MCMAHON’S IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT 12/7: ECIII vs. Sydal for the Grand Championship, Lashley/Lambert vs. Moose/Storm, Sienna vs. Rosemary vs. Allie

Dec. 7, 2017
Taped from Ottawa, Ont. (Aberdeen Pavilion)
Aired on Pop TV

Announcers: Josh Mathews & Jeremy Borash

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— The Impact signature aired.

— Alberto El Patron was shown backstage, calling Eli Drake a paper champion. He said that he was doing to search the entire building to find Drake and destroy Drake for costing him the match against Johnny Impact last week.

— A video aired on Dan Lambert was and American Top Team vs. James Storm and Moose. Clips were also shown hyping ECIII vs. Matt Sydal.

— The Impact open aired.


Konley had control of the match early with a side headlock but Konley powered out and tackled Ishimori. Konley kicked out Ishimori’s legs and hit a senton for a two count. Ishimori gained control again and then hit a 450 splash off the top for the win.

WINNER: Taiji Ishimori in 6:00.

After the match, Trevor Lee hit the ring and attacked Ishimori from behind. Lee kicked Ishimori in the head and went for a piledriver but Dezmond Xavier hit the ring to make the save. Xavier checked on Ishimori as the heels retreated up the ramp.

McMahon: Good opener as far as action is considered, and they’re starting to take some time and tell a story with the X Division guys, which is always a positive sign. Lee vs. Ishimori will be a really good title match when it eventually happens.

— Mathews and Borash ran down what was coming up on the show tonight.

— American Top Team was shown arriving at the building.


(2) SIENNA vs. ROSEMARY vs. ALLIE — Knockouts Title Tournament match

Sienna bailed out of the ring. Rosemary and Allie chased her and threw her back in the ring to get the action started. Rosemary locked Sienna in the upside down along the ropes. Allie went to the top rope and Sienna caught her. Sienna superplexed Allie off the top rope but Sienna had trouble getting over to make the cover. Sienna was locked in a double submission by Rosemary and Allie but the hold was broken. Allie forearmed Rosemary and then they traded shots. Rosemary pinned Allie after a Red Wedding for the win.

WINNER: Rosemary in 6:00.

After the match, Allie snarled at the referee and celebrated in the ring while Allie rolled out.

McMahon: There were some big spots in the match, particularly the superplex off the top. It’s only been 30 minutes, but the commentary — in particular Borash — seems to be lacking emotion thus far. Allie taking the pin makes sense to save Sienna, the former champion, and I like that they’re keeping her out of the title match because it’s something they can build to later.

— Next week: Rosemary vs. Laurel Van Ness in the tournament finals.

— A vignette aired on OVE. It said they were up next.


— Back from the break, OVE was already in the ring. Sami Callahan had the mic first and said Canada was “bull crap.” He also said that LAX was “bull crap.” Basically, everything was “bull crap” but Ohio, because you know, it’s Ohio vs. Everything. Callahan said their feud with LAX was getting out of control but they’re not scared and they accept it. Callahan said this feud is about gang warfare. Callahan said LAX would get a title rematch, but it would be on their terms.

After insulting Ottawa, a new tag team, “TDT” came to the stage. They were dressed as lumberjacks. Borash said they are “local heroes.” Callahan told TDT to “speak American.” The teams brawled with TDT getting the upper hand. Callahan hit the ring with a kendo stick to make the save. OVE set up chairs in the ring and went for an All Seeing Eye but LAX made the save, hitting the ring and attacking OVE.

McMahon: Apparently to be a tag team on Impact, you need to have three letters. OVE, LAX and now TDT. 


— Backstage, Allie was leaving the arena when Gail Kim stopped her. Allie was upset and said that she blew her shot at the Knockouts Title. Gail gave her a pep talk and told her that it was her time.

— A vignette aired on KM. He attacked random people at a gym trying to impress American Top Team.

McMahon: I love how KM walked into the gym and began attacking random people, but everyone just kept working out until it was their time to get beat up.

— LAX was returning to their clubhouse after the segment with OVE. Konnan said that next week he would sit down with Callahan and they would arrange a title match.


— Chris Adonis and Eli Drake were interviewed about facing Johnny Impact and Petey Williams later tonight.

(3) MATT SYDAL vs. ECIII [c] — Grand Championship match

For some reason, Fallah Bahh is one of the judges.

