WWE MONEY IN THE BANK RESULTS (7/6): Keller’s report on Priest vs. Rollins, Sami Zayn vs. Bron Breakker, Bloodline vs. Cody & Orton & Owens, Women’s & Men’s MITB ladder matches

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


JULY 6, 2024

Announcers: Corey Graves, Wade Barrett


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-Michael Cole introduced the event as they showed an aerial view of the Toronto Skyline. They showed The Bloodline arriving as Cole said Solo Sikoa vowed to make Cody acknowledge him tonight. They also showed Cody arriving as fans outside the arena cheered, Kevin Owens walking backstage as Cole talked about his mother being hospitalized, Randy Orton walking in the arena earlier, Trish Stratus arriving in a a sports car, Seth Rollins arriving in the parking garage, and The Judgment Day walking backstage together.

-A video package previewed the event with a bank heist theme.

-They cut to the arena as pyro blasted and Cole introduced the show. Cole touted attendance of 19,858. They went to Cole and Corey Graves on camera. Graves said it’s one of his favorite days every year


The ring announcer said the winner gets to cash in the briefcase anyplace, anywhere for up to a year. Jey came out first, making his way through the crowd. Then Andrade, Knight, Gable, Hayes, and finally McIntyre. The bell rang 19 minutes into the hour. A brawl broke out with everyone, and when the dust settled, only Jey and Knight were in the ring, squaring off. Knight turned and dove through the ropes boots-first to kick Gable. Jey dove onto Hayes on the other side of the ring. Drew rammed Andrade back-first into the ringside barricade.

Drew brought a ladder into the ring and swung it at Hayes, who flip-bumped. Drew climbed the ladder. Gable climbed the other side. Gable grabbed Drew’s arm and hung upside down for leverage. Andrade dropkicked a hanging Gable. As Hayes and Andrade battled in the ring, fans chanted “We want tables!” Andrade sprinboarded off the middle rope and drove Hayes onto the ladder with an inverted Spanish Fly, with him landing on the ladder too. Fans chanted, “Holy shit!” Drew and Jey squared off. Fans chanted, “C.M. Punk!” Jey got the better of him. Gable entered and German suplexed Jey at 6:00. Gable fended off Hayes and then dropped a ladder on Jey. Knight got the better of Gable including a leaping neckbreaker on a ladder.

Hayes knocked the ladder over with Jey and Knight battling on top. He then landed a running flip dive onto Knight. Hayes returned and set up the ladder and climbed quickly. Andrade yanked him down by his boot just as he began reaching for the briefcase latch. Andrade climbed the ladder on one side as Hayes re-climbed the other side. Andrade bridged another ladder in the ring and then climbed the other side. Hayes climbed the ladder, too. Andrade then sunset powerbombed Hayes off the top of the ladder with a shove from Knight to help. “Hayes is dead!” exclaimed Graves. Fans chanted, “Holy shit!” Cole said, “Holy sh is right!”

Knight climbed the ladder. Gable set up a German suplex on Knight. Knight fended him off. Gable threw Knight into the ladder and then overhead suplexed him onto a ladder bridged at ringside. Gable was alone in the ring. Jey pulled the ladder out from under Gable as he was hanging from the latched briefcase. Gable let go and crashed onto the mat stomach-first. Jey speared him and climbed the ladder. Cole declared that Jey was going to win the contract. Jey nearly unlatched it when Drew jabbed him off the ladder with another ladder like a javelin. Drew then climbed and unhooked it to win.

WINNER: McIntyre in 15:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: They fit a lot of drama into that 15 minutes and everyone had some big moments, many them looking high-impact and high-risk. A crowd-pleasing stunt-fest with the big moments spread out pretty evenly with the competitors.)

(2) SAMI ZAYN vs. BRON BREAKKER – Intercontinental Title match

Graves said if AI could create a WWE Superstar, it’d be Bron Breakker. (What, are his fingers mangled and he has two belly buttons?) When Sami came out, Graves said there isn’t a wrestler in WWE who feeds off an audience like Sami. The bell rang 47 minutes into the hour. Breakker overpowered Sami early. Sami ducked a charging Breakker at 3:00 and threw him to the floor. He then landed an Arabian press, which Breakker had to run underneath to avoid Sami from crashing to the mat without hitting him. Back in the ring, Breakker ran the ropes super-fast and took Sami down with what Graves called a Steinerline.

