2/13 WWE Raw HOLT Report: Notes from attending live in Las Vegas, Nev. including what happened with Festival of Friendship during break, advertised main event, Emmalina


WWE RAW HOLT REPORT (Happenings Off Live TV)
FEBRUARY 13, 2017

-The doors opened shortly before the show began and fans were filing in as the show started. The building wasn’t nearly full and the upper deck was largely tapped off. The first couple rows, oddly, were mostly empty in the section where fans would have their backs to the hard camera. (WWE avoiding showing those rows early during Raw, cutting away from camera shots as they got even close to that angle.)

-The crowd had no idea how to react to Emmalina, so they simply didn’t. It was awkward silence, followed by a different kind of awkwardness as she didn’t do anything and then said Emma would be back and then left.

-When they cut to a break during the Festival of Friendship, the crowd wasn’t sure what happened. The lights over the ring went dark for the full commercial break, then Jericho just struck the pose he had before the break and the segment continued. It was confusing to the live audience.

-They didn’t advertise as much as usual this event, which is reflected in the weak attendance, but they did advertise a dark main event of Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns for the Universal Title. After Raw went off the air, as Bayley left, they suddenly began playing Roman Reigns’s music. Then ring announcer Jo Jo got into an intense conversation with someone at ringside, at which point Reigns’s music stopped, Bayley’s started again, and then the show ended with no dark main event. It was just odd.

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