NEWS ITEMS: Dietician details Triple H’s supplements, WWE announces additional title match tonight for Raw, Balor’s dream opponents, new women signed

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


-Finn Balor told Metro Sports his list of dream opponents in WWE at this time. “For me as a fan growing up, I loved David vs. Goliath style matches. Right now, there’s a lot of interesting matches that could happen in WWE right now, but for me personally, I think that Finn Balor vs. Brock Lesnar is the most interesting match from a fans perspective that can happen right now. It’s something that has never happened before, with completely different styles inside and out of the ring. This could be a really big spectacle. I would love to get in there with The Undertaker and Triple H too, these are guys that have been active at the top of the game for the last 20 years. They’re the type of guys I want to be in the ring with. We talk about stepping up and taking things to the next level, and I think that’s what I need to do next.” Read more highlights from the interview at our sister site,, featuring written recaps of wrestling-personality hosted podcasts and newsworthy quotes from wrestler interviews like this one. CLICK HERE

-WWE has sent out an announcement via their app alerts that Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins will defend the WWE Tag Team Titles tonight against Sheamus & Cesaro live on Raw.

-WWE touted the signings of Kavita Devi and Shadia Bseiso to developmental deals as the first woman signed from India and the first woman from the Middle East, respectively.

-Matt Riviera asked dietician Dave Palumbo, who has worked with Triple H on his diet and supplements, what Triple H would take to help him look the way he does cosmetically. “Wrestlers can’t take a drug beyond hormone replacement,” said Palumbo. “They get drug tested. It’s a very strict drug testing policy.” Is it different for an office guy, asked Riviera. Palumbo answered: “They’re allowed to take hormone replacement, testosterone replacement. They can go to an HRT place and they can get testosterone replacement, 100 MG a week or whatever they prescribe these days. They can get HCG, HGH if they want. Those are acceptable. A lot of the wrestlers do do it. It’s not for me to say who’s doing what. They’re very minimal doses.” Palumbo said the wrestlers would love to do high doses, but he said they’re not allowed to. Listen HERE.

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