VIP AUDIO 11/30 – The Fix Mailbag (pt. 2 of 3): Who should win the Rumble? Will Raw shift back to 2 hours? Would MJF or Seth be better off switching companies? Swerve follow-up failed? Wrestling journalism? Triple-Vince dynamic? More (82 min.)


SHOW SUMMARY: In this episode of The Fix with PWTorch VIP analyst Todd Martin and host PWTorch editor Wade Keller, they respond to listener emails on these topics.

NOTE: This was recorded on Wednesday, Nov. 29 and caught up on last week’s Fix Mailbag that didn’t get recorded at the usual time. There will be a second Fix Mailbag session this week.

  • Is it better to have one clear challenger for MJF at a time or a bunch of people targeting him as is the case now?
  • What were the circumstances and process of Todd Martin joining PWTorch?
  • Who would be more successful if they switched promotions, MJF as the WWE World Champion or Seth Rollins as the AEW World Champion?
  • Who would be a better fit if they switched promotions, Paul Heyman going to AEW or Don Callis going to WWE?
  • Todd shared his story of attending the event when Scott Hall showed up in ECW
  • Todd’s top Bellator memories
  • Picks for who will win the Royal Rumble this January and who would they face at WrestleMania? If the choice is Cody, who would a good alternative be if not him for any reason?
  • Is it a distinct possibility that Raw’s new TV deal would cut the length down to two hours and what are the pros and cons of that?
  • Would AEW have been better off if the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega weren’t every part of AEW? Is it time for Omega to step back with the pain he’s in?
  • How did the Young Bucks manage to keep their EVP titles after instigating a confrontation backstage that led to a brawl?
  • Todd differentiates between being anti-time travel and anti-dragons and other science fiction such as vampires and werewolves?
  • Would it be worth moving WrestleMania from a premium streaming network to selling the rights to a broadcast channel like the Super Bowl?
  • Thoughts on the state of wrestling journalism, including aggregators taking reputable news reports and featuring them without context?
  • Is it hurting AEW attendance that you never know when tickets go on sale which of the top stars will be on the show, since so often so many are missing?
  • Should Sheamus return as a heel or babyface? If he were to join AEW, which wrestler should get the first Brogue Kick?
  • Is Prince Nana counter-productive as a manager for Swerve Strickland’s current character?
  • Why Todd is against Toni Storm’s character when she seems so popular with the majority of fans?
  • Why did Vince McMahon recently sell off so much TKO stock?
  • Was Triple H grinning inside at Summerslam knowing he’d be controlling WWE instead of Vince McMahon for the foreseeable future? Who found out before it was announced that Paul Levesque was getting the power over Vince?
  • Is WarGames a good gimmick match for WWE?
  • How does the Full Gear story with MJF, Adam Cole, and Jay White make any sense? Is AEW looking more and more like a promotion doomed to fail?
  • If Eddie Kingston or Swerve Strickland win the Continental Classic, does it elevate either of them? Or would it define the whole tournament down as a mid-carder tournament? Or is it just too hard to tell until it plays out?
  • Did AEW fail to capitalize on Swerve’s win over Hangman Page?



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