RADICAN’S 8/5 OTT “WrestleRama: Dublin” report – Foley, Ricochet-Sydal, British Strong Style vs. War Machine & Cobb, Haskins vs. Smile vs. Scurll

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist


AUGUST 5, 2017

This show was held at Dublin National Stadium and drew almost 2,000 fans.

A slick video package aired and the announcers set the stage for the show in front of a hot crowd.

(1) Jordan Devlin vs. Matt Cross. This was a tremendous opener. They had some high speed exchanges during the early going and came to a stalemate. Devlin hit a fantastic flip dive over the top to the floor at one point and followed up with a cutter for a 2 count. Cross hit a double stomp at one point for a 2 count and later hit a cutter after bouncing off the ropes using the front of his shoulders. Devlin finally won with the one na. Spanish fly off the top.

Winner: Jordan Devlin

Star rating: (***1/2)

Mick Foley was introduced as guest commissioner for the show backstage. He was interrupted by Logan Bryce, Justin Shape, and William J Humperdink. Foley recounted their threats against him and managed to get his cheap pop in. Suddenly, Angel Cruz’s bodyguards, “The World’s Toughest Underage Security Team” Peter & Rick aka PRICK snuck up behind them and tasered all three of them.

(2) Jody Fleisch & Johnny Storm vs. 2 Unlimited (Jay & Patrick Sammon). They started out with a couple of hot exchanges that came to a stalemate. Patrick finally got cut off as Jody and Storm took turns working him over. Jay got the hot tag and ran wild. Storm got isolated and took a flurry of tandem offense from 2 Unlimited. They went to a flurry of big high flying spots to the floor and insists the ring. Patrick went for a SSP off Jay’s back onto Storm, but came up short and appeared to hurt himself. This started hot and had some good moments, but cooled down at the end. 2 Ulimited won with a tandem blockbuster on Fleisch.

Winners. Jay & Patrick Sammon

Star rating: (***)

(3) Charlie Sterling & Zack Gibson vs. The Lads From The Flats (Paddy M & Workie). Gibson cut a promo to big heat putting down Ireland in the process. Sterling then sang the British National Anthem to big ole chants from the crowd. The Lads From the Flats finally interrupted him to a huge pop. They came out draped in Irish flags. The Lads ran wild early and Paddy hit a senton off the top on Gibson, but Sterling pulled the ref to the floor. Workie got isolated as Gibson and Sterling took turns working him over. Paddy got the hot tag and the fans fired up as he ran wild. He eventually hit a huge flip dive to the floor to wipe out Sterling and Gibson. The Lads had Sterling set up for the finish, but Gibson pushed Paddy to the floor. Gibson then took their flag and threaten to rip it. Sterling hit Workie with a low blow with the ref distracted. Gibson and Sterling then finished Workie off with a super stuffed piledriver. This was a good tag match.

Winners: Zack Gibson & Charlie Sterling

Star rating: (***1/2)

(4) Sir Paul Tracey vs. Jimmy Havoc. Tracey jumped Havoc when he turned his back to put his ring jacket away. Havoc fired back and went after a table under the ring, but Tracey cut him off and put the table back in its place. Tracey tried to do some basic wrestling moves on Havoc, but he posted him and nailed him with a tray. Both men traded tray shots. Havoc eventually got a chair and nailed Tracy with it. They brawled into the crowd and Havoc got a toilet seat and wrapped it around his head. Havoc slammed the face of the seat into Tracey’s head. They continued to brawl all over the venue. A fan gave Havoc a beer and he drank it before slamming it down on Tracey. They ended up back in the ring and Tracey set Havoc up against a table. They went back and forth and Havoc hit a DVD through the table for a 2 count. Havoc gave Tracey several papercuts between his fingers. Set up Tracey on a chair with tacs and charged at Tracey, but he got up and hip tossed Havoc into the chair. Tracey blocked the acid rainmaker, but Havoc connected with one a short time later for the win. This was fine for what it was.

