Report – Taxpayers helping bring WM32 to Texas

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


The State of Texas has earmarked $2.72 million of taxpayer funds to bring WrestleMania 32 to Dallas/Arlington next April, according to a report by the Texas Tribune, citing state records.

Revenue has been set aside in the “Events Trust Fund” to help bring in big events, such as WrestleMania. WWE’s annual “economic impact study” for past WrestleManias helped sell the idea of Mania being worth the investment to the governor’s office.

WM32 is listed as the #2 event approved for taxpayer funding since September, behind the huge international racing event presented by Formula One in Austin.

“The trust fund played a part in the decision to try and bid for the event,” said Marty MacInnis of AT&T Stadium in Arlington, where WM32 will be held.

“It’s a massive event. They’ve got fan festivals. They’ve got golf tournaments. They’ve got rallies. It’s one of those things where people from all over the world will come to this.”

The total amount that WWE will actually receive for the event is still being worked out, according to MacInnis, but $2.72 million has been set aside.

Also noteworthy in the report is the stadium is preparing for 90,000 attendees. WWE would need a big push – and a big main event – to get to the benchmark of 100,000.

– UPDATE: The news received a lot of attention from media outlets in Texas on Friday. The Houston Chronicle’s coverage is HERE.

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