5/31 Impact Wrestling in Mumbai, India (Night 2): Sonjay Dutt, Trevor Lee, Storm, Lashley, Alberto, Mahabali Shera, Eli Drake


MAY 31, 2017

The venue was full and the floor area had no seats but rather people were standing the whole time (so it was literally standing room only). Definitely many more people than the Impact Zone attracts in Orlando.

The Sonjay Dutt championship celebration took place to start off the show. Punjabi dancers out and Sonjay makes his entrance with Shera. He says what a night, it took 15 years to win the X-Division Title and he did it in front of you guys. He thanks the crowd and promises to be the greatest X-Division Champion of all time. Low Ki out. Sonjay says he hopes Low Ki is here to congratulate him. Low Ki says he is indeed here to congratulate him. He says Sonjay had luck but he made use of it to become the champion. He says he truly feels the rightful place of the X-Division Championship is around his waist, and since he gave Sonjay a match up on his request, it’s only fair that Sonjay gives him a title shot. Sonjay agrees and says that they will face each other in a 2 out of 3 falls match at Slammiversary. Low Ki seemed pleased and shook Sonjay’s hand but then attacked him and Shera. He hit the foot stomp on Shera. He is about to do the same to Sonjay before Matt Sydal comes out and Low Ki retreats.

Swoggle chased Spud. They take it through the crowd. Spud escapes and says “kiss my ass” before running away.

(1) Laurel Van Ness & Sienna vs Allie & Rosemary: Sienna and Laurel make their entrance. Allie comes out. Rosemary’s music plays but she doesn’t come out. Sienna and Laurel walk towards Allie at the entrance way but Rosemary attacks them from behind. KM comes in during the match but Braxton comes out and fights him to the back. A distraction and Laurel hits the Curb Stomp on Rosemary and Sienna pins her for the win.

(2) KM vs. Mahabali Shera: Doctors try to stop Shera from going out for his match. KM attacks right from the bell, pins him but Shera kicks out. KM is in disbelief. KM goes on the offense but Shera fights back. KM goes for the pumphandle sitout facebuster but Shera counters it to hit the Sky High for the win. After the match, Kongo Kong comes out and they double team on Shera. Pumphandle sitout facebuster by KM. Kongo Kong hits the splash from the top rope. Shera has to be helped to the back.

(3) Trevor Lee vs. Davey Richards vs.. Suicide vs. Braxton Sutter vs. Eddie Edwards – Sony SIX X-Division Invitational (Elimination rules): Suicide eliminated Braxton, Trevor Lee eliminated Suicide, Davey was disqualified after he hit Eddie with a steel chair, Eddie was disqualified after he used a chair on Davey, Sydal wins after a shooting star press on Trevor Lee.

Eli Drake comes out with Christopher Adonis. He says he hears it when he sleep, he hears it when he eats, “Moose Moose Moose”. Crowd chants for Moose. Adonis says, “You really like Moose, huh? That chump doesn’t deserve to be in the same country let alone the same ring as me and Eli”. Eli says Moose is out her running his mouth and putting his nose in our business. A loud “Eli sucks” chant. He says this guy says he has a partner. He says Moose rhymes with Bruce and jokes about Prichard being his tag team partner. He tells Moose to shut the hell up and he needs him to be a man like CA and him. He says he needs Moose to walk down the aisle. Moose’s music hits. Moose says for first time, Eli is not a dummy. He says he can’t say the same for Chris. Moose says Eli’s right, he doesn’t have partner, all his friends are tied up, Eddie has a full metal mayhem against Davey, Alberto El Patron has his hands full with Lashley and even Rosemary has to get ready for Sienna. Eli says this is gonna be two on one. Moose says his partner is gonna be NFL star DeAngelo Williams. They look at the entrance way but no one comes out. Eli and Chris lay out Moose.

Matt Sydal’s Sony SIX X-Division Invitational trophy presentation is taped with the Sony Pictures Network CEO, Bruce Prichard and Scott D’Amore.

(4) EC3 & Lashley vs. James Storm & Alberto: EC3 and Lashley are in control until Storm gets the hot tag and he clears house. Storm sees the belt in the ring and is about to use it but Lashley stops him. EC3 and Lashley regain control of the match until Alberto gets the hot tag. During the match, EC3 gets angry at referee Brian Stifler’s count and whips him. Brian Hebner comes out and disqualifies EC3 and Lashley. They take the fight to the outside. Alberto chases Lashley away with a steel chair. Alberto celebrates with the GFW and Impact titles in the crowd.

