Dolph Ziggler on Fox Business’s “Kennedy” show – 2016 presidential election like wrestling storylines, when wrestling is fake, more

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Dolph Ziggler (photo credit Scott Lunn - @ScottLunn © PWTorch)


WWE star Dolph Ziggler appeared on the “Kennedy” show Thursday night in prime time on Fox Business.

Ziggler, who often tweets about political topics, was one of three panelists on the show reacting to the U.S. presidential race and other topics from the business & political sphere.

Ziggler, making his first appearance on the show, equated the 2016 presidential race to pro wrestling storylines, especially Donald Trump wanting to remain an “outsider” grabbing votes because he doesn’t seem like he’s part of the establishment. Meanwhile, Ziggler equated the Democratic race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders as a storyline building to the climax at Summerslam/the Democratic Convention.

The interview started with the host, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, jokingly asking Ziggler if wrestling is fake. Ziggler laughed and said it’s only fake when he loses, which happens a lot.

Later in the panel discussion, the topic of women’s looks came up. Ziggler said he sees a lot of colleagues repeatedly posting photos of themselves online, pointing to self-image issues. He said there’s also a “belly-flattening tea” that is popular in the locker room, since it is a cosmetic business, amplified by trying to look impressive on social media.

The hour-long show closed with a plug for Ziggler facing Baron Corbin in a No DQ match at the Extreme Rules PPV Sunday on WWE Network.

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