Winner: Jimmy Havoc

Star rating: (**½)

(5) OTT Tag Team Champions The Kings of the North (Bonesaw & Damien Corvin & Dunkan Disorderly) vs. CCK (Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos & Travis Banks). CCK jumped Kings of the North as they made their entrance. The Tag belts are on the line even though this is a six man tag. Lykos got isolated back inside the ring. Lykos mounted a comeback and tagged in Brookes, who ran wild. Banks got into the ring a short time later and wiped out all three members of The Kings of the North. CCK hit an insane triple coast-to-coast in three separate corners and the fans went nuts! WOW! Lykos wiped out The Kings of the North on the floor with a springboard 450. The action picked up inside the ring with both teams going back and forth. Corvin ended a big sequence wiping out Lykos with a big clothesline. They did a tower of doom spot that saw Lykos hit a sunset bomb on everyone. The fans went nuts as everyone chanted OTT. The action continued at a frenetic pace for several minutes. Banks took the Belfast boot and Dunkan came off the top with a splash, but he kicked out at the last second. Banks took a 3 on 1 beating. He fired up with all three members of The Kings of the North punching him. Banks wiped out all three members of Kings of the North and he had Bonesaw pinned, but Disorderly broke up the pin. CCK hit a crazy combination of moves oN Dunkan, but he managed to roll to the floor. Bonesaw then took a series of moves from CCK, but Corvin broke up the pin! WOW! Corvin took a series of big moves capped by a double underhook piledriver for a near fall. Brookes got Corvin in the octopus stretch and the fans chanted for him to tap. He muscled Brookes up and hit a big F5. Dunkin distracted the ref and Bonesaw nailed Brookes with a kick to the head from behind as he had Bonesaw in the octopus stretch again. Bonesaw then made the cover for thee pin. This was a really fun sprint of a match.

Winners; Bonesaw & Damien Corvin & Dunkan Disorderly to retain the OTT Tag Team Championship

Star rating: (***¾)

Joey Ryan and Candice LeRae were shown outside Commissioner Foley’s office. Ryan went into Foley’s office to get him to wrestle him. Angel Cruz came up to LeRae with B. Cool. Ryan and LeRae were supposed to face B. Cool and Cruz. B.Cool was wearing a LeRae shirt and he presented her with a shirt. LeRae seemed upset with Ryan for wanting to face Foley in a match. She ended up walking off with B.Cool after Ryan came out and said the tag match was on because Foley is still retired. Angel Cruz was wearing a Jim Cornette shirt. The match will now be Angel Cruz & Joey Ryan vs. Candice LeRae & B. Cool.

(6) Ricochet vs. Matt Sydal. Sydal hit a hurricanrana early and celebrated, but he didn’t realize Ricochet had landed on his feet. They went at it at a fast pace until Sydal slammed Ricochet’s knee into the mat and then nailed him with a baseball slide dropkick to the same leg. Sydal continued to go after Ricochet’s leg every time he tried to go to a faster pace. Sydal tripped Ricochet and hit a standing moonsault for a 2 count. Ricochet fired back and rolled through into a big dropkick and the fans fired up. Ricochet hit the 619 and followed up with a springboard missile dropkick, but continued to favor his leg. They went back and forth and Ricochet hit a cutter and a standing SSP for a 2 count. Ricochet set up for the benadriller, but Sydal ducked it. Sydal went for a jump up hurricanrana to Ricochet off the top, but he landed on his feet! WOW! He went for the benadriller again, but Sydal nailed him with a jumping knee! Sydal hit a moonsault out of the corner and turned it into a satellite DDT for a 2 count! Sydal went up top for a SSP, but Ricochet got out of the way. Sydal landed on his feet, but Ricochet lifted him up in the inverted DDT position and slammed him down on the mat. Ricochet went for the benadriller for the third time and connected, but Sydal kicked out! The fans applauded and a this is awesome chant rang out. Ricochet went up top and hit a picture perfect 630 for the win. He favored his knee, but managed to make the cover for the pin.

Winner: Ricochet

Star rating: (****) – This felt like it could have gone longer and turned into a classic, but it was damn good as it was. These two are tremendous and they worked a nice story early with Sydal going after Ricochet’s knee before he fired back and got on track before ultimately hitting the benadriller after three tries. He then finished off Sydal with a beautiful 630 a short time later for the win.

