EVOLVE news & notes – update on Thatcher, shake up in presentation of product (w/Radican’s Analysis)

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist

Timothy Thatcher - EVOLVE champion


-Former EVOLVE and DGUSA Champion Timothy Thatcher finished up with EVOLVE this past weekend PWTorch has confirmed with multiple sources. Thatcher is set to go on an extended stay with the WXW promotion in Germany for the next several months.

-EVOLVE is going to undergo a shakeup of sorts in the coming months in terms of how the product is presented. One source noted that the “EVOLVE 91” event was the launching point of things to come. The shakeup will entail in-ring promos being scaled way back. There were none on the EVOLVE 91 event.

Other changes in the works include a focus on a harder-hitting style while scaling back on the high-flying stuff. Comedic elements are also being introduced into the promotion to shake things up with acts such at The Troll Boyz (Ethan Page & ACH). Finally, the company is looking at slowly rebuilding the tag division.

Radican’s Analysis: It seemed like Thatcher’s act had stale in EVOLVE over the last several months, so this is a good time for him to head over to Germany to continue the next step of his career. Thatcher’s pairing with Stokely Hathaway as an odd couple in EVOLVE wasn’t a good fit. After watching Thatcher team with Walter at Progress Wrestling’s event yesterday, there’s definitely something there with Thatcher in terms of pushing him as a serious act. Thatcher coming back to EVOLVE in the future with a fresh start could be just what he needs should he choose to go that route.

EVOLVE definitely needs a shakeup in presentation. The buzz for the company has gone down and it’s not a surprise given that the company lost a ton of talent to WWE over the course of the last year. It’s extremely tough to replace names like Johnny Gargano, Chris Hero, and Drew Galloway. WWN has two great pieces to build around in Keith Lee and Matthew Riddle right now and as the rest of the roster continues to grow, the company could see their buzz grow.

I need to catch up on the EVOLVE events from last weekend, but from what I’ve seen, The Troll Boyz are a welcome addition to the roster. They shake things up and provide a relief from the serious overall tone of the promotion. I’m interested to see a more straightforward hard-hitting style employed in the promotion as well. I really enjoy the sports-like feel of the promotion, but I think high-flying could have a place as well if EVOLVE decides to go in that direction in the future. Talented high-flyers can tell great stories, as seen by the classic match Will Ospreay and KUSHIDA put on at the NJPW Best of the Super Junior’s Final earlier this year.

EVOLVE is also to looking to rebuild their tag division and right now they are off to a good start with Anthony Henry & James Drake coming into the company and capturing the EVOLVE Tag Team Championship. Jaka & Chris Dickinson are a lot of fun as well, but I would like to see them get a chance to really show their personalities in EVOLVE in the future. They seem more comfortable in the Team Pazuzu gimmick they use in other promotions. EVOLVE is still a pleasant watch, but shaking things up is a smart move on the part of the promotion heading into the final months of the year.

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