NXT TV RESULTS (6/4): Hazelwood’s live report on Grace vs. Turner, D’Angelo vs. Kemp for Heritage Cup, Hail vs. Nyx, Women’s NA Championship summit, more



JUNE 4, 2024

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Mike Rome

Backstage Correspondent(s): Kelly Kincaid, Sarah Schreiber



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-(My stream is on delay. The USA Network player seems to love buffering for the first minute.) The show began with a video from earlier today showing “All Ego” Ethan Page driving up (in a Challenger GT) and being greeted by Ava, Mr. Stone, and security. Page said she really knows how to make him feel and he asked about her being ready to iron out his deal. He walked off and Ava mentioned she’ll need Stone tonight and he said whatever she needs. It looks like Stone is now officially Ava’s assistant?

-A video recap of last week’s show, with Sexyy Red, played. They highlighted the attack from Page on Trick Williams (and Lash Legend, really), and then Ava introducing TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace to be Roxanne Perez’s challenger at Battleground.

-Grace started the show, entering for her match with Stevie Turner. She got a huge pop and wore a vest that said “Juggernaut Jordynne” on the front and “NXTNA” on the back. Mike Rome introduced her as the “TNA Knockouts Champion.” Turner entered next still using the hacker/streamer Tron graphics. Perez then surprised by cutting off Turner’s entrance and making her way slowly to the announce table to join commentary.


Grace, looking incredibly jacked, took down Turner and then ate a slap. She just took it, then blocked a bunch of Turner’s attacks with her strength and responded with a slap of her own that resounded throughout the arena. She hit basically a flipping sidewalk slam, but Turner dodged a corner rush and then took out Grace. She gave her a few boot washes against the rope as Perez took affront to Vic Joseph’s questions. Turner hit a hangwoman’s neckbreaker and then worked the neck. However, Grace easily rose to her feet with Grace on her shoulders. Turner slipped out, but ate a snap suplex from Grace. Grace then hit a series of chops before hitting a bodyslam, then another, but Turner slipped a third. Grace caught a boot and hit a counter spinning elbow, then hit a World’s Strongest Slam and Vader Bomb. She then hit her finisher, the Juggernaut Driver.

WINNER: Jordynne Grace at 3:03 (Juggernaut Driver)

-After the match, Perez entered the ring holding her title high and showing no fear or intimidation. Joseph once again hyped the match. Perez shoved Grace, but then Grace shoved her down. Perez came back, but had to escape a slam from Grace.

-Outside, Williams arrived and Legend and Jakara Jackson were waiting for him in the parking lot. He asked about Page and said he’ll be handled. He said Noam Dar and Oro Mensah aren’t his boys, but he got her. Legend then stopped him and said whatever it is they have going on is over because she has to focus on becoming champion. Williams said he gets it and he’s happy for her. He said he’s going to take care of this Page situation and walked away.

-Joseph hyped the Women’s North American Championship summit. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Yeah, that went like I said it would on the post-show last week. Turner is taller, but Grace’s muscularity provided a stark contrast, and Turner’s size made Grace’s power offense look that much better. Grace is also very athletic and I think this was a nice little showcase for her heading into the PLE on Sunday – which I will miss because of work. Sigh.)

-A NXT promo aired for me and while several talent were highlighted, the ones who were named were Williams, Perez, Oba Femi, and Fallon Henley. Read into that what you will.

-They returned with Shawn Spears speaking to recruits in the back, including Je’Von Evans, earlier today. He pointed out a fourth-generation superstar, saying big shoes to fill. He turned to Evans, who looked bored out of his mind. Josh Briggs then showed up and said he hopes they aren’t listening to this idiot. Spears called him friend and Briggs said just last week he called him a lost soul. Spears said Briggs wasn’t the lost soul he was talking about and Briggs said he means someone to manipulate. Spears said Briggs can’t answer the simple question of “Who is Josh Briggs?” Spears said Briggs is just showing his insecurities and misguidance. Evans said not to worry about it to Briggs.

