WWE Title belt part of NBA Champs’s Victory Parade

Five years ago, NFL QB Aaron Rodgers started a big trend of sports teams celebrating major title victories with WWE title belts.

The trend continued this week when NBA star Kevin Love displayed the authentic WWE Title belt sent by WWE during the Cleveland Cavalier’s victory parade Wednesday afternoon in Cleveland.

The parade, which drew more than 1.0 million people, included an interview with Love on NBA TV.

“WWE was nice enough to give us an authentic World Hvt. Championship belt for the 2016 NBA champion, Cleveland Cavaliers,” Love said. “I had the ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Smoking Skulls belt after the amazing Game 7; smashed the beers together and got some love. They sent this belt along and now everyone’s loving it. This has been incredible.”

WWE returns to Cleveland on Tuesday, September 27 for a Live Smackdown TV taping.


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