6/7 WWE on SportsCenter – Dean Ambrose talks Brock Lesnar WM32 match, wanting to fight Brock again, Brock’s UFC return, MITB ladder match, NXT Takeover, Mid-South, more

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


WWE on ESPNews SportsCenter
Airdate: Tuesday, June 7, 2016
Guest: Dean Ambrose
Host: Jonathan Coachman

The conversation started with talk about Brock Lesnar, who Ambrose faced at WrestleMania 32. Ambrose hyped the story of him being the only wrestler in the locker room willing to stand up to fight Lesnar at WM32.

“I’ll fight Brock Lesnar in a parking lot tomorrow,” Ambrose said. “I went down, but I didn’t say down. No one will really be able to understand fighting Brock in front of 100,000 people.”

Ambrose also discussed Brock’s UFC return fight against Mark Hunt at UFC 200 in July. Ambrose said Brock likes his “rest time,” while he’s on the road for WWE “every night.” Now, Brock’s had his “rest and recuperate time” before fighting the “Super Samoan” Mark Hunt. Ambrose warned Lesnar to watch out for Hunt’s fists, which are more powerful than his (Ambrose’s).

Asked about the Money in the Bank ladder match in two weeks, Ambrose joked about people taking incredible risks and doing “incredibly stupid things” because of the prize of a WWE Title shot that comes with the briefcase. “You just do things” that don’t make sense in MITB, he said. Ambrose added that he hopes things work out for this time around since he’s come up short every other time he’s been in a ladder match.

Asked if he’s comfortable with the risk of a ladder match, Ambrose went for an analogy, but comically stopped short. “As comfortable as a – very, very comfortable,” he said. “Like a kitten curled up in your lap. That’s me in a ladder match.” Ambrose said you just have to let the fear ago and seize fleeting moments in your life like a ladder match.

The interview closed with talk about NXT prior to the “NXT Takeover: The End” special Wednesday night on WWE Network. Ambrose noted when he was in WWE Developmental, they were in a garage with no A/C wrestling in front of 20 people. Now, he said NXT is its own global brand, or an extra third brand.

Ambrose plugged WWE Network as the place to watch the stars of tomorrow, today, or even yesterday. He deadpanned that you can be weird like him and watch old Mid-South Wrestling on the Network. Ambrose brought it back around to NXT as a big stage for wrestlers to build their own fanbase before going to Raw or Smackdown.

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