6/20 NXT TV REPORT: Dakota Kai vs. Bianca Belair, War Raiders vs. The Mighty (formerly TM61), NXT Takeover fallout

By Justin James, PWTorch contributor


JUNE 20, 2018

[Q1] Pre-introduction silent tribute to Vader.

Quick recap package of Takeover: Chicago before the credits.

Dakota Kai is starting the show off. She is facing Bianca Belair, in the square off between two huge favorites of the PWT Talks NXT podcast.


Kai uses her agility to dodge Belair, hit an enziguri for one, but Belair gets a hold. Kai slips out, kicks for one. Belair sends Kai into the turnbuckle face-first then goes on the attack. The crowd is booing Belair against the popular Kai. Belair with a delayed suplex, bounces Kai off the ropes, hits the suplex, split leg senton. Two count for Belair, followed by an abdominal stretch. Belair transitions to a backbreaker then taunts Kai. Kai punches from the mat but Belair dodges it. Another very delayed suplex from Belair, and the crowd is cheering her like a face, until Kai slips out and gets a pair of quick covers. Belair returns to the power game, but Kai gets knees up to block the split legged senton. Kai with a series of kicks to put Belair in the corner. Yakuza Kick, then a running kick to the seated Belair gives Kai a two count. Kai to the top, but Belair is too fast, then has a forearm on the mat. Torture rack into the sit out slam end it.

WINNER: Bianca Belair in 6:07.

[J.J.’s Reax: Fine match to give Belair a win against a more established wrestler.]

Recap of Ricochet defeating Velveteen Dream at Takeover: Chicago.

[Q2] Post-match interview with Ricochet. He says that he is not just an animated GIF or a cool flip, he has taken Dream’s spotlight and it belongs on him.

A new interviewer talks to Dream. He says it is “Dream over in Chicago”. Dream is dejected and leaves.

Review of Shayna Baszler defending against Nikki Cross. She is shown with Marina Shafir and Jessamine Duke, implying a potential stable here. Baszler congratulates herself.

Highlights of Aleister Black defending the NXT Championship against Lars Sullivan are shown.

Backstage with Aleister Black. He cuts off the question and says he can’t talk at the moment, continuing to sell the effects of the match.

Highlights of the NXT Tag Team Championship match between Iney Lorcan and Danny Burch, and Undisputed Era.

Backstage with Lorcan and Burch. Burch talks about how hard they worked to get where they are, and how they didn’t win but tried their best. Lorcan calls it the biggest match of their careers, and the biggest loss of their careers.

[Q3] Lengthy video on the match between Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa.

Aleister Black will be “live” next week.

“Earlier today” with EC3 