TNA ownership update, pushback against high-profile report that TNA library sold to WWE (w/Keller’s Analysis)

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


WrestleZone published a story today, crediting their writer Justin LaBar, that TNA’s tape library had been sold to WWE and that Billy Corgan would be continuing on with a rebranded version of Impact Wrestling.

TNA’s longest-running employee Bob Ryder pushed back strong against the report, stating: “Guess again ‘reliable sources.'”

PWTorch has heard from a source plugged into negotiations that the report is “insane.” The scenario is something that several have speculated about, including Jim Ross on his podcast this week. However, it was just one of several scenarios thrown out there as possible directions this story could go.

There are definitely different parties jostling for control of TNA, with Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan at odds, with other parties in the mix. It’s very possible that some stories are being leaked to try to affect negotiations. That was a criticism of the sourcing of the New York Post story last week on TNA’s ownership situation – that some of the info was provided to try to steer ongoing talks.

Keller’s Analysis: There has been a lot of speculation about outside investors backing various parties, but nothing verified. There was an influx of cash to extend TNA’s funding to cover Bound for Glory on Sunday and their five days of TV tapings in Orlando this week. (We are still looking for correspondent reports from any of the tapings this week: Sources say because several months of TV will be taped, there is no longer the urgency to resolve the ownership situation that was present late last week when Bound for Glory was at risk of not taking place if some new funding didn’t come through. There is a real optimism among the core wrestlers and creative team members that TNA not only is clicking this year and has some creative momentum and a vision it hasn’t had in the past, but even more ideas to help TNA grow. There is real hope for the ownership situation to get settled so that team in place can move forward without concern for necessary funding or internal power struggles.

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