(7) Joey Ryan & Angel Cruz vs. Candice LeRae & B. Cool. LeRae and B. Cool came out with their own World’s Cutest Tag Team graphic, which was was pretty great. Cool showed up Candice’s shirt, which had his face on it. She didn’t seem to want to put it on, but the crowd chanted put it on. Ryan intervened and threw the shirt away. He tried to get LeRae back in his corner, but the fans booed. LeRae then put on the B. Cool shirt and the fans applauded. The fans then sang Angel Cruz’s theme music. Ryan lubed himself up after the opening bell rang. He teased pouring the oil down the front of his pants and the fans chanted grease it up Joey. They then chanted for him to grease up Angel Cruz. Ryan lifted his tights open and poured some oil down his crotch as well. The fans chanted holy s–t! The fans chanted for Ryan to grease up the ref, so Ryan obliged. The fans chanted grease forever. Ryan said thank you and goodnight. He teased leaving, but came to the ring. Ryan wanted Cool to touch his privates. He teased it, but pulled back. Cool did some squats and teased going after Ryan’s groin, but he punched Ryan instead. He went for an atomic drop, but ended up hurting his own knee. Cruz tagged in, but he didn’t appear to want to go at it with Cool. LeRae then tagged in to go at it with Cruz. Cruz hit LeRae with a shoulder tackle and the fans booed. Cool tagged back in, but he didn’t want to go at it with Cruz. They then got angry and began slapping each other. Cool hit several slaps and Cruz went for a kick, but Cool blocked it. Cool went for a brain buster, but Ryan broke it up. LeRae hit a hurricanrana off the top on Cruz and went on the attack with a violence party up against the ropes. Cruz fired back and blasted her with a forearm and the fans booed. Cool and Ryan yelled at Cruz. Ryan and Cool told Cruz to leave. They tended to LeRae and Cruz went to the outside. He then went under the table and got a tennis racket with Cornette’s face on it. The fans chanted Jim Cornette. Cruz hit Ryan in the crotch and sold like it had shocked his hands. Cool and Cruz went at it. Candice recovered and teased going after Ryan, but pulled up.

Ryan and LeRae hugged. Cruz and Cool noticed they were getting along. The fans chanted for Cool and Cruz to hug it out and they did. Ryan teased shaking Cruz’s hand, but he made him touch his crotch. Ryan flipped Cruz with his crotch and LeRae hit a ball-plex on Cruz. Ryan hit a superkick on Cool after putting a lollipop in his mouth and it was good for the win. This was fun while it lasted.

Winners: Joey Ryan & Angel Cruz

Star rating: (**½)

The announcers said Cornette was welcome in Dublin anytime. Cruz and Cool made up after the match. They then got jumped by Logan Bryce and Justin Shape. William J. Humperdink cut a promo, but the lights went out. When they came back on Foley’s music came and he came down to the ring. Foley reminded them that they were banned from the show. He said they would remember this as the night they met the Mick and Prick connection. Team Prick went after them, but got dispatched. Cruz and Cool wiped out Shape and Bryce. Foley then ended up alone in the ring with Humperdink. The fans chanted f— him up Foley. Foley said it sounds like the fans want him to f— up Humperdink. The fans went nuts and Foley hit a punch. He took out Mr. Socko and got the mandible claw on Humperdink. Bryce tried to make the save, but Foley put the Mandible claw on him. Shape then threw powder in Foley’s eyes. Cool made the save and hit Shape with a brainbuster.

The fans chanted for Foley and Ryan came back down to the ring. He tried to check on Foley. The fans chanted sock & cock. Foley couldn’t see and he went for the claw on Ryan, but he jumped and Foley got the claw on Ryan’s crotch. Everyone tried to free Foley’s hand, but Ryan flipped them all off. He then flipped Foley off and the fans chanted for Ryan. Foley got on the mic and said Ryan was truly the king of dong style wrestling. A medic came down to tend to Foley’s hand. She wrapped an ice pack around Foley’s hand. Foley gave Ryan Mr. Socko and got on his knees and said he’s not worthy. Cruz, Ryan, Foley, Cool, and Team Price then raised their hands together. Foley mentioned he lost both of his shoes getting flipped by Ryan and all of his dignity, but it was worth. That was a really fun segment with Foley and Ryan.

