Raw Result – Ric Flair written out of TV storylines

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Ric Flair documentary announced for Peacock


Ric Flair was written out of WWE TV storylines the night after Charlotte retained the Women’s Title against Natalya at Extreme Rules.

Charlotte entered full heel mode turning on her dad by saying it’s her spotlight now and Ric needs to get out.

Ric sold with lots of tears, which Charlotte mocked throughout the second-half of her promo. Charlotte kicked Flair out of the ring, standing tall as the new dirtiest player in the game.

Afterward, Flair was shown exiting backstage. He stopped at Arn Anderson, who Flair referenced during the promo by noting Charlotte recruited Dana Brooke to be her Double A.

Backstage, Anderson consoled Flair on his way out of the building.

2 Comments on Raw Result – Ric Flair written out of TV storylines

  1. What the hell was the point here?? If Ric Flair wanted to be written out of storylines, then just write him out. Why go through this really lame and disgusting sequence. Totally unnecessary!!

    • To actually be “written out,” it has to be televised. They can’t just quit using him without a reason or people would be asking what the hell happened and why he isn’t her manager anymore.

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