Women’s North American Championship Summit

Ladders lined the ring as Booker T was at a podium in the middle of the ring with the six competitors, three to either side, sitting on stools. He asked who is going to grab glory, “history, baby!” He said he sees the future of this business, but who’s going to be the first? He turned to Michin and asked what is she going to do to get it done. She said she knew had to it be in the match to be the first champion and unlike her opponents, she knows what it takes having her nose broken and face shattered in NXT, in a ladder match, and she loved it. She said she loves NXT because she can be herself, the HBIC. Jaida Parker interrupted her, “Oh no she didn’t,” and Parker said this isn’t Black and Gold, but if Michin gets in her way, she’ll turn her black and gold. Henley then interrupted and said she doesn’t have to carry any dead weight and she doesn’t care about any single one of them, so she’ll step on all of them as the championship was made for her. Kelani Jordan jumped in and said they’re all qualified, but nobody wants it “like ‘Lani.” She kept ending things with “like ‘Lani” like she’s stumping for office.

Booker T then turned to Sol Ruca, who scored first at the Combine. She said she was just going to sit back because every woman there thinks they’re going to win, but the fact is five will be wrong. She said five souls will be snatched. Legend did a long “SKUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRT” and then said honestly, it’s been a rough couple of weeks for her. She said Sunday is about her going from a woman with potential to a woman who calls herself the NXT North American Champion. Parker said, “I didn’t know you could think about anything but Big Trick.” That drew the reactions and then things broke down. Henley threw the first chop as Joseph said, “I haven’t seen Book make that face since ’05!” Stone then walked out and said Ava gave him permission to make a six-woman tag team match tonight. How unpredictable.

-They showed Charlie Dempsey in the weight room trying out some “Are you talking to me?” routines in the mirror. Myles Bourne approached. Dempsey told him to get Damon Kemp. Kemp was there and said he was just with them five minutes ago. Kemp asked if it’s a little weird that they’re talking to each other through a mirror. Dempsey said he wants Kemp to make him proud by bringing the Heritage Cup back for “the family, capiche?” Kemp refused to say it until Dempsey told him to say it.

-Thea Hail was getting hyped up before entrance and Riley Osborne and Duke Hudson said they’re staying in the back. She said they’re always together. Osborne said not with Ridge Holland. Andre Chase and Holland accompanied her as she made her entrance. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Well s**t, Henley saying the title was made for her probably means she isn’t winning on Sunday. Then again, that was the old regime’s playbook. Let’s see what happens. Everyone got their say and did well saying it, but I’m not sure if the “like ‘Lani” or “like Lani” like is going to get over.)

-They returned with Jazmyn Nyx’s entrance.

(2) THEA HAIL (w/Andre Chase & Ridge Holland) vs. JAZMYN NYX – Singles match

They locked up and pushed each other across the ring and then into a corner, Nyx the advantage before Hail turned it into a schoolgirl for a two-count. Nyx then hit a big leg kick, but Hail dodged a big kick and hit a sunset pin for a two-count, then immediately started working the left arm before a leg sweep and standing moonsault. She grabbed the left arm right away and then wrenched away before Nyx turned it into a rollup. Hail then hit an arm drag and another, then a running corner attack. However, Nyx caught her and tossed her up to kick her in the gut from the corner, then this time hit her running kick to the chest. Hail kind of bumped for herself when Nyx was taking her to the corner, slamming her head into the mat thinking that’s what Nyx was doing. Nyx then worked the left arm of Hail herself. Nyx slammed the left arm into the mat twice, but gave Hail space to recover and suffered for that decision. Hail hit a dropping arm breaker as Osborne and Hudson made their way from the student section. Hail hit a running flipping neckbreaker to a hunched Nyx, then World’s Littlest Slam, a rolling senton, and then as she set for the springboard, she stopped upon seeing the two. Hail locked in the Kimura, but Nyx grabbed the ref and forced them into the corner, forcing Hail to break the hold. She then hit an overhead kick for the victory.

WINNER: Jazmyn Nyx at 4:29 (overhead kick)

-Joseph hyped an altercation at the merch truck before they went live. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: That match just kind of existed. Nyx is definitely still green, but she wasn’t helped by the more experienced Hail – which is weird to say – bumping herself twice during the match for no reason. This is a match that will be better in six months, but probably too early for now with Nyx’s experience level even though she has loads of potential.)