(8) British Strong Style (WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) vs. War Machine (Hanson & Raymond Rowe) & Jeff Cobb in a War Machine No Rules match. The fans were pumped for this match. Tyler Bate got a huge chant before the match began. Rowe wanted to shake hands before they f—ed up British Strong Style. British Strong Style teased shaking hands and then hit a triple crotch chop. They then did a three way Triple H water spit on the apron. War Machine and Cobb then nailed them with triple belly to belly suplexes. Everyone went to the floor to brawl. Rowe missed a chop on Dunne and ended up chopping the ringpost. Dunne get the UK title and nailed Rowe with it. Only in 2017 can we see WWE talent mix it up with ROH/NJPW talent in Ireland Dunne got slammed on top of Bate and Seven. Rowe then picked up Cobb and slammed him on top of BSS. Cobb got up and slammed Rowe on top of BSS. Rowe picked up Hanson and slammed him on top of BSS and the fans fired up. They ended up picking up the ref a short time later and they slammed him into BSS and a pile of ringside attendants and the fans fired up. Cobb ragdolled Dunne with his signature gutwrench slam a short time later, but Seven ended up cutting him off with a DDT a short time later. They did a big sequence of dives that fired up the crowd. War Machine and Cobb then took turns hitting avalanche vertical suplexes on each member of BSS. Cobb had Bate up last and he held him up forever on the turnbuckles before dropping him down to the mat. Dunne and Rowe had a big strike exchange. Rowe finally sent Dunne flying into the corner with a shotgun dropkick. The action picked up and everyone hit moves capped by a Hanson mushroom stomp on Bate in the corner. Hanson then ran back and forth across the ring to hit clotheslines on Dunne and Seven. He too a break and then went for it again, but Bate recovered and nailed him with a punch. Bate then lifted up Hanson and hit an airplane spin! Bate then squatted Hanson before spinning him around again. Holy s–t! BSS went for a double pedigrees and hit it on Rowe and Cobb. Bate then hit a deadlift German on Hanson for a near fall!

Everyone was down and the crowd seemed to be a bit tired. All six men got up to their knees and began exchanging punches. The crowd fired up as they got to their feet and continued to exchange blows. All six men ended up charging at each other for a six-way forearm spot and everyone went down! Hanson shook off a double handspring elbow from Dunne and Bate. He then hit a double handspring elbow of his own to wipe them out! WOW! BSS went for a triple avalanche suplex, but Rowe and Cobb made the same and hit a tandem triple powerbomb out of the corner. Hanson then came off the top and hit a splash on Seven for a near fall. War Machine and Cobb stood tall and Seven paint brushed them all. They went to town on Seven and hit a big double team move. They went for the triple cover, but Seven kicked out! They went for another triple team, but Dunn made the save. Trent hit a piledriver on Cobb. Dunn nailed Cobb with a pump-handle face buster. Bate then came off the top with a corkscrew press for the win!

Winners: Pete Dunne & Tyle Bate & Trent Seven

Star rating: (***¾) – It started off with a dull brawling segment through the arena, but things picked up from there and they had a really good back and forth battle. The fans seemed to be out of steam after intermission, but they picked up for the big sequences in this match.

After the match, BSS held up glow sticks to make the DX sign. Everyone then shook hands. All six men and a fan with a WWE UK replica belt did the Triple H water spit spot while raising their respective titles.

(9) OTT Women’s Champion Katie Harvey vs. “Session Moth” Martina. Martina hit a sesh breaker for a near fall right off the bat. Harvey fired back with a Gory bomb for a near fall on Martina. Both women brawled to the floor and Martina suplexed Harvey onto a pile of chairs. Harvey slammed Martina on the stage and turned her back to her. Martina shoved her off the stage and hit a big splash onto a couple of attendants and Harvey off the stage to the floor. Martina hit a superplex a short time later, but Harvey managed to kick out. Harvey cut Martina off on the turnbuckles and walked her out of the corner for a Liger bomb. They went back and forth and Harvey suplexed Harvey into the turnbuckles. Harvey hit a Gory bomb into the ropes and another Gory bomb in the middle of the ring for a 2 count. Harvey got hung up in the corner and Martina hit a sesh breaker, but Harvey got her foot under the ropes. Harvey had lost to Martina when the first OTT Women’s Champion was crowned because the ref didn’t see her foot under the ropes. Harvey hit a Sesh breaker on Martina for a near fall. Martina came off the second turnbuckle with a sesh breaker for the win!