Sami took over again and went after Breakker at ringside. Graves said Sami is a like a zombie who keeps coming forward. Sami went for a moonsault press off the ringside barricade, and Breakker caught him out of mid-air after Sami nearly slipped out of his grip. Sami broke free and shoved Breakker into the ringpost. Sami charged at Breakker at ringside, but Breakker caught him with a clothesline.

Sami took over in the ring briefly. Breakker shoved Sami into the corner. Sami teased a tornado DDT. Breakker instead leaped to the top rope and delivered a Frankensteiner for a near fall. Breakker slid to the floor and then ran around the ring. This time Sami leapfrogged him. Breakker, though, rammed Sami’s head into the table. Breakker then leaped off the ring apron and clotheslined Sami over the table at 12:00. Back in the ring, Sami rallied with an exploder suplex. Breakker leaped into Sami with knees to Sami’s chest. Breakker delivered a lift-and-drop powerslam. He went for a spear, but Sami kicked him. “Sami’s got a chance!” said Cole and Graves. Sami landed a Helluva Kick for a three count.

As Sami celebrated, Cole said he goes into these matches always thinking Sami is the underdog and he can’t overcome the dominant opponents, yet he beat Gunther, Bronson Reed, and Breakker.

WINNER: Sami in 13:00 to retain the Intercontinental Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: This was a match and finish that I felt would tell us a lot about both Sami and Breakker and how WWE looks at them. Sami’s IC Title continued and is given a boost with a clean, decisive win over Breakker, who was made to look strong but also defined as something other than infallible and unstoppable.) [c]

-Cole and Graves announced that Badd Blood is a returning PLE title for the first time in 27 years, taking place in Atlanta, Ga. on Oct. 5. Graves said it was the site of the first-ever Hell in a Cell match featuring Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels with the debut or Kane. They showed scenes of Toronto’s street activity. [c]

-Trish Stratus came out to her entrance theme. She asked if everyone was having fun. She said she was once a mystery partner for someone. She then introduced a surprise appearance by John Cena. Cole let out the geekiest “What?!” you’ll ever hear. He then said, “He’s here!” Cena stepped out with a towel that said, ‘The Last Time is Now.” He made a sad face and then ran to the ring. He said fans are there to make noise. He then said, “Why am I here?” He then announced his retirement from WWE. Cena said he is excited about WWE going to Netflix next year. He said he will participate in the 2025 versions of the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, and WrestleMania. He said he would answer questions about his retirement in a press conference after Money in the Banks. Fans chanted, “Thank you, Cena!” Cena’s voice cracked as he thanked the fans for their support. Cole said he’s happy he’ll at least have three more matches of Cena’s to call.

(3) DAMIEN PRIEST vs. SETH ROLLINS – WWE Heavyweight Title match

The bell rang 32 minutes into the hour. After some early back and forth, Seth hit Priest with three dives through the ropes, knocking Priest into and eventually over the ringside announce desk. Priest went for a leaping move out of the corner that looked awkward. Seth took over and landed a frog splash at 5:00. Seth gave Priest a Bucklebomb. Priest fired back with a quick sitout powerbomb for a two count. Priest looked to the back. The announcers noted that both wrestlers have to keep an eye out for Drew cashing in his briefcase. Cole listed wrestlers who cashed in the same night they won the contract: Alexa Bliss, Bayley, Liv Morgan, Kane, and Dean Ambrose.

Seth made a comeback and set up a Pedigree. Priest backdropped out of it. Seth followed with a quick Stomp for a near fall. Seth called for Priest to stand up and waited. Graves called him out for bad strategy. Priest recovered and hit a quick Razor’s Edge. He said he’s been Seth’s friend for a decade and he doesn’t understand where his head is at tonight. He said Seth has a lot more mileage on his body and perhaps he isn’t the architect he once was. Cole said Seth recently told him his vest years might be behind him.

The countered each other’s attempts at moves. Seth landed a Falcon Arrow for a two count. At 12:00, Priest didn’t kick out or lift his shoulder, though. It was weird. Preist seemed legit out of it as he rolled over and the ref checked on him. Drew then made his way to the ring as the ref continued to check with Priest who said something to him, but still looked out of it. Drew officially cashed in to make it a triple threat match.