-They returned with Ava speaking to Stone outside of her office after she and Page exited, saying it was a generous offer except for one tiny little detail. Stone said he handled the six-woman tag like she asked. He said he thinks there’s a way to spice up the match, but turned to Page. She said he’s a nightmare and opened up the notebook to show him all of Page’s demands.

-Joseph threw to The Good Brothers confronting Axiom & Nathan Frazer at the merch trailer, just straight up attacking them as fans were there. The Good Brothers took it to the Tag team Champion and left them lying before security finally arrived to separate them.

-“That’s the champs getting they ass whooped,” said Booker T. Joseph said Ava moved the two teams out of the building to keep them separated.

-Briggs’ entrance music hit, but Joseph said something’s happening in the back. The cameraperson at the entrance ran to the back and saw Spears had laid out Briggs with a chair. Evans appeared from behind and Spears said don’t do it, but Evans punched him and they fought their way to ringside. Evans threw Spears into the ring and took it to him with strikes. Spears rolled out by the announce desk and suffered a tope that was so athletic that Evans bounced off of Spears and onto the table. Spears was able to shove Evans into the steel steps and set the announce table for an impact move. Evans was able to recover and thwart the pedigree with a back body drop. The table didn’t budge. Back in the ring, Evans hit his springboard cutter from the apron (HOLY HELL) and then clotheslined Spears to the outside. No match, but a nice little brawl.

-They showed The Family making their way before Sarah Schreiber approached and asked about defending the Heritage Cup for the first time. Tony D’Angelo said it’s not his cup of tea, but Luca Crusifino schooled him on the rules. Schreiber said the match is next.

(Hazelwood’s Take: I REALLY like that the camera operator got the news and ran to the incident instead of a camera already being in the exact right spot at the exact right moment. Also, Evans went from teaming with the Men’s NXT Champion to feuding with Spears.)

-They returned by hyping 21 million social media views for Sexyy Red last week, and the reminder that she’s the host of the PLE.

-No Quarter Catch Crew made their entrance, the two non-competitors in sensible polos. The Family was next. Rome gave formal ring introductions. Remember, six three-minute rounds, 20-second rest periods between rounds, pin or sub for a fall, two falls for a victory, DQ is automatic loss.

(3) “THE DON” TONY D’ANGELO (w/The Family) (c) vs. DAMON KEMP (w/No Quarter Catch Crew) – Heritage Cup match

Match time will be elapsed. They usually go to break after the second or third round. The Family mocked using the catch clause and then D’Angelo stepped forward after a few laughs. Kemp took offense. Round 1 began with Kemp going for a series of quick pins for the first 30 seconds. D’Angelo then hit a nice suplex, but Kemp came back with one of his own. He went on the offense again with stomps and then a back elbow for a two-count. Some miscommunication between the two on a spot and then D’Angelo just hit his finisher, Forget About It.

D’Angelo leads 1-0

Round 2 began, after a verbal lashing from Dempsey to Kemp, with D’Angelo going for his finisher right away and Kemp slipping out. I was wrong; they went to break right after Round 1! [c]


Round 3 began as they returned and showed that they continued to brawl after the Round 2 bell. D’Angelo hit two Irish whips to Kemp in the corner, but Kemp responded with some offense including an inverted atomic drop and a running splash for a two-count. He hit a bridging German for a two-count and held on, wrenching on the abdomen. D’Angelo fought to his feet, but Kemp took him right back down. 90 seconds remained as D’Angelo started to rise to his feet again, this time breaking hitting a few elbows only to eat another bridging German for a two-count. Kemp held on and hit a third for another two-count, still maintaining the hold. D’Angelo finally shoved him in a corner, then ate a chest slap which just ignited “The Don.” He hit an arm-caught belly-to-belly and with ten seconds went for an avalanche, but Kemp sent him down and hit a rolling death valley driver, but the bell run as the ref’s hand came down for three.

Round 4 began with Kemp charging and then D’Angelo, in a stupor, hitting his big Ron Simmons style spinebuster.