Round 1: ECIII kicked Sydal in the gut to open the round after some posturing. ECIII hit a vertical suplex. (ECIII wins Round 1)

Round 2: Sydal (of course) took control in round two. Sydal kicked ECIII off the apron to the floor and followed that with a dive. Sydal kicks ECIII in the head as the round expires. (Sydal wins Round 2)

Round 3: ECIII came out hot to begin the round and hit a big powerbomb. ECIII missed a splash in the corner and Sydal hit double knees. Sydal kneed ECIII in the face. Sydal missed a shooting star press. (Draw)

WINNER: Match ends in a draw

McMahon: Good match with decent action. The only thing I didn’t like was Fallah Bah being a judge without any explanation. Have we seen an active wrestler judge before? I don’t think so. And it was never really explained what he was doing out there to begin with. Also, the finish just wasn’t that great with the draw. It was a downer.


Storm and Lashley begin the match but Moose tagged in quickly and hit a senton for a two count. Lashley clotheslined Moose. Lambert kicked Moose as he hit the ropes near American Top Team’s corner. Lambert tagged in after Moose was clotheslined for a two count and then immediately tagged Lashley back into the match. Moose laid some chops on Lashley but Lashley countered with a powerbomb. Moose speared Lashley and then Storm tagged in. After some ATT interference on the apron, Lashley speared Storm. Lambert tagged Lashley as he hit the spear and covered storm for the win.

WINNER: Bobby Lashley & Dan Lambert

McMahon: Considering that this could have been a trainwreck, I liked this match and I thought the finish made a lot of sense. I’m not sure where they’re going with Lashley and ATT — maybe Lashley is going to break away? — but clearly there is another shoe to drop with this storyline. They haven’t explained why ATT is still around, at least not enough, but overall this is storyline continues to develop and move forward.

— Johnny Impact and Petey Williams were interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell on tonight’s main event.


Adonis and Impact began the match but the heels quickly gained control with some double-team moves. Williams sent Drake into Adonis’ corner to send the show to a break.


Back from the break, Williams controlled Drake and Borash said it was that way throughout the commercial. The heels continued to work over Petey Williams, who was in big trouble. After a few minutes, he made the hot tag to Impact. Impact missed a Starship Pain on Williams. Drake nailed Impact from behind. Adonis put the Adonis Lock on Williams. Impact hit Adonis with a kick and then Starship Pain for the win.

WINNERS: Johnny Impact & Petey Williams

After the match, El Patron came out through the crowd and attacked Drake, giving him a DDT on the Global Title.

McMahon: Another solid tag team match to close out a solid show. There wasn’t anything about this episode that stood out as being great, but nothing was bad, either. The whole show, from top to bottom, was solid all the way through.

7 Comments on MCMAHON’S IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT 12/7: ECIII vs. Sydal for the Grand Championship, Lashley/Lambert vs. Moose/Storm, Sienna vs. Rosemary vs. Allie

    • It does not look any different than in the past. Same ring. Same crowd size. Different colored ropes? That makes it minor league?

  1. I thought this was a solid show. Agree on the KM skit. Even the guy at the desk just sort of waited until it was his turn to get beat up. They need a couple more “knockouts” to really round out the division. Other than that, I thought the show was good.

    • I agree, they could stand to add a few more Knockouts- especially on the babyface side of the coin. By my count they only have two, in Allie and Rosemary. Anybody know if Alisha Edwards is still there?

      If I was to make a wish-list, Taylor Made, Kay Lee Ray and Taeler Hendriz would all pop up on Impact sometime in 2018.

      • I miss seeing Taeler Hendrix in ROH. She really left without any explanation around the same time that Truth Martini left. She would be a great addition to Impact. They dropped the ball with her once, a few years back when she was in the Gut Check matches, but she has more experience now and probably would be better prepared for a run. Taya coming back at the next tv taping should help too.

        • I thought, with the timing of her RoH departure, that she might’ve been Mae Young Classic bound- but WWE left me disappointed when they passed her over.

          Impact really did botch her run with the company during those Gut Check matches. It drove me completely crazy at the time, because I was a huge fan of hers, even then.

          It will be great to see Taya back soon.

  2. I enjoyed Impact this week. I only hit FF once thru the Grand Championship match, because the format falls flat for me. I really wish they’d do away with it. The Knockouts and Tag scenes are both picking up some, and the X division is getting good with the added individual focus. I’m hoping the upward trend continues.

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