(5) Trevor Lee & Low Ki vs. Matt Sydal & Sonjay Dutt: Sydal and Dutt dominate the early part of the match, Lee and Low Ki get the advantage on Sydal, Sydal and Sonjay come back into it and Sydal gets the pin after a shooting star press.

Contract signing for Slammiversary matches:

-Rosemary vs Sienna: Both sign the contract. Sienna says Rosemary thinks she’s so clever, this is the dumbest thing she ever did. Rosemary says that was very compelling. She says tonight Sienna may have signed the contract, all that means is at Slammiversary they are gonna sign her death certificate with her own blood. “Rosemary’s gonna kill you” chants.

-First time ever mixed tag team Full Metal Mayhem Davey Richards & Angelina Love vs. Eddie & Alisha Edwards: “Eddie’s gonna kill you” chants. Davey says you’re gonna have to kill me, because at Slammiversary, I’m gonna bury you. Eddie Edwards says this Sunday at Slammiversary, he’s gonna beat Davey’s ass right where it started.

-Strap match EC3 vs. James Storm: James Storm is angry and has to be held back by Borash and Prichard. EC3 says he feels disconnected. He says he lashes out with this, he lashes out for you, he lashes out for this company, he lashes out for these people and for the last emotion that is of disgust. He says he’s gonna tear Storm’s ass piece by piece to the bone not because he wants to but because he has to. Because he’s a Carter and the world needs them. Storm tells EC3 to tell his family Storm is gonna take that strap and whip EC3 over and over and over and over and when the scars burn he’s gonna continue. He says he’s been here for 15 years. He says he’s the cowboy and “sorry about your damn luck”.

-Champion vs champion Lashley vs Alberto: Lashley says all the talking is over, they know at Slammiversary Lashley is going to beat him, so just hand over the belt. He says all the talking is done. Alberto says why wait, we came all the way from America to India, Lashley has a title, he has a title, let’s do it right here tonight. He says it’s as easy as this, take it to the other corner. Alberto goes after Lashley and they everyone in the ring brawl. Bruce says everybody wants to fight tonight, Lashley can captain a team with Davey, EC3 and Kongo Kong, and Alberto can captain a team with Eddie, Storm and Shera.

(6) Mumbai Cats vs Eli Drake and Christopher Adonis: Mumbai Cats entered to Eli Drake’s music. Eli Drake gets the win after a Gravy Train.

(7) KM & Laurel Van Ness & Sienna vs. Braxton Sutter & Allie & Rosemary: Rosemary mists Laurel, Sienna goes for the AK47, but Rosemary countered it into Red Wedding for the win. After the match, Rosemary stares at Allie, then taps her head and smiles, which makes Allie feel happy. Rosemary then taps Braxton’s head too.

(8) Kongo Kong & Davey Richards & EC3 & Lashley vs. Alberto El Patron & James Storm & Eddie Edwards & Mahabali Shera: Shera comes out alone and the heels gang up on him, until El Patron’s music hits and he comes out with Storm and Eddie. The heels clear the ring. The faces and doctors take a look at Shera and they decide he cannot continue. They take him to the back. The match continues without Shera. Midway through the match, the heels are working on Eddie and they take out Storm and Alberto outside the ring before Eddie can get the tag. Shera comes out and gets the tag from Eddie. Shera hits the Attitude Adjustment on Lashley and a scoop slam on Kongo Kong. Shera goes for the pin but Lashley breaks it up. Lashley picks Shera up on his shoulder but Alberto tags himself in and he takes out Lashley. Shera and Alberto hang Kongo Kong from the corner and Alberto hits the double foot stomp for the win. The faces celebrate in the ring.

(9) Mumbai street fight Spud vs. Swoggle: A directional sign board, pani puri stalls, coloured powder and trash cans around the place. The special guest referee is an Indian dwarf. Spud attacks from the outset, they take it to the outside where Swoggle throws coloured powder on Spud’s face, Spud attacks with the trash can near the entrance stage. They return to ringside and Spud takes out a table and places it near the apron. Spud hits Swoggle with the trash can lid, goes for a powerbomb off the apron but Swoggle bites Spud’s hand. Swoggle enters into the ring and tries to kick Spud onto the table but Spud fights out. Spud enters the ring and takes a mic and says he’s got a message, this is a big man’s business, he hates Swoggle, the boys at the back hate Swoggle and these people hate Swoggle. He says, “Here’s a secret, I meant to pull your pants down!” Swoggle slaps Spud, Spud attacks Swoggle in the corner, referee pulls Spud away from the corner. Spud pushes the referee down and accidentally pulled the referee’s pants down, Swoggle teams up with the referee and he pulls Spud’s pants down. He takes Spud to the apron, picks him up on his shoulders and through the table for the win. Swoggle celebrates with the referee.

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