WINNER: Tony D’Angelo at 9:43 (spinebuster) to retain the NXT Heritage Cup

-Ava was with Kelly Kincaid in the back and was asked about Page’s contract negotiations. She said he was very insistent on signing it in front of the world in the ring, but she still has things to hash out in the contract. Williams approached and said just give it to him so he can take him out. Ava said Page hasn’t signed anything yet and Williams said he’ll be there to make sure the pen hits paper. Ava got a call and said it was from Sexyy Red (the phone actually rung).

-Grace ran into Michin in the back in a bit of a TNA reunion and then Ruca approached to say she’s a huge fan and Grace reciprocated. Parker approached and said she’s going to be sick and to stop kissing ass. Michin said of course Parker’s talking about ass. Arianna Grace then approached Grace after they left and said they have the same last name, but aren’t related. Tatum Paxley then came in and said she loves talking about championships and eyed Grace’s title. The other Grace said it’s not as important as her crown, and Grace said yeah, it is. They walked away as Paxley said it’s important to her too. Is Paxley going to show up on Impact?

-Joseph hyped Underground. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: I like that ending, Kemp getting overzealous due to confidence building and just being walloped. Nate Lindberg would complain, well, maybe critique that there weren’t enough 2-0 finishes and we got one tonight. It does seem weird seeing D’Angelo with the Heritage Cup though.)

-They returned with a SummerSlam graphic. Joseph then hyped the upcoming six-woman tag team match, I assume to main. Joseph said things are getting wilder out there as he looked a bit uncomfortable, then shifted to a vignette on Lola Vice vs. Shayna Baszler in Underground at Battleground. Vice said she’s not everyone else and that she is a superstar in every form. She said she brought Baszler back to NXT as they showed highlights of her days in NXT, and Vice said Baszler is jealous of her. They shifted To Baszler and said along the way, people have forgotten about her dominance. These highlights of her run were great. She said she was the first woman to cross over from MMA to pro wrestling and if it wasn’t for her, Vice would be shaking her ass on some street corner. They showed comments from people like Josh Barnett and Roxanne Modafferi giving their thoughts on the match. Vice said she’ll knock out Baszler “and then it’s time to dance.” Joseph said tap or nap, the only ways to win Underground.

-Izzi Dame made her entrance with what I believe is new music and just sounds annoying more than anything. Natalya had a look that seemed inspired by her father from the early 90s. She gave Booker T her sunglasses and he was so happy.

(4) “THE BOAT” NATALYA (w/Karmen Petrovic) vs. IZZI Dame – Singles match

Petrovic was on a crutch, by the way. They began the match as Joseph said it was match 1,567 for “The BOAT.” Natalya went for a crucifix pin, but Dame used her strength to remain on her feet and ram Natalya into a corner, but Natalya dodged a corner kick and then hit two dragon screws and hit her stepover-basement dropkick combo. Dame went outside and Natalya followed only to be thrown into the steel steps. Dame posed a bit before rolling her foe back into the ring. Dame hit a gutwrench into a Canadian backbreaker sub. Natalya escaped only to eat a big boot for a two-count. Dame then cinched in an abdominal stretch, grabbing the outer leg as well. Natalya fought out with an arm drag, then countered a powerbomb with a ran. She followed with a Nat by Nature discus lariat for a two-count. She set for the sharpshooter, but Dame rolled her up. Natalya countered with an armbar attempt, but Dame lifted her and rammed her into the top turnbuckle. Dame then went for the ten punches, but Natalya caught her into a sit-out powerbomb for a two-count. Natalya tried for the sharpshooter again, but then Dame tried a pin. They traded attempts until Natalya won.

WINNER: Natalya at 4:08 (leverage pin)

-They showed Axiom and Frazer leaving the arena as someone off-camera asked if they could defend. Axiom angrily responded and Frazer did as well, saying they’ll kick their “freaking asses” and walk out as champ. “Gallows, Anderson, we’ll see you Sunday,” said Axiom.

-Tyriek Igwe and Tyson Dupont made their entrance. [c]

-That awkward spot from Joseph and Booker T earlier apparently was because Brooks Jensen showed up to talk to them and had to be dragged away by security. I saw it on my timeline.