Winner: Martina

Star rating: (***) – This was more about the moment of Martina winning than the match itself. They had a good match, but it felt like they were just trading big moves instead of building up a big classic match.

After the match, Martina grabbed a beer and celebrated in the crowd. Martina got into the ring and danced as the fans showered her with glow sticks.

A video package aired showed Mark Haskins forcing Ryan Smile to submit for the NLW Championship. The decision was reversed and Smile hit a low blow to retain. Marty Scurll said he would walk out of WrestleRama as the NLW Champion.

(10) NLW Champion Ryan Smile vs. Marty Scurll vs. Mark Haskins in a Triple Threat Elimination match. The announcers said Mick Foley had made this an elimination match. Smile made his entrance painted like Darth Maul from Star Wars. The fans chanted you’re not Balor at Smile. Smile ate a HUGE kick from Haskins for a near fall. I like that Scurll didn’t try to break it up given the rules of the match. Scurll and Haskins went to a fast paced exchange and came to a stalemate. Scurll played to the crowd and Haskins nailed him with a big running knee. Scurll fired back and slammed him shoulder first into the mat. Scurll skinned the cat and pranced around. He went for a PK off the apron to the floor, but Smile blocked it. A short time later, Haskins went nuts hit a series of big tope dives to the floor on opposite side of the ring on SMile and Scurll. Smile sent Haskins to the floor and hit a huge flip dive over the apron to the floor to wipe him out. He wiped out an attendant in the process as well. Scurll went for his fake out kick, but Smile was ready for it. He went to snap Scurll’s fingers apart, but Scurll fired back and went to work on him. Scurll set up for the chicken wing and did his dance, but Smile hit him with an elbow. They went at it up top and Smile sent Scurll to the mat. Scurll popped up and went after Smile up top again. He eventually hit a superplex. Haskins ran into the ring rolled over Scurll right into a falcon arrow for a near fall. He hit a pair of big kicks to the head for a pair of near falls. Haskins had the arm bar on Scurll, but Smile broke it up for some reason. Haskins rolled over on Smile and grabbed an arm bar, but he managed to get to the ropes. Haskins hit a German and Scurll immediately applied the chicken wing. Haskins then grabbed an arm bar on Scurll while he still had a partial chicken wing on Smile. Smile eventually managed to get to the ropes! Haskins took turns nailing Smile and Scurll with HUGE kicks to the chest. All three men went back and forth and Scurll nearly had a double chicken wing, but Smile and Haskins drove him into the corner. Scurll cleared house with a pair of fake out superkicks on Haskins and Smile. The fans chanted king of the chicken wing at Scurll. He nailed Smile and Haskins with superkicks over and over while they were on their knees. Haskins finally blocked a superkick, but Smile hit him with a superkick. He then hit Smile with the cross-Rhodes for a near fall. Scurll went for a one-winged Angel on Haskins, but he blocked it. Scurll then transitioned his grip and snapped Haskins’s fingers apart!

Haskins flipped off Scurll and hit a pump kick and a big DVD for a near fall! They went back and forth trading pinning combinations for near falls with SMile on the outside. They continued to trade pinning combinations and both men were down. Smile went up top for a big splash, but Haskins and Scurll got out of the way. Scurll and Haskins hit the too sweet and began taking turns hitting Smile with superkicks. Smile finally collapsed. Scurll and Haskins hit a double tombstone on Smile, who rolled to the floor. Scurll hit Haskins with a sick kick a short time later, but he managed to kick out. Scurll set up for the chicken wing on Haskins, but Smile ran in from behind and rolled him up for the three count.