(3B) DAMIEN PRIEST vs. SETH ROLLINS  vs. DREW MCINTYRE – WWE Heavyweight Title match

The bell rang again 13 minutes after the one-on-one match began. Drew charged and Seth superkicked him. Drew countered with a Future Shock DDT and a kip up. Drew then went for a Claymore, but Priest cut him off with a clothesline, looking just fine. Drew avoided a chokeslam and kicked Priest out of the ring. C.M. Punk then attacked Drew. Drew retreated to ringside. He knocked Drew into the time keeper’s area and then bashed Drew with the chair over and over.

Drew crawled back into the ring. Punk held up the chair and then grabbed the WWE Hvt. Title belt from ringside. Cole said there are no DQs. He hit Drew in the face with the belt and then sat on the table. “What the hell are you doing, Phil?” Cole said, using Punk’s real name to try to make it seem “morereal.” Priest then gave Drew a South of Heaven chokeslam for the win. When Priest was announced the winner, he looked anything but happy.

WINNER: Priest in 3:00 (16:00 overall) to retain the WWE Hvt. Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: What a mess. Not sure if Priest’s demeanor afterward was selling the idea that his win was cheap or that things went haywire after he failed to kick out of a pin before Drew came out or something else entirely. Another match where Punk cost Drew a big opportunity, which works great if you think Drew has it coming for what he’s done and said. Having storylines interfere again with a match for a world title comes with risks that fans start looking at big matches are merely a vehicle to fill time – a means to an end rather than the end itself. It makes a mockery of the stature of world title matches that people invest in when a finish is this silly, including the ridiculous “no DQ” stip anytime a third person is added to a match. With that finish, I get why they put this World Hvt. Title match on in the middle of the show, but it also served to devalue the title as being unworthy of the final slot on a PLE.)

-Seth yelled at Punk angrily afterward. Punk stood on the announce desk and stared down at Seth. Cole noted that Seth cannot get another shot at the title as long as Priest is champion. Cole said Punk has turned WWE upside down. [c]

(4) TIFFANY STRATTON vs. LYRA VALKYRIA vs. NAOMI vs. CHELSEA GREEN vs. ZOEY STARK vs. IYO SKY – Women’s Money in the Bank match

The bell rang 11 minutes into the third hour. Fans chanted “Chelsea!” early. Cole said she’s a local hero. Graves said her home is a five hour flight away and he took issue with all Canadians supporting other Canadians like that. Fans chanted “Tiffy sucks!” when she got in some early offense against Iyo Sky. Lyra overhead suplexed Iyo into a ladder leaning in the corner; the ladder fell onto them afterward. Lyra suplexed Sky onto a ladder flat in the ring. Lyra’s back landed on the ladder and Sky largely overshot the ladder other than her head, but Sky sold her back was injured.

Zoey took over in the ring to booing from the fans. The back and forth battle continued with everyone getting at turn on offense. When Naomi climbed the ladder. Stratton yanked her down and then eyed the briefcase. Naomi yanked her to the floor and threw her into the ringside barricade. Naomi pulled a ladder out from under the ring. Chelsea attacked Naomi. She and Tiffany set up two tables at ringside.

Everyone entered the ring. They bridged ladders on both sides of the tall ladder mid-ring. Sky dropped Chelsea over one of the bridged ladders. Lyra climbed the ladder. Stark pulled on her boot. Lyra kicked her down. Stark went back at her and slammed her onto the other bridged ladder. Fans chanted “Holy shit!” Cole said, “I feel sick that I’m actually enjoying this.” (He’s a… sicko, perhaps?).

Naomi climbed the ladder. Chelsea pulled her down. Chelsea reached her arms back for Naomi to grab for a move. Chelsea leaped off the bridged ladder and sent Naomi into the ladder. Graves said it was an ugly modified Unprettier. Stark climbed the ladder, but Sky met her at the top and they battled. They teased a superplex. Sky then leaped and drove Stark onto the bridged ladder below. (That felt too high-risk.) Chelsea ran in and the fans popped as she climbed the ladder and unlatched the briefcase but didn’t unhook it. Tiffany intervened and knocked Chelsea off the ladder through the two tables at ringside. Tiffany then unhooked the ladder to win.

