackdown opening aired with the same song but new graphics and images prominently bookended by Roman Reigns.

-Pyro blasted in the arena as Michael Cole introduced the show and a camera panned the audience filling the lower bowl and upper deck.


Sami danced out first. Then Solo joined him on the stage. Sami couldn’t have been more obnoxious in his dancing excitedly. Solo didn’t seem irritated by Sami getting in his face all hyped up. A clip aired of last week’s opening segment where Roman messed with Sami before gifting him an “Honorary Uce” t-shirt. Cole said the Usos have tonight off because of their victory last week over the Brawling Brutes. He said their reign is now at 439 days. Ricochet and Madcap came out next, one after another, each getting their own music. They aired a snippet of last week’s backstage segment setting up this match.

Cole noted Sami is from Canada. He also said Sami earlier in the week tweeted to Rikishi that he has a new son now. Cole asked Graves if Sami has been disruptive to the chemistry in The Bloodline. Graves said Solo, “the meanest of the bunch,” wouldn’t be seen in public if he didn’t totally trust Sami. Cole asked about potential jealousy with Jey Uso. Graves said Jey is just looking out for Solo. Graves said Sami said his elation was hard to explain when Roman made him an official “Honorary Uce.” Ricochet and Madcap knocked Sami and Solo to the floor. Madcap then launched Ricochet onto Solo and Sami at ringside. They cut to a break at 2:00. [c]

A commercial aired hyping next week’s season premiere of Smackdown with the first time Reigns and Logan Paul go face-to-face in the ring for the first time ever. Solo controlled Ricochet after the break. Cole noted Solo is eight years younger than Jey and Jimmy. Graves said he’s displayed wisdom beyond his years. Madcap and Sami tagged in. Madcap took it to Sami aggressively including a fallaway slam. The Canadian fans didn’t like it, in part because Sami is from Canada. Madcap fended off an interfering Solo, running the ropes hard and fast and knocking Solo out of the ring. Solo, upset, grabbed a chair. Ricochet tried to yank the chair away. Madcap kneed Solo as Ricochet held his leg. Sami rolled up Madcap for a near fall. He followed with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a dramatic near fall. Sami climbed to the top rope next and leaped at Moss with a crossbody. Moss rolled through and lifted Sami and then delivered a Jackhammer for a near fall, broken up by Solo (who was late enough, Sami’s shoulders were clearly down for the third beat and the ref just had to stop his count).

Madcap beat up Sami on side of the ring as Ricochet dove at Solo on the other side. Solo hit him mid-air with a chair, then rammed him into the ringpost before tossing him into the time keeper’s area. Back in the ring, Moss was beating up Sami when Solo blind-tagged in. Solo then surprised Madcap with a spinning wheel kick and then a uranage for the win.

WINNERS: Solo & Sami in 11:00.

-When Moss grabbed the trash-talking Sami by the throat after the match, Solo hit Moss from behind. [c]

-Cole touted ticket sales for the Royal Rumble on January 28, 2023 in San Antonio, Tex. He said it was the most first-day ticket sales for the Rumble ever.

-Backstage, Sami told Solo he looked amazing and Reigns probably watched all of that. He said he was going to text him. When he opened the Bloodline locker room door, Jey Uso was there. He glared at Sami. Sami asked what he was doing there. Jey told him not to worry about why he’s there. He said he was there to make sure his little brother was good. Sami said he’s more than good and asked if he just watched the match. Solo walked into the locker room. Jey said he sees right through Sami. He said he’s got everyone fooled, but if he even thinks of putting the family in jeopardy, he will get him. Sami said maybe he should take it up with Roman. He pointed at his “Honorary Uce” t-shirt. He said he’d like to “get in our locker room.”

(Keller’s Analysis: Interesting. Is Jey jealous and paranoid, or did Jey just introduce the idea that Sami is infiltrating the Bloodline with ill-intent and isn’t the fool he comes across as? That seemed to be Jey’s implication.)

-Cole threw to a video package on Karrion Kross. Kross talked about Drew McIntyre as the type of guy you have to send to the hospital to be sure he stays down. He said unfortunately for Drew, that is his specialty. He said at Extreme Rules he’s taking him to a point of no return. He said they both want the same thing, but only one of them can have it. He said they  re bound together by suffering. He said when he’s done with Drew, he will go on to become the Undisputed WWE Champion. He said once the leather is strapped to Drew’s wrist, he will drag him to hell until he feels he has had enough, but then he’ll leave him there to burn away forever. “Tick tock,” he closed with.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was the best Kross segment yet. Less reliance on the haunted house mean facial expressions and vague platitudes, and more specifics about his issue with Drew and his intentions.)

