12/17 WWE Smackdown SPOILERS – Full Results for Thursday’s show


WWE taped this week’s Smackdown episode Tuesday night in Newark, N.J. featuring more TLC PPV fall-out and set-up for the Road to the Royal Rumble starting this Monday on Raw…

WWE Smackdown Taping Results
December 15, 2015
Newark, N.J. at the Prudential Center
Report by Mike Omansky, PWTorch correspondent

Prior to the Smackdown taping starting, WWE aired a detailed recap of the Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus WWE Title match on Raw the night before, for the live crowd.

Smackdown SPOILERS 12/17

Roman Reigns opened the show with the WWE Title belt. Reigns talked about the win and that there may be problems ahead for him Monday night on Raw. Former champ Sheamus interrupted. He said The Authority has launched an investingation into Reigns’s win. They also authorized him to have Reigns leave the building, and Reigns is not allowed to wrestle. Reigns wouldn’t leave, so “security” tried to force him out. Sheamus sent them into the ring, but Reigns took them all out.

(1) U.S. champion Alberto Del Rio beat Ryback via submission with the armbar. Good match dominated by Del Rio.  Ryback made the comeback and was about to finish him off when the League of Nations came out. Ryback was distracted, so Del Rio took him down and clamped on the armbar for the win.

Backstage: Tyler Breeze was with Summer Rae. He said he was ready to fight Titus O’Neil. Goldust interrupted them.

(2) Titus O’Neil pinned Tyler Breeze (w/Summer Rae). Goldust came out during the match and sat next to Summer Rae.

Backstage: New IC champion Dean Ambrose gave an interview. Ambrose said he’s ready to defend against Kevin Owens or anyone else.

Vignette: The Wyatts.

(3) Lucha Dragons beat WWE tag champions New Day in a non-title match. It was announced later that there would be a re-match next week on the live Smackdown for the Tag Titles.

Backstage: Dolph Ziggler was interviewed, mostly about his match tonight with Kevin Owens.

(4) Becky Lynch beat Brie Bella via submission with his arm finisher. Charlotte tripped Bella from ringside prior to the finish. Also, the match was watched by Team B.A.D. at ringside.

Backstage: Becky Lynch and Charlotte argued about Charlotte’s interference. Becky said she wants to win on his own.

Backstage: Kevin Owens was interviewed. Owens said he needs the IC Title back.

(5) Dolph Ziggler beat Kevin Owens via DQ. No announcement was made, but Owens beat on Ziggler, ignoring the referee, prompting the DQ. Good match. Ambrose came out afterwards for the save. Owens fought him for a minute in the ring, then retreated.

After “Smackdown” went off the air, the League of Nations came down to attack Ambrose and Ziggler. The Usos raced in and got beaten down, so Roman Reigns ran in to start cleaning house while the other faces recovered, then the heels retreated.  This was apparently in lieu of the six-man tag bonus main event that had been advertised for weeks.

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