Seth Rollins expected to miss substantial time with a knee injury, suffered during Samoa Joe attack on Raw (w/Keller’s Analysis)

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

WWE Raw analysis
Seth Rollins (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


WWE issued a statement saying Samoa Joe injured Seth Rollins’s knee on Monday Night Raw. At first it sounded like it could possibly be a storyline, playing up how severe the beatdown was of Seth on Monday. However, Joe didn’t concentrate on Seth’s knee at any point in the beatdown. PWTorch sources say the injury is legitimate. It’s also potentially serious, causing Seth to yet again miss WrestleMania and again delaying the scheduled grudge match with Triple H. has footage of Seth leaving the arena on crutches, looking dismayed at the situation.

Seth appeared to be just fine during the beatdown, but when Joe applied his sleeper at the end, Seth’s foot appears to get caught on the mat as they went down, twisting his right knee awkwardly. Seth posted on Twitter, “Wish I could say it was just a bad dream.” This is the same knee that was injured prior.

Keller’s Analysis: This appears to be just a fluke injury, as Joe yanked Seth to the mat and Seth’s boot just caught on the canvas. This either reshuffles WWE storylines, if the priority is to make sure Triple H is in a significant top match on the show, or it just erases Triple H’s match against Seth. There’s enough depth on the card to absorb a loss of one it’s top four or five matches, and this is one of those. The hope, of course, is that Seth can still work with a knee brace at WrestleMania or be fine by WrestleMania, but the early fear among WWE sources is he could miss four-to-six months. I don’t know if Joe will take any heat for this, but between injuring Tyson Kidd in NXT and now Seth on Raw in his debut appearance, it’s not the type of record you want.

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    • Yeah, Seth wrestles guys without any intention of injuring them, the wrestlers acknowledge that, anyone with common sense knows that.. and he deserves to be subjected to injuries because of “karma”. Stop using that word as some sort of vindictive justification in your own mind, and learn what it really means.

  1. Very unfortunate injury for Rollins.

    They should be able to improvise their booking and spin a HHH versus Samoa Joe WM match, with Joe interrupting a HHH promo with a challenge, citing unduly long time that HHH left him at NXT, out of the WWE, etc.

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