WWE Roster Turnover – Only five wrestlers from last year’s Payback advertised this year – what happened to the other 21?

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Roster turnover, NXT call-ups, free agent signings, and major injuries have made this year’s Payback PPV line-up look completely different than last year’s Payback event.

Of the 26 wrestlers in matches at last year’s event, only five (19 percent) are advertised for matches on this year’s event. And, none of the five wrestlers won their match last year…

Dolph Ziggler lost to Sheamus last year.

Cesaro and Tyson Kidd lost to New Day in a Tag Title match last year.

Ryback lost to Bray Wyatt last year.

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose lost in a four-way WWE Title match also involving Seth Rollins and Randy Orton.


What about the other 21 wrestlers on last year’s card?

R-Truth is in a TV storyline with Goldust.

Stardust is enhancing NXT call-up Apollo Crews.

– The Ascension’s Konnor is suspended and Viktor is in a holding pattern, Curtis Axel is part of Social Outcasts, and Damien Sandow is enhancing Baron Corbin.

Sheamus and Rusev of League of Nations just broke up. King Barrett was kicked out after WrestleMania and has disappeared from storylines.

New Day’s Big E. Kofi Kingston do not have a match in favor of watching the #1 contender tournament finals.

Tamina & Naomi are out of Women’s division storylines.

Brie Bella retired and Nikki Bella is recovering from neck surgery.

Tyson Kidd, Bray Wyatt, John Cena, Neville, Seth Rollins, and Randy Orton are injured.

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