RADICAN’S Black Friday Guide Part 2 – Top PWG picks, plus PWX, Young Bucks, more

By Sean Radican, PWTorch columnist


RadicanSean_profileI’m going to bring you my top picks for the various Black Friday sales for wrestling DVDs. The sales have started early this year, so for Pt. 2 of Radican’s Black Friday Guide, I will look at the must-have DVDs from Highspots.com’s sale.

RADICAN’S BLACK FRIDAY GUIDE (Pt. 2) – Top picks for Highspots.com’s early Black Friday Sale (PWG, PWX, documentaries & interviews

FYI: Highspots.com’s Black Friday DVD sale runs until Dec. 1. This year they are running a sale where the more you spend on DVDs, the more you save with a cap at 40% off. If you spend $20 on DVDs, you get 10% off. If you spend $30 on DVDs, you get 20% off. If you spend $50 on DVDs, you get 30% off, and if you spend $100 on DVDs, you get 40% off. There are some exclusions in the sale, as all ROH, Kayfabe Commentaries, and PWG 2015 BOLA DVDs are excluded from the sale..



PWGBlackColeSun– “Black Cole Sun,” Dec. 12, 2014 (9.5) – This was an incredible show from PWG and the ROH regulars that are under exclusive contract went out with a bang here, especially O’Reilly, who put on two incredible matches back-to-back to end the show. This was just an amazing card from start to finish with only one match on the undercard falling flat.

Top matches include an impromptu main event with Kyle O’Reilly putting up the PWG World Title against Roderick Strong in a Guerrilla Warfare match (****1/2), PWG Champion Kyle O’Reilly vs. Ricochet (****), The Young Bucks vs. Sabin & Sydal (****1/4), Cage vs. Ciampa vs. Nation vs. Busick (****), and Lee vs. Hero (****).

You can purchase PWG’s “Black Cole Sun” DVD by clicking HERE or by visiting Highspots.com. For more information on PWG, visit ProWrestlingGuerrilla.com.

– “Don’t Sweat the Technique,” April 3, 2015 (9.0) – It gets a bit redundant saying this about PWG, but this was another awesome card filled with fantastic matches. The match that makes this card stick out is PWG World Champion Roderick Strong defending his title against Zack Sabre Jr,, who is one of the most incredible technical wrestlers in the world. They had a brutal hard-hitting back and forth match that is well-worth going out of your way to check out (****1/2).

The rest of the card was a ton of fun. Highlights include an insane match between Mike Bailey and Trevor Lee on the undercard (****1/4), Tommy End vs. Chris Hero (****), and Andrew Everett vs. Ricochet (****).

You can purchase PWG’s “Don’t Sweat the Technique” DVD by clicking HERE or by visiting Highspots.com. For more information on PWG, visit ProWrestlingGuerrilla.com.

– Other recommended PWG DVD releases: “Mystery Vortex 3,” June 26, 2015 (return of The Young Bucks and Super Dragon with stellar show-closing angle) and “Threemendous IV,” July 24, 2015 (Bailey-Hero, Tozawa returns to face Ricochet, Young Bucks vs. Angelico & Evans for the PWG Tag Titles.


– “PWX X16 Tournament 2015: Night 1 & Night 2,” Sept. 5 and Sept. 6, 2015 (8.0) – Tournaments are a lot of fun to watch and this was a great mix of independent talent from the Carolinas mixed with established independent names like Ricochet, Moose, Tomasso Ciampa, Trevor Lee, and more. Purchasing both nights on DVDs is recommended in this case. I won’t get into spoilers here, but night 1 did a great job of setting the table for night 2. Highlights of the first round included Ciampa-Konley, Moose-Ricochet, and Lee-Donst in opening round tournament action.


The second night picks up nicely with the rest of the X16 Tournament playing out. The way the tournament plays out building to the final match tells a good story. In fact, the show climaxes with one of if not the best matches of the tournament.

You can purchase PWX’s “X16: Night 1” DVD by clicking HERE and “X16: Night 2” by clicking HERE or by visiting Highspots.com. For more information on PWX, visit PWXPro.com.


– “The Young Bucks Too Sweet Journey” (9.0) – “The Young Bucks Too Sweet Journey” is a documentary from film maker James Franck, who follows Matt and Nick Jackson from California to New York as they prepare to wrestle the Hardy Boyz in a dream match in August of 2015. It’s not often you get to experience life on the road with big name indie wrestlers, but “The Young Bucks Too Sweet Journey” captures life on the road in the same way that Colt Cabana’s “Wrestling Road Diaries” documentaries did.unnamed (9)

The Young Bucks are engaging to listen to as they talk about the rise of their career, but it’s the testimony from their wives and parents that really hits home when it comes to realizing just how hard the wrestling lifestyles is on them. The behind the scenes footage of The Young Bucks vs. Hardy Boyz match in NEW is fantastic as well. Not many documentaries give you this level of inside access and insight. Listening to the Young Bucks talk about signing with a company during that time is especially interesting now given that they’ve signed a contract with ROH and NJPW. Don’t forget to check out the bonus disc as well, as there’s some great stuff on there that didn’t make the main documentary including comments from Kevin Gill, Kevin Steen, and Brian Kendrick. Steen’s story about Rob Feinstein is tremendous. I give this documentary my highest recommendation.

You can purchase “The Young Bucks Too Sweet Journey” on DVD by clicking HERE or by visiting Highspots.com.

“Wake Up Time to Die with Sex Ferguson” (9.5) – Wake Up Time to Die with Sex Ferguson didn’t make my the cut in my Black Friday guide last year, as I got around to watching it late in the year, but it is one of the most hilarious charter driven interviews I’ve ever seen with Luke Gallows delivering a performance for the ages as a guest on Cliff Compton’s regular interview series on Highspots.com.

This is a must-see interview in my opinion. It’s one of the most hilarious character driven interviews I’ve ever seen. Luke Gallows was fantastic from start to finish with his quick timing and ability to bounce off Freight Train and Compton. I found myself laughing almost to the point of tears several times at Ferguson’s stories and Compton’s reactions to them. The segments with the out of shape trainee are hilarious as well, as Ferguson gave him tips in and out of the ring that were ridiculous.

I usually don’t watch an interview more than once, but it’s safe to say this is one of those DVDs that I have watched more than once. The entire interview builds up to a series of gut busting moments from start to finish. Do not hesitate to purchase this while doing your holiday shopping.

You can purchase the “Wake Up Time to Die with Sex Ferguson” DVD by clicking HERE or by visiting Highspots.com.

Other recommended interviews: “Hitting the Highspots with Drew Galloway,” Best Friends with Biff Busick,” Best Friends with Teddy Hart,” and ”Biz Cliz Party.”


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