MITB PPV Reax – Poll Results for Best Match, Reader Feedback on top matches

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Seth Rollins (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


WWE MITB PPV Poll Results

– What was the Best Match?

  • 44% – Styles vs. Cena
  • 20% – MITB ladder match
  • 17% – Reigns vs. Rollins
  • 16% – Ambrose MITB cash-in vs. Rollins

WWE MITB Reader Reax

– Mike Omansky, PWTorch correspondent (6.5): Best: Styles-Cena. Worst: Women’s tag. This was a three-match show, and the three were really well done. The first hour-and-a-half (plus pre-show) was almost filler, although the fatal four-way was quite good.

Styles-Cena was first rate, made even better by a hot crowd, then the “Money in the Bank” match was strong as usual. Rollins-Reigns worked hard and delivered; the Ambrose cash-in was well done, and gets the briefcase out of the way. Finally, Please stop the Ziggler-Corbin matches.

– Aaron’s Dad: Best Match: Rollins vs. Reigns. Agreed it was a sluggish start, but the creative counters sold me on it, especially turning the spear into a pedigree. Worst Match: Golden Truth vs. Breeze & Fandango pre-show. The sunburn gimmick was terrible, and the segment leading up to the match was the worst.

Favorite moment of the night was Rusev going full grinch on Father’s Day. By contrast, Reigns is a hero I feel that I need to hate, Rollins is a villain I want to cheer for, and Rusev is killing it as a pure villain. I hope they keep him winning and mowing down mid-carders.

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