8/23 Lucha Underground TV Report: Johnny Mundo vs. Rey Mysterio for LU Title, Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Dark, The Cueto Cup

By Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor


LUCHA UNDERGROUND – “The Cueto Cup” (Season 3 Episode #32)
AUGUST 23, 2017

-The show opened with recaps of the Cueto Cup, Ryan-Dario and Mundo-Mysterio.

-Title Card

Announcers: Striker welcomed the audience to the show. Striker and Vampiro built up the match between Prince Puma and Pentagon Dark. They also hyped the LU title match between Mundo and Mysterio.

In ring: Santos introduced Veneno followed by Sexy Star.

1 – VENENO vs. SEXY STAR – mask vs. mask match

Star hit a drop kick then cornered Veneno. Ryan came out and ripped off Veneno’s mask to reveal that it was Cortez Castro. Castro then left the ring to and attacked Ryan. The referee then called for the bell. Ryan and Castro briefly brawled on the outside until Ryan kicked Castro in the groin and ran off.

WINNER: Star via DQ :52. This outcome made no sense. The referee called for the bell while Castro beat on Ryan. Santos did not make any official announcement, but Striker said that the ref would hand the victory to Star. How does that make any sense in Veneno is the one who got his mask ripped off by an outsider.


Dario’s Office: Mundo stormed into Dario’s office. Mundo’s representative stood behind him and said that Mundo feels that Dario does not value him as much as he should. Mundo threatened to take the belt somewhere else. Dario tried to calm them, he said that the whole locker room is banned from ringside including the WorldWide Underground. Mundo said if he loses unfairly then he is going to take his title to another promotion anyways.

[JD’s Reax: Mundo’s rep is just a really bad Paul Heyman impersonator.]

In ring: Santos introduced Prince Puma followed by Pentagon Dark.


2 – PRINCE PUMA vs. PENTAGON DARK – Cueto Cup Final

Both men started clubbing each other then trading strong strikes. Puma hit a back breaker then Pentagon rolled to the outside. Puma dove on top of him then rolled him back into the ring. Pentagon worked Puma’s mid section then hit a vicious chop. He kicked Puma in the corner then brought him back to his feet. Puma hit some strikes of his own including a flying knee. Puma hit a corner 619 followed by a spring board attack. Pentagon caught Puma and hit a back breaker. Puma came back with a spin kick followed by 2 suplexes.

Puma climbed to the top rope. Pentagon rolled out of the way and eventually countered for a pile driver. Pentagon hit a Mexican Destroyer then Puma came back and hit a Mexican Destroyer of his own. Vampiro proclaimed that they were dead as they laid flat in the ring. Pentagon attempted a piledriver but Puma escaped. Puma tried to lift Pentagon of the top rope, but Pentagon fought back. Puma climbed back up and hit a Frankensteiner. Puma pointed at Vampiro then went back to the top rope and hit a 630 splash for the win.

WINNER: Prince Puma at 9:30? The opening bell never rang. It was a very good and exciting match, but this match needed to be much longer. For weeks we’ve been watching matches for this Cup then to have the final match be this short felt like a let down. The meeting between Pentagon and Puma in the Cueto Cup final deserved much more time than allocated. They could have easily cut out the opening match to allow for proper time to the Cup final and the LU championship.

Post match: Vampiro celebrated with Puma.


In ring: Dario presented Prince Puma with the Cueto Cup. The crowd booed Puma as he held the cup. Dario said he wanted to start the title match right now. As Puma left the ring, the crowd applauded him.

3 – LUCHA UNDERGROUND CHAMPION JOHNNY MUNDO vs. REY MYSTERIO, JR. – Lucha Underground Championship match

They traded blows to start the match. Rey kicked Mundo the outside then drove Mundo into the barricade. Rey maintained control in the ring. Mundo picked up Rey on the turnbuckle and leaped off driving Rey’s torso into his knee. Mundo locked in a rear naked choke. Rey broke free then attempted a pin. Mundo poked Rey’s eye then hit a kick. Mundo slide Rey to the outside under the bottom rope. Rey hit a hurricarana on the outside then climbed back into the ring. Rey leaped onto Mundo and hit a hurricarana. Mundo came back with a kick then attempted a pin. Mysterio hit a modified Canadian Destroyer to break free of Mundo. Rey tripped Mundo onto the ropes, but Mundo countered with a back breaker. Rey caught Mundo on the ropes then hit a split legged moonsault. Mundo rolled to the outside. Rey hit a seeded senton from the top rope. Rey came back in the ring and hit a DDT. Rey accidentally launched Mundo into the ref knocking him out of the ring. Mundo got up and kicked Rey in the groin. Mundo hit a back breaker onto his knees. Mundo grabbed his championship belt. Dominic tried grabbing the belt from Mundo then hit Mundo with a spear. Security entered the ring and chased after Dominic. Rey hit the 619 followed by a springboard frog splash. Dario came out and pulled the ref out of the ring. Dario attacked Mysterio then Mysterio hit a 619. Mudo hit Rey with the belt to the back of Rey’s head followed by End of the World for the win.

WINNER: Mundo retains his championship at 18:05.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Take out the opening match and this was probably the best wrestling that has been on LU. Without question Puma vs. Pentagon needed more time. They did the best they could have in less than 10 minutes, but a match as big as that deserves 15 minutes or more. Mundo and Mysterio lived up to the hype with the exception of the shmoz finish. I understand that Dario had to do anything to keep the title in LU, but selfishly I wish we would have gotten a clean finish to something that good.

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