-They returned with a replay of Gallus attacking Igwe and Dupont from behind while the lights were dark. They stood in the ring and Joe Coffey said wrong place, wrong time lads. Mark Coffey said last week, Wolfgang was banned from ringside, but it was OK for Sexyy Red to be there. Elder Coffey said it was the problem and younger Coffey said it’s one of the problems. Joe said if they cared about social media or shook their ass up and down or played another sport, then the WWE Universe (their words) would respect them. Joe said if Wolfy was there last week then it would have been another victory for the Galllus crew. Mark said true, but they don’t care about Gallus and they’re there to be professional wrestlers, not social media influencers. Joe said what we see before them are three fully grown men and on Sunday, they have business to take care of. Coffey brought up the triple threat and said that anything goes. Oba Femi’s music hit.

The North American Champion made his way and to the ring while saying it would be foolish of him to regard them as anything less than extremely dangerous, putting over their exploits as a trio. He said “Joe, Wolfgaang” and I howled. Wes Lee’s music interrupted as Femi entered the ring. Lee came from the audience and said he has to go through three angry Scotsman and Femi. Gallus then attacked Femi and instead of just letting them go at it, he joined in and was summarily beat. Gallus used the numbers to take it to Femi, who resisted the entire time. Gallus took out both men and then exited the ring. Femi struggled to a sitting position, anger on his face.

-Joseph hyped the six-woman tag team match, up next. [c]

-They returned with the pajama-clad wrestler turning on the lights and washing her face to reveal creepy makeup for a split second on Wendy Choo before the glass shattered. “Stone Cold” Wendy Choo?!

-Schreiber was in the back and asked Lexis King about Dante Chen. He ran down Chen, and then Schreiber dodged at the last moment as Chen attacked. The lone camera that was on them followed as they brawled into some kind of staging area that saw Hank & Tank there and they were separated by staff, including Norman Smiley!

-Legend entered first, then Jordan, then Henley. The teams are a strange mix of face and heel, yeah? Michin then entered for the other team, then Parker, then Ruca.


Yeah, this match was set to just break down. Jordan and Ruca started the match with each trading side head lock takedowns and escapes. Michin and Parker were yapping at each other from the jump and continued even though they’re teammates. Parker and Legend then made sneaky tags and Legend just lifted and placed Jordan on the apron after Jordan contested. Parker tried a shoulder tackle and Legend no-sold, then the two traded hair pulls before Legend hit and then missed a splash. Parker went to go make a tag and Michin turned her back. Parker slapped her on the back. Michin entered, pissed at her partner, and then went at Legend. She hit a running rana and then popped off more at Parker. Legend countered an Irish whip and Henley kicked Michin behind the ref’s back. Legend then hit a HUGE right to catch Michin. Legend held Michin in place for Henley to hit her sliding right. [c]

Legend thwarted a Michin tag at first, but not a second time. Jordan and Parker tagged in and Jordan took over, hitting a modified Angle slam. Parker caught Jordan on a splash, hit a backbreaker, stumbled and held on, then placed Jordan on the second rope. She slapped her gut hard and then hit her rope-assisted hip attack. She hit an inverted suplex for a two-count. She grabbed Jordan and forcefully tagged in Michin. Michin came in and hit a pounce for a two-count. Joseph hyped Page’s contract signing, well, “Will Ethan Page sign his NXT contract?” Michin had Jordan in a sub, then hit a big dropkick. Parker tagged herself in and talked more smack to Michin as they crowd chanted for Ruca. Nyx and Jacy Jayne, wearing a facemask, made their way to ringside. Parker went for a suplex, but Jordan countered with a stunner. Ruca finally tagged in, as did Henley, and Henly stopped a brief Ruca flurry and then furiously went after Ruca. Ruca was able to hit a kick from the apron, but then both women hit simultaneous clotheslines. Michin and Parker fought over the tag, and Michin knocked Parker into the ring, Michin and Parker then brawled and as the ref had his back turned, Legend and Henley teamed up on Ruca, but Jordan came in for the save. Legend took her out with a pump kick and as she was talking smack, Ruca ran by and sprung off the middle rope for a Sol Snatcher.