***Scurll eliminated***

The fans were NOT happy with this development and they chanted bulls–t as Smile was shown smiling on the floor. Scurll bowed for the fans and got a standing ovation before leaving the ring. Smile ran into the ring as Haskins tried to recover. Haskins got up only to take a huge shotgun dropkick that sent him flying into the corner. Smile hit the Smile high, but Haskins kicked out at the last second! Smile hit a springboard cutter. He went up top once again and hit a HUGE splash on Haskins’s back. He made a cocky cover, but Haskins kicked out at the very last second! Smile went for a curb stomp, but Haskins got out of the way and hit a cradle shock variation for a near fall. Haskins got another big near fall with a falcon arrow variation. Haskins went for a kick to the head, but Smile ducked it. They went back and forth and Smile shoved Haskins into the ref. Smile hit a low blow on Haskins. A drunken fan wanted a hug as Smile went for the belt on the outside. Smile brushed the fan off and got back into the ring. Smile set up for a belt shot. He screamed fatality and hit the belt shot. Smile then hit a curb stomp into the NLW title. The ref came back into the ring and slowly counted and HASKINS BARELY KICKED OUT! The fans booed as Smile stepped on Haskins’s chest on his way up top. Smile took his time and played to the fans. The fans booed. Smile went for a double stomp, but missed. He landed on his feet, but Haskins hit a big kick. He then got a sharpshooter on Smile in the middle of the ring! Smile got to the rope, but Haskins dragged him back to the middle of the ring. Haskins leaned all the way back on the hold and got the tap out! WOW!

Winner: Mark Haskins to become the new NLW Champion

Star rating: (****¾) – This was an amazing match from start to finish. The action when all three men were in the ring was fantastic, but things really picked up from a drama standpoint when it came down to Haskins and Smile. Haskins kicking out after taking a belt shot and a curb stomp on the belt was incredible. This was a tremendous way to close this show.

Haskins celebrated in the ring and then went outside to shake hands with the crowd. He took a selfie with a fan before heading to the back. The announcers asked “Where do we go from here?” to close the show.

Overall thoughts: (8.5) – This was a tremendous show. There wasn’t anything tremendous on the first half of the show, but everything was good. Things picked up with The Kings of the North vs. CCK for the tag titles and didn’t really slow down from there, as almost everything from that point forward was really good from a creative standpoint and in the ring. This felt like a big show with big matches hyped by quality video packages.

Sydal and Ricochet had an awesome back and forth match to kick off the second half of the show. Sydal went after Ricochet’s leg and Ricochet couldn’t get on track. He tried several times to connect with the benadriller before hitting it and eventually connecting with a beautiful 630 for the win. Ricochet feels like he’s so close to making a ton of money in this business. I feel like a run as a heavyweight in NJPW would make him a six figure guy in WWE.

I’m not usually into Joey Ryan’s antics with his crotch, but seeing him and Foley interact in front of a red hot crowd was something else. The fans ate up Foley getting dick flipped by Ryan even though Foley wasn’t intentionally going after Ryan after taking powder in his eyes. Foley’s presence on the card added to what already felt like a big show.

It felt like the crowd lost some energy during BSS vs. War Machine & Jeff Cobb. They had a really good match and the crowd got up for some of the big spots, but with a 10 match show, the crowd only has so much energy to expend. The power moves from Cobb, Hanson, and Rowe were fantastic during this match.

The final two matches both felt big. Martina and Harvey went for broke right out of the gate as they went at it for the OTT Women’s Championship. This felt like it was Martina’s night and she got a HUGE reaction for her entrance and an even bigger one when she won the title. It felt like this match could have gone longer, but this was more about Martina’s moment than anything else. The match was fine, but I was expecting it to be given a chance to really build up before Martina went over.

The big issue going into the main event was between Haskins and Smile, but Scurll was inserted into the match as well. By watching the video package, I just wanted to see Smile vs. Haskins. Smile has done some really good work since turning heel and Haskins was screwed out of the title earlier this year when he faced Smile and lost after the match was restarted. Smile hit a low blow and pinned Haskins to retain.

I’m glad that Scurll was inserted into the match because he was AWESOME in this environment. Scurll has one of the best entrances in wrestling right now outside of WWE and it was even better with OTT adding production value to it. He was fantastic in the match and ultimately he was eliminated to leave Haskins and Smile to finish their unfinished business.

The final stretch of the match between Smile and Haskins was electric. The near fall that saw Haskins kick out at the very last second after taking a belt shot and a curb stomp on the belt was tremendous. Haskins then mounted a comeback and won the match much to the delight of the crowd. This match really put this show over the top in terms of being an outstanding show. Thumbs up!

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