WWE PPV Reax #1 – Extreme Rules Poll Results, plus Super Reigns, Styles, in-person Reax, more

AJ Styles Royal Rumble
A.J. Styles (photo credit Ben Tucker © PWTorch)


WWE Extreme Rules Poll Results

– Rate Extreme Rules…

  • 36% – Above Average 6-7 Score
  • 29% – Average 5 Score
  • 22% – Excellent 8-10 Score
  • 8% – Terrible 0-2 Score
  • 6% – Below Average 3-4 Score

– The Best Match was…

  • 66% – IC Title four-way match
  • 26% – Reigns vs. Styles

WWE Extreme Rules PPV Reax

– PWTorch correspondent Mike Omansky live at the PPV (6.5): Best Match: Fatal Four-way, followed by World Title match. Worst Match: Women’s Title. The four-way was hot and well done. Styles-Reigns was a worthy feature in spite of the interference.

Jericho-Ambrose really dragged live, and brought the crowd down; the women’s match also lost the crowd. The Vaudevillians were actually pretty good. They have potential and were protected for the moment by the finish. Anderson and Gallows also put in a strong performance; Baron-Ziggler was a throw-away.

– Derrick in Utah (7.5): Two tremendous matches, two matches that fell short of expectations, and a passable, but far from exhilarating undercard. For me, the biggest disappointment of the show was the live crowd. I compare this crowd to the tough guys at metal concerts who stand at the back with straight faces and their arms folded waiting to be impressed. The main event deserved a “this is awesome” chant. Both guys seemed fired up to start and consequently, the crowd woke up. Aggressive brawling with believable strikes and enough impact moves in between to excite a stubborn crowd. A war of attrition and an outstanding match. No matter where he goes from here, A.J. Styles has proved he is WWE main event caliber. Also, I believe Roman continues to live up to the main event bar. The return of Seth Rollins felt like it was right time, right place, right target.

The fatal four-way might deserve a slight edge over the main event for match of the night. For the most part, they followed the multiple-man match template. The format was standard, the action was top notch, the pacing, story, and climatic conclusion set the match apart.  I liked Miz stealing the belt. It is character consistent. Outstanding work from all four guys. I have heard of the man making the belt, but in this case the match elevated the belt.

– PWTorch reader Karn: This show wasn’t able to keep my attention after the IC Title match. I’m happy that Seth Rollins is back, but that main event is everything I dislike about WWE. A.J. Styles practically killed Roman Reigns (A.J. took a lot of punishment to be fair), and then loses to one spear after Reigns took a chair, Anderson & Gallows finisher, and a Styles Clash. Just disgusting, and an insult to anyone with a brain.

– PWTorch reader LS: The first half of the card, through the MOTY four-way, was exceptional. The second half was a train wreck. The Asylum match was a disjointed series of uncomfortable spots, the women’s match never got out of first gear even before that ridiculous ending, and the main event was the umpteenth repeat of the same storyline they’ve kept telling over and over for the past two months, with the invincible Roman once again taking out the entire Club almost by himself.

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