1/30 WWE NXT in Venice, Fla. – PARKS’S In-Person Report on Asuka vs. Emma main event, Sara Lee in action, more

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WWE NXT Roster


PWTorch columnist Greg Parks reported live from WWE NXT’s “home show” in Florida on Saturday night. The star power on the show was hurt before it even started when the top headliners, Hype Bros. Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley, were sent to the main roster tour due to roster depth issues. As a result, this truly was an NXT Developmental show with trainees getting live in-ring action …

WWE NXT Live Results
January 30, 2016
Venice, Fla.
Report by Greg Parks, PWTorch columnist

Read Parks’s in-person tweets from the live show @GregMParks.

(1) Hugo Knox beat Angelo Dawkins at 7:)1 via split-legged moonsault. The match was mostly comedy with Dawkins not wanting to lose his headband.

(2) Sara Lee (Tough Enough winner) & Liv Morgan & Aaliyah beat Peyton Royce & Billie Kay & Mandy (Amanda from Tough Enough) at 9:01 in a six-women tag match. Morgan pinned Royce with Code Red. Sara and Mandy still have work to do. Sara perhaps more, though the crowd still loved her.

(3) Josh Woods beat Albania’s Gzim Selmani at 6:33 with a roll-up, a match sure to be a main event in any city in the country.

(4) King Constantine of Serbia beat Kishan Raftar (a/k/a Sunny Dhinsa, one of the new wrestlers from India) at 3:36 with the Rock Bottom. The natives were getting restless at the lack of stars.

Former NXT tag champions Blake & Murphy to the rescue. But…

(5) Tucker Knight & Tino Sabatelli beat Blake & Murphy at 10:34. Knight pinned Blake in the Match of the Night thus far.

[Intermission. Ropes and turnbuckles were sprayed down with cleaner during intermission.]

(6) Bull Dempsey & Rich Swann & Kenneth Crawford beat Biff Busick (Christopher Girard) & Steve Cutler & Sawyer Fulton at 9:52 in a six-man tag match. Bull pinned Fulton with a top-rope sit-out splash. Crawford dance to music mid-match, Swann before, and Bull after.

Alex Rayez interviewed new NXT star Dan Matha. He played a heel well, but no one card.

(7) Riddick Moss beat Manny Andrande at 9:17 by sitting down on a sunset flip and using the ropes for leverage.

(8) Asuka beat Emma at 10:32 with her spin kick in the main event. The women’s roster may have had the best and worst matches of the night.

NXT returns to Venice on March 25.

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