Impact Wrestling on Pop TV takes a big hit with the Best of 2016 edition that aired last night (w/Keller’s Analysis)

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


Last night’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling drew 209,000 viewers, way down from last week’s Total Nonstop Deletion viewership of 338,000, which was tied for the highest viewership since Nov. 3.

Only the Thanksgiving episode drew fewer viewers this season dating back to the start of September. The ten week rolling average, excluding Thanksgiving, going into this week was 329,000.

Keller’s Analysis: The rating for last week’s special “Total Nonstop Deletion” episode was disappointing, as it was just barely above the rolling ten week average and right in line with the fall average (exclusion Thanksgiving) of 339,000. So while last week’s episode was a buzz-generating, polarizing special episode, it didn’t significantly buoy this week’s viewership once regular viewers saw it was just a “Best of” edition. With ownership and creative staff changes since the last TV tapings, next month is a bit of a new beginning for TNA, or at least a new chapter. So this week’s number doesn’t mean much in that context, but they have to hope the core regular viewers come back start in two weeks.

9 Comments on Impact Wrestling on Pop TV takes a big hit with the Best of 2016 edition that aired last night (w/Keller’s Analysis)

  1. Total Nonstop Deletion was seen by millions, just not on Pop TV. They just are not available in enough cable packages so the actual TV rating means almost nothing until they can get on a better network. Small inides have streaming subscriptions now. Wrestling is a niche product today and they need to market it that way.

  2. Expected. It was a best of episode. Although a bit aggravating if your TNA because every other wrestling company and / or show saw a bump in viewership this week. Still they have a core group that is loyal.

  3. We watched that promotion for seven years. Had Corgan won the court case and Dixie banished forever, we would have at least tuned in to give the show a chance. With Dixie still there, no matter with what role, with Gaburick also still there, they could add God onto the roster and we would not watch. Kudos to Mike Bennet for his honesty on twitter about his disappointment with the ruling. Kill the brand, get rid of Carter and Gaburick and you might get some fans back. Until then, the promotion is merely a memory.

  4. I bet as many if not more have seen TND in places other than PopTV. The cumulative amount is way more than 338,000. PopTV is either not carried by or is a premium tier channel for many cable systems.

  5. I watch from the UK as do many others (at least til end of year when Challenge stops showing it and gives us all no reason whatsoever to tune into that channel again) and so wondering how many viewers that would add. It’s pretty much the only wrestling show I enjoy so not sure what I’ll do for my wrestling fix now thanks to challenge. torrents i guess…

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