WINNER: Sol Ruca & Michin & Jaida Parker at 9:37 (Sol Snatcher)

-They showed Ava walking from the back with the contract. Turner approached and said it wasn’t fair to put her in with Grace and asked for a match next week. Ava walked away. Page made his way and received lots of dirty looks from others. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Usually, the person who won on the go-home show doesn’t win on the PPV/PLE, and if that holds true, then Nate’s prediction is done. This also means that mine for Henley is still in play! There was a LOT of story in that match. Look for Michin and Parker to take each other out of the match at some point Sunday, and for Legend to lay out Jordan with something huge, possible a chokeslam from a ladder through another at ringside or something.)

-They returned with another Eddy Thorpe vignette, I think the same or a similar one to last week.

-Joseph hyped Battleground as they showed a camera going through the UFC Apex. USE THE FREAKING OCTAGON FOR UNDERGROUND, YOU COWARDS. Joseph then ran down the card: Perez defending against Grace, Axiom & Frazer defending against The Good Brothers, Femi defending against Lee and Coffey, the Women’s North American Championship ladder match, and Vice vs. Baszler in Underground. A nice little five-match card.


Ava was in the ring with two chairs and a table, the contract on top. She said “Mr. All Ego, you wanted to do this publicly, so here we are.” She introduced him to massive boos and he took his damn time getting to the ring. She sat down, as did he, and she said this is not how she likes to handle business, but she’s making an exception against her better judgement.


He snapped at the crowd and then stopped when they chanted for Williams. He said he wanted to thank her, but she has to understand one thing: she has to get used to the “whole Ethan Page calling the shots thing” because IF he signs the contract, he’s going to get a lot of perks that others don’t. He said he’s earned it so he doesn’t care if they’re mad. He said she should be excited because she’s about to sign the professional wrestler with the biggest upside in professional wrestling. She said she’s not signing this contract and Page said she is because she “needs to sign Ethan Page.” He brought up the Draft and losing eight or so top stars, the “perfect void” for him to fill and become the face of NXT, taking it to new heights and “our new home” (CW). He said he understands there’s a lot of money in this contract and he could have sat his ass at home for the last two years collecting a check, but that’s not him. He said in NXT, talent grants opportunity. He yelled at the crowd to shut the hell up when they chanted for Williams again. He said she knows that he earned and deserves the ego that he has because he only spits facts. Williams’ music hit.

Williams made his way to the ring with a mic in his hand and the crowd chanting “whoop that Trick.” He entered the ring after Page lifted the table and tossed it outside. Page said he’s been around the block a couple of times and neither of them is going through a table because he showed up to handle business. Williams asked Ava to give Page whatever he wants so that he and everyone else in the locker room can get what he wants and that’s to “whoop [Page’s] ass.” Williams said this is his house and said he’s been here since 2.0, the crowd chanted “Trick’s your daddy.” and he acknowledged them. He said his problem with Page is he came in and just think he’s going to jump the line. He said this is how they’re going to do it: he’s going to make an example out of Page to everyone in any company around the world. He told Page to open his ears and then Page cut him off and told Williams to calm down. He called him emotional and angry. He brought up last week’s closing angle and said he and Williams have a lot more in common than he thinks. He brought up how Williams was in Carmelo Hayes’ shadow, but Page wasn’t able to do what Williams did and he respects him for that. He added that title bears a responsibility and spotlight that “Ethan Page craves” and then told Ava he’s ready to sign the contract. Ava looked reluctant and said she can’t agree to the stip, “trust me.” Page cut her off before she could say it, but Page said that the stip is Page’s first match for the title on Sunday (make that six matches) and it’s about to be the end of the Whoop That era. Williams said Page ain’t beating nothing and then Ava signed the contract. They jawed at each other more and then Williams held up the championship.

(Hazelwood’s Take: A nice little closing segment although the crowd didn’t react to the title match being made official for Sunday. I like Page so I’m looking forward to this run and he showed a lot of character in that segment, but that was something we all knew he had anyway.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A good go-home show that also advanced non-PLE stories, creating an efficient show that didn’t seem to lull at any point. The only time the crowd seemed out of it was the Hail-Nyx match.



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