Cole threw out a bunch of superlatives about how good and memorable and wild that was for a ladder match. “Let’s talk about the girls,” Graves said, before moving out of the 1950s and saying, “Let’s talk about these women.” He talked in amazement as big spots were replayed. Cole said every participant deserves a standing ovation.

WINNER: Tiffany in 17:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: That certainly didn’t pale in comparison to the men’s match in terms of crowd heat or big risky spots. No surprise Tiffany won, and they did a good job playing up the possibility of a Chelsea win. I hope everyone is okay. They’re playing with fire with some of those spots.)

-Jackie Redmond interviewed Trish backstage. She talked about how passionate the fans are. Tiffany interrupted and said she should be the focus. She asked Trish to say something to her. Trish said she was going to congratulate her, but she said she shouldn’t be too arrogant. She said it’s what happens when you cash it in whether you’ll be a Hall of Famer like her or just another flash in the pan. Tiffany said Trish’s time is over and Tiffy Time has just begun,

(Keller’s Analysis: Not Emmy-level acting there.)

(5) THE BLOODLINE (Solo Sikoa & Tama Tonga & Jacob Fatu w/Tonga Loa) vs. CODY RHODES & RANDY ORTON & KEVIN OWENS

The Bloodline came out first. Then the babyfaces one at a time. The crowd chanted “We Want Roman!” The bell rang 50 minutes into the hour. (The PLE was slotted for three hours and fifteen minutes.) Cody started for his team. After some teases of Solo starting, Tonga opened against Cody. KO tagged in and the crowd cheered as he went on the attack. Then Orton tagged in and he punched away at Tonga in the corner as the crowd counted along to ten.

When Jacob Fatu tagged in, Orton gave him a DDT and played to the crowd. When he turned around to set up the RKO, though, Fatu was already standing, no-selling the DDT with a crazed look. Orton looked intimidated. Fatu landed a Samoan Drop. He superkicked Orton and then dragged him over to his corner. Solo tagged in for the first time to a round of boos and then a “F— you, Solo!” chant. Orton managed to hot-tag KO who went on the attack against all three Bloodline members. He gave a cannonball to Tonga and then landed a top rope swanton for a near fall, broken up by Fatu. Fatu dragged Tonga to their corner and then tagged in and went on the attack on KO. KO took a sustained beating for several minutes. KO showed signs of life at 15:00 and avoided a corner hip attack by Solo. Cody called for the tag. Fatu, though, tagged in and went back on the attack on KO.

KO finally hot-tagged in Cody, who went on the attack against Solo including a powerslam. He played to the crowd and then landed a Disaster Kick. He gave an interfering Tonga a Cody Cutter and then knocked Fatu off the ring apron. Cody dove through the ropes at Solo. Cody backdropped a charging Fatu at ringside into the time keeper’s area, leading to Fatu’s boot hitting the ringside doctor in the head. (That shouldn’t be happening.) Back in the ring, Solo lifted Cody onto his shoulders, but Cody slipped free and then set up a Pedigree. Solo slipped free and swung at Cody. Cody ducked and Solo hit the ref instead. Cody landed a Cross Rhodes, but the ref was down. KO landed a frog splash off the top rope onto Solo. Then he called for Orton to enter. Orton delivered an RKO.

The fight went to ringside with all six. KO landed a frog splash through the announce desk. Cole asked if he was still on the air. KO threw Tonga into the ring as fans chanted “This is awesome!” Tonga Loa entered and went for a low blow on KO, but misfired and KO didn’t react. He did it again. KO dropped dropped his Pedigree attempt. Orton then gave Loa an RKO. Solo gave Orton a Samoan Spike. Cody then gave Solo two Cross Rhodes. Fatu entered and landed a top rope flip at Cody. Graves called it “freakish athleticism.” Fatu landed an implant DDT next. Fatu helped Solo up. Fatu held Cody as Solo delivered a Samoan Spike. Fatu threw the ref into the ring and he counted to three.

WINNERS: The Bloodline in 24:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good match, but also utterly predictable in it’s formula including the extended beatdown of KO mid-match and ultimately Solo pinning Cody to set up their presumed Summerslam title match.)


PWTorch columnist Greg Parks will be joined by Brandon LeClair from PWTorch to review WWE Money in the Bank LIVE right after it ends. We’ll be incorporating live viewer comments into the show so join us LIVE!

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