FloSports employees told CEO is “stepping away” from the company, impact on FloSports vs. WWN lawsuit

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist

PWTorch has learned from multiple sources that it was announced to FloSports employees yesterday that CEO Martin Floreani would be “stepping away” from the company. Sources tell PWTorch they believe that Martin was ultimately forced out of the company. Floreani was heavily involved in the lawsuit between WWN and FloSports over the PPV buyrate data that FloSlam was given on a spreadsheet by WWN owner Sal Hamoui before they struck a deal to air all WWN content in October of 2016. It still has not been determined where the WWN vs. FloSports lawsuit will be held as of this writing.

Radican’s Analysis: Nearly everyone involved with FloSlam has been let go from FloSports, which is crazy to think about given the promise the platform seemed to have in 2016 with WWN being potentially surrounded by major companies like NJPW, ROH, and PWG. 

It will be interesting to see if the FloSports strategy in handing their lawsuit against WWN changes course with Floreani out of the picture He was a hands-on CEO who was intimately involved in the lawsuit. 

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