6/15 Lucha Underground Results – Dehnel’s Report on six-way #1 contender match for Ultima Lucha Dos


Lucha Underground Report
June 15, 2016
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Season 2 Episode #21 aired on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

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The show opened with a video package featuring Pentagon, Jr., Mil Muertes, and last week’s main event.

Title sequence rolled.

Announcers: Vampiro welcomed the audience to the show. Matt Striker explained a six-way elimination match that will determine the number one contender to face Matanza Cueto at “Ultima Lucha Dos.”

In-ring: Melissa Santos introduced the “six to survive” match. All participants were already in the ring.


1 – KING CUERNO vs. IVELISSE vs. TAYA vs. PENTAGON, JR. vs. FENIX vs. JOHNNY MUNDO – Six to Survive match for the #1 contendership for the Lucha Underground Championship at “Ultima Lucha 2”

Everyone began to brawl each other. Ivelisse and Taya came toe-to-toe in the ring until Mundo got involved. Fenix came in to help Ivelisse from the beat down. Pentagon dove onto Johnny and kicked his groin. Cuerno and Pentagon then fought briefly and Mundo dove onto Pentagon. Fenix and Cuerno threw Ivelisse out of the ring. Cuerno took out Fenix with a kick and reverse hurricarana. Mil Muertes ran out to the ring and beat down Cuerno. Mundo hit a end of the world on Cuerno for the elimination at 4:20.

*** Cuerno Eliminated by Mundo ***


Everyone brawled in the ring again. Fenix and Ivelisse fought in the ring while the others fought outside. Ivelisse hit Pentagon with a series of kicks then Johnny and Taya took out Ivelisse. Ivelisse knocked Johnny to the outside then tried to pin Taya. Taya missed a moonsault on Ivelisse. Taya slammed and stomped Ivelisse for the elimination at 8:40.

*** Ivelisse eliminated by Taya ***


Yet again everyone brawled in the ring. Pentagon beat down Taya with a kick and chop. Pentagon continued to kick Taya outside the ring while Johnny manhandled Fenix. Pentagon and Johnny faced each other in the ring. As Pentagon gained momentum Taya grabbed his foot to stop him. Fenix ran in, but Taya took him down. Johnny and Taya continued to dominate Fenix and Pentagon. Pentagon came back and hit a piledriver on Taya for the elimination at 14:07.

*** Taya eliminated by Pentagon ***


Johnny looked down at Taya then climbed back into the ring. All three men came to the center of the ring. They all traded chops with each other until Fenix hit a hurricarana on Pentagon and Johnny knocked down Fenix. Johnny and Fenix went back and forth in the ring while Pentagon chilled outside. Fenix slid to the outside and kick Johnny then Pentagon took the opportunity to dive onto Johnny and Fenix on the outside.

Johnny hit a corkscrew onto Fenix and Pentagon. Johnny set Pentagon in a chair, then kicked him over. Johnny dragged Fenix into the ring and beat him down. Pentagon interfered, but Johnny continued the domination. Fenix and Pentagon began to double-team Johnny and forced the pin to eliminate Johnny at 22:38.

*** Mundo eliminated by Fenix & Pentagon ***


Fenix limped over to Pentagon. Both men soaked in the chants until Pentagon set up Fenix. Pentagon dropped Fenix, then put him in a submission. Fenix escaped and locked in a submission of his own. Fenix hit a neck breaker followed by a dragon sleeper. Pentagon escaped to the outside then Fenix hit a corkscrew. Fenix brought Pentagon back into the ring and went for a cover for a nearfall.

Pentagon caught Fenix on the ropes and kicked him in the stomach. Pentagon flipped Fenix into a piledriver for a nearfall. Pentagon slapped Fenix then climbed to the top where Fenix stopped Pentagon then flipped him off the top. Pentagon hit two sling blade clothesline and on the third attempt Fenix caught him with a kick. Pentagon hit a superkick on the apron.

Pentagon hit a flip piledriver on the outside. Pentagon brought Fenix back into the ring, but Fenix reversed a piledriver attempt and dropped Pentagon on his head. Pentagon kicked out after a nearfall.

Both men slapped each other in the center of the ring. Pentagon caught Fenix with a flipping piledriver followed by a package piledriver to pin Fenix for the win.

WINNER: Pentagon at 35:26 to become number one contender at Ultima Lucha 2.

Post-match: Dario and Matanza stood at the top of the temple. Pentagon grabbed a mic and said at Ultima Lucha he will break the bones of Matanza and Dario because he is Pentagon, Jr.

FINAL THOUGHTS: What can I say? A very well done elimination match. This was a great showcase for Pentagon, which is great considering we haven’t seen much of him lately. We can only hope he can pull some strings and work hard to get a decent match out of Matanza.

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