1/25 Raw Ratings Winners – Quarter-Hours on Rock, Styles, over-run, more

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

The Rock (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


The Rock took to social media on Wednesday to talk up “big ratings” for his 26-minute segment on Monday’s Raw (January 25).

Rock’s segment drew the biggest audience of the show crossing over from the second to third hour.

Another big winner was A.J. Styles, whose Raw TV debut and match against Chris Jericho drew the second-biggest audience of the night within the three-hour Raw format.

The over-run featuring the TV main event and Fast Lane announcement then peaked again.

PWTorch has the minute-by-minute and quarter-hour ratings for the males 18-49 demographic looking inside Monday’s Raw…

– Raw averaged 1.02 million m18-49 viewers over the length of the show.

  • First Hour: 925k m18-49 viewers
  • Second Hour: 1.04 million m18-49 viewers
  • Third Hour: 1.11 million m18-49 viewers
  • Over-Run: 1.12 million m18-49 viewers (avg. over 11 minutes)

The Rock’s 26-minute segment without a commercial interruption averaged 1.23 million viewers crossing over from the second to third hour.

  • The peak audience was 1.33 million viewers at 10:16 p.m. as the segment wrapped up.
  • The segment started with 1.09 million viewers, built to 1.23 million viewers at the top of the hour, reached 1.30 million at 10:13 p.m., peaked with 1.33 million, and finished with 1.32 million as Raw cut to break.

A.J. Styles’s 20-minute intro match vs. Chris Jericho with one commercial interruption averaged 1.04 million viewers crossing over from the first to second hour.

  • The peak audience was 1.15 million viewers at 9:15 p.m. as the match went to the finish
  • The strength of the segment is the match built an audience over time. Ring introductions opened with 970,000 viewers, the match built to 1.08 million viewers at 9:04 p.m. before the commercial, they returned with 1.02 million viewers, the match built to 1.13 million at 9:12 p.m., and the segment peaked with 1.15 million viewers at 9:15 p.m.

– The over-run segment for the end of Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. League of Nations averaged 1.12 million viewers over a period of 11 minutes, which was the same as the Q10 viewership.

The segment traditionally gets a bump at the end of the show…

  • The over-run started with 1.11 million viewers, the main event ended with 1.13 million viewers, and Raw went off the air with 1.16 million viewers for Stephanie McMahon’s Fast Lane announcement.

Jan25RawQsJan. 25 Raw Flow (males 18-49 demo)

– First Hour: 924,950 average

  • Q1: 926,000 viewers (m18-49 viewers slow to check into Raw, even for post-Rumble Raw)
  • Q2: 917,000 viewers
  • Q3: 981,000 viewers
  • Q4: 938,8000 viewers

– Second Hour: 1.038 million viewers average

  • Q5: 1.049 million viewers (big jump from Q4 to Q5 for Styles-Jericho)
  • Q6: 1.047 million viewers (held the audience for the second-half of Styles-Jericho)
  • Q7: 978,000 viewers
  • Q8: 1.081 million viewers

– Third Hour: 1.109 million viewers average

  • Q9: 1.258 million viewers (big jump from Q8 to Q9 for the meat of Rock’s segment)
  • Q10: 1.124 million viewers (steady decline begins)
  • Q11: 1.036 million viewers (decline)
  • Q12: 1.021 million viewers (decline)

– Over-Run: 1.124 million viewers (slight bump from Q12 to the over-run, even with the Q10 segment)

– RAW AVERAGE: 1.02 million viewers / 1.63 m18-49 TV rating

Cool #WWE news: Our 26min #RAW segment pulled in big ratings. THANK YOU to all my talented dancin' partners – Miz, Big Show, Lana & Rusev, Usos and New Day for coming to play in the sandbox to entertain the world. I grew up in and lived the crazy life you guys have of living and performing on the road – and I appreciate and respect all the hard work you put in nightly. And shout out to the entire backstage RAW production and camera crew – you guys are the backbone of RAW and I appreciate ya being such pros. Most importantly, THANK YOU #WWEUniverse/fans for being the best. Period. Let's have some fun and break some records at WRESTLEMANIA and afterwards we'll make Vince treat the entire company to Waffle House. #PeoplesChamp4L

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