Sting addresses health, WWE in-ring future & HOF induction

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


After TMZ reported last week that Sting was planning to officially retire from wrestling due to the condition of his neck, WWE’s website interviewed Sting this week. The result of the interview was Sting not committing to retirement, but not committing to wrestling again, either.

Sting said in his mind he wanted to wrestle The Undertaker at WrestleMania and “call it quits at this point.” However, when he injured his neck at Night of Champions in September, anything on the table was wiped away.

“Everyone knew that I definitely wanted to have that one match,” Sting said. “And, of course, WrestleMania would have been the place to do it. But, I got hurt and the rest is history.”

Now six months removed from Night of Champions, Sting said that multiple doctors decided that he does not need surgery on his neck. However, there is still a possibility that he will need surgery in the future. That possibility is what will likely keep him out of the ring, though.

“There probably is spinal stenosis or cervical spinal stenosis,” Sting said. “I have had certain doctors tell me, ‘You know, so many athletes of all ages, they’ve got this. They deal with it to some degree or another.’ I had one doctor here tell me, ‘You’re fine, you’re okay — you don’t have anything to worry about.’ I’m telling you, it’s just craziness. So I’m thinking, as long as I’m feeling good, why am I going to do anything? And the one thing everyone has said is don’t go under the knife unless you absolutely have to.”

Without a match to look forward to, Sting said his focus during WrestleMania Week is on his Hall of Fame induction speech. Sting said it will be a lot of thank-yous to the fans and some stories that will show his gratitude for 30 years in pro wrestling.

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  1. Still possible in a very limited fashion if they intend to have Shane win at Wrestlemania. Taker beating Shane, Sting comes in and throws some punches or hits Taker with a bat, Shane rolls him up, holds the tights (isn’t seen by the ref) and pins Taker. No need for Sting to take a bump.

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