-Kayla Braxton interviewed Austin Theory backstage. He talked about Brock Lesnar and Tyson Fury ruining his cash-ins. He said he wants to become a champion because anything else is pathetic. As he went on about Drew losing at Clash at the Castle, Drew turned the corner and stood behind him. Theory said Drew is physically talented, but not so smart. He called him an idiot who got himself into a strap match with Kross now. Drew put his hand on Theory’s shoulder and turned him around. He said, “You, me, in the ring. Now.” Theory looked shaken but trying to look brave.

-A Raw commercial advertised a Bianca Belair-Bayley contract signing and Braun Strowman. [c]


Cole said he talked to Drew earlier and he was in a bad mood before Theory spoke about him. Cole said Drew is sick of people sneak attacking him and talking about him and so he’s going to start making examples of them. Graves said Drew has become a bit of a gatekeeper to the WWE Title, which in turn makes Drew a target to many. Theory conferred with Otis and Gable at ringside. Theory snapped Drew’s neck over the top rope when Drew leaned over to grab at him. Cole said Theory is one of the most talented wrestler to come along in years, but he could use an attitude adjustment. (Is that a sneaky John Cena reference?) Drew came back with a Future Shock DDT. He kipped up and signaled for a Claymore Kick. Gable stood on the ring apron. Drew threw him into the ring. Otis then grabbed Drew’s legs and yanked him to the floor. The ref called for the bell.

WINNER: McIntyre via DQ in 3:00.

-Afterward, Theory, Otis, and Gable attacked Drew. Johnny Gargano made the save, but was soon overwhelmed. Kevin Owens ran out and cleared the ring of the heels with help from Gargano and Drew. They celebrated together.

(Keller’s Analysis: Other than Gargano being in street clothes, that sure looked like it was setting up an immediate six-man tag match. I guess it’ll wait until a later time. Is there an official roster split anymore?)

-Backstage, Mace, Mansoor, and Maxine got Max’s attention in the back hallway. Mace said they let him down last week. Mansoor said they’ll make him proud when they “bring home the title.” Max smiled and asked if they got a title shot against the Usos. Maxine said no, but they will break the Canadian record for the longest pose. Mace and Mansoor struck a pose. Max shook his head and left. Hit Row walked up and scared them into flinching, then laughed. Mace and Mansoor then went back to their pose as they cut to a commercial. Maxine told them to focus.

-Cole wondered what the record was for longest pose. Graves said he’d look it up during the commercial break. [c]

-Backstage, Shotzi said last week Bayley “and her cronnies” showed who they are. She said she’ll stick her nose and boots where she wants. She said everyone will find out how much control Bayley has when she rolls to the ring and stomps all over her.

(3) HIT ROW (Ashante “Thee” Adonis & Top Dolla w/B-Fab) vs. LOS LOTHARIOS (Humberto & Angel)

Cole said Los Lotharios are so close to breaking through. (Based on… what?) Top Dolla caught and held both Angel and Humberto at once and slammed them. Ashante tagged in and dropkicked Humberto as Top Dolla back suplexed him, leading to the three count.

WINNERS: Hit Row in 2:00.

-They went to Cole and Graves at ringside. Cole said Hit Row showed him how to move earlier in the day in the locker room area. Cole cackled. A fan held up a sign right behind them that said, “Revel in What You Are.” The security guy in view smiled and let him hold it up for several seconds. Graves told Cole he’ll never look at him the same way.

-A sponsored video package aired on Liv Morgan beating Lacey Evans last week.

-Braxton interviewed Ronda Rousey backstage about how “extreme” Liv got last week. Ronda said holding a kendo stick doesn’t make her hardcore. Ronda said she’s already the most dangerous woman on the planet, so imagine if she were wearing a baseball bat. [c]

-Cole talked about the Connor’s Cure charity.

-Graves announced the six-man tag set up earlier as the main event later.



After some back and forth action, Rousey won with an anklelock.

WINNER: Rousey in 3:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: This match felt rather random, and by not making a bigger deal out of a Rousey match on live TV on Fox, it kinda made Rousey feel more ordinary than she ought to. They wouldn’t do that with Roman wrestling a quick squash. I get Roman is champion and Rousey isn’t, but still.)

-As Rousey was heading to the back, Liv Morgan stepped into her path in the aisle with a baseball bat. Rousey blocked her swing of the bat and kicked her. Liv, though, jabbed her. Liv swung the bat at Rousey, but Rousey ducked and the bat hit the ringpost which Cole said was an Aaron Judge-like swing. Rousey gave Liv her Piper’s Pit move at ringside. Rousey reached for the bat, but Liv stopped her. They had a tug-o-war. Rousey tossed Liv over the barricade into the time keeper’s area. Security stepped in and escorted Rousey away. Liv tackled Rousey from behind. Security pried them apart.

-Backstage, Drew and Gargano were chatting next to KO. Drew made a comment to Gargano about the company he keeps. KO asked if he was talking about him. Drew said they don’t always see eye to eye, but they can both agree Theory desperately needs his ass kicked. Gargano said they’re on the same page. KO said sure, but not convincingly. The camera followed KO who then passed by Mace and Mansoor who were still frozen in the pose. KO gave them a suggestion about holding their hand higher or something. Then KO crossed paths with Sami, who stood and smiled. KO smiled back. KO chuckled and said, “You need a new shirt, buddy.” He walked away. Sami didn’t really react. [c]

-They showed postcard shots of Winnipeg.

-They showed Mace and Mansoor still posing backstage when Shinsuke Nakamura walked up and posed with them. Sonya Deville saw them and shook her head.

-As Imperium made their entrance, Graves hyped a rematch between Gunther and Sheamus next week. Ludvig Kaiser said the Brawling Brutes are offensive to them. Gunther said next week he’ll beat Sheamus and grind him down for the final time and break his spirit once and for all. He said the next night, they will obliterate all three of the Brawling Brutes. Sheamus’s music played. Sheamus said the Brawling Brutes are stuck in Florida, but he’s there. He said they know that he’d be more than happy to kick all three of their heads off their shoulders. Cole asked if Sheamus was thinking straight tonight. He made his way past Vinci and Kaiser by bashing them with his Shillelagh, then took it to Gunther in the ring. He pounded his chest to set up a Brogue Kick, but Vinci and Kaiser grabbed his boots. Gunther then attacked him in the corner. He shoved the Intercontinental Title belt in Sheamus’s face and yelled before throwing another chop and then delivering a powerbomb. Cole said he just sent him a message via powerbomb. Cole wondered how wise it was of Sheamus to go at all three Imperium members at once. Sheamus grabbed a mic as he struggled to stand. He asked, “Is that all you got?” Fans cheered. Gunther turned back toward the ring. Vinci and Kaiser charged back into the ring and went on the attack with stomps. Gunther then bashed Sheamus with his Shillelagh.

-Bayley said backstage that she’ll shut up Shotzi by herself and then go on to Extreme Rules and beat Bianca Belair to become the Raw Women’s Champion.

-They went to Cole and Graves who said they have breaking news that WWE Hall of Famer Antonio Inoki died at age 79 today. Graves said no one will ever forget his legendary encounter with Muhammad Ali. [c]


Shotzi drove a tank to the ring. This was clunky from the start and the crowd seemed to groan at a series of choreographed, sl0-mo, hesitant exchanges. Shotzi landed a high roundkick. They cut to a break with Bayley out at ringside. [c]

Shotzi climbed to the second rope. Bayley yanked her by her leg to the mat and then landed her Roseplant finisher for the win.

WINNER: Bayley in 7:00.

-Bayley gave Shotzi another Roseplant, then pulled a ladder out from under the ring. When she put Shotzi under the ladder, Belair ran out for the save. Bianca helped Shotzi stand, but then Bayley hit her from behind. Belair went for a KOD seconds later, but Bayley slipped free and retreated.

-Backstage, Maxxine praised Mace and Mansoor for holding their pose so long. As Maxine counted down the final ten seconds of the pose before breaking the Canadian record, Max knocked over Mansoor. He took off his “M” belt and said he’s done with them and he’s not sure this was ever for him.

-Theory and Alpha Academy made their ring entrance. [c]

-Cole and Graves hyped Roman and Logan in a face-to-face next week, plus Gunther vs. Sheamus and Ricochet vs. Solo.


They cut to a break a couple minutes in after KO landed a cannonball dive onto Gable and Theory at ringside. [c]

Otis caught a diving Gargano at ringside, but KO superkicked him. KO and Gargano cleared the announce desk and put Otis on it. Gable intervened and suplexed KO at ringside. He set up a move on the announce desk, but Gargano gave Otis a DDT and then KO gave Gable a stunner on the belt on the table. Meanwhile, in the ring, Drew gave Theory a Claymore for the three count. The director missed the Claymore entirely. Drew pulled out a strap and whipped Theory with it as Cole plugged the Drew vs. Kross match at Extreme Rules.

WINNERS: McIntyre & KO & Gargano in 14:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good action. Straight forward stuff.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Not a blockbuster show, and certain adjustments were made with some wrestlers not traveling due to the hurricane. But a solid enough two hours of WWE programming. A real step down in terms of newsworthy segments or big time matches from most of the recent shows, though. Using some Raw wrestlers added some novelty.

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