Summerslam Betting Results – oddsmakers accurately predict results, sans late flip

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Summerslam Update: Just before the Summerslam PPV, there was a sudden flip in Smackdown’s women’s division tag match.

Team Becky Lynch & Carmella & Naomi flipped to heavy -2000 favorites to beat the heel team of Alexa Bliss & Natalya & and their mystery partner replacing Eva Marie.

It turned out to be an odd flip, as the original favorite heel team won the match. That was the only upset of the night, as all other betting favorites won their matches.


[ Thanks to PWTorch correspondent David ]

August 21 Early Update: There are now clear betting favorites to win their matches after late money hit on Sunday. Worth noting for title matches where challengers are the favorites is the possibility of a DQ/count-out finish where the champion would retain…

– Brock Lesnar is a strong -2300 favorite over Randy Orton.

– Finn Balor is -1500 over Seth Rollins to win the Universal Title.

– Dean Ambrose is -1200 over Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Title.

– Charlotte is -1050 over Women’s champion Sasha Banks.

– The Club are -1700 over WWE tag champions New Day.

– Rusev is -1500 over Roman Reigns for the U.S. Title.

– A.J. Styles is -1500 over John Cena.

– The Miz is -750 over Apollo Crews for the IC Title.

– Jericho & Kevin Owens are -1500 over Big Cass & Enzo Amore.

– Natalya’s heel squad is -1500 over the face trio.

On the pre-show…

– Sheamus is -1200 over Cesaro to start the Best-of-Seven Series with a win.

– Sami Zayn & Neville are -2000 over The Dudleys.

– American Alpha’s babyface team is -2000 over the heel Smackdown trio.

[ Thanks to PWTorch correspondent David ]


August 18 Update: Three favorites have flipped to underdogs as late money has hit on the Summerslam PPV match betting lines.

Notably, three heels are now favorites to win after previously being underdogs…

– Charlotte jumped from a big underdog to a -210 favorite over Sasha Banks, who flipped from a -1,200 favorite to +160 underdog. It remains to be seen if WWE switches the Women’s Title back to Charlotte, or if it’s a DQ-like situation.

– IC champion The Miz is now the favorite at -195 over Apollo Crews at +155 in the IC Title match.

– Chris Jericho & Kevin Owens are suddenly -160 favorites to beat Enzo & Cass at +120 in New York.

The betting movement appears to tie in with potential follow-up on Raw and Smackdown to try to create “two-night stories” that carry over from Summerslam to TV.

[ Thanks to PWTorch correspondent David ]


August 17 Update: Las Vegas oddsmaker Bovada has released betting lines for the Summerslam PPV matches on Sunday. The odds are very similar to international odds.

The odds are strong indicators of WWE’s booking plans, barring last-minute changes over the weekend…

– A.J. Styles is the favorite at -300 against John Cena at +200.

– WWE champion Dean Ambrose has strengthened to -700 versus Dolph Ziggler at +400.

– Compared to the opening odds, Finn Balor has flipped to the favorite at -160 over Seth Rollins at +120.

– Brock Lesnar has strengthened to -350 over Randy Orton at +225. Lesnar is stronger internationally at -400.

– The Club is -250 over WWE tag champions New Day at +170.

– Apollo Crews is -200 over IC champion The Miz at +150.

– U.S. champion Rusev is -300 against Roman Reigns at +200.

– Women’s champion Sasha Banks has strengthened to -1,200 over Charlotte at +600. Internationally, Sasha is even stronger at -1,600.

– Enzo & Cass are strong -600 favorites over Chris Jericho & Kevin Owens at +400. They’re stronger internationally at -800.

– Sheamus is -140 to beat Cesaro at +100 in Match #1 of their series.

[ Thanks to PWTorch correspondent David ]

August 1 Report

The first betting lines have been released for WWE’s Summerslam PPV on August 21.

The lines are usually a good indicator of match results, but with it being three weeks out, plans will likely change, which means there will be shifts in the betting lines.

The early favorites are…

– Brock Lesnar is listed as the favorite at -180 over Randy Orton at +140.

– WWE champion Dean Ambrose is -400 against underdog Dolph Ziggler at +280.

– Seth Rollins is an early -160 favorite over Finn Balor to win the first WWE Universal Title.

– Sasha Banks is -300 against Charlotte in the Women’s Title re-match.

[ Thanks to PWTorch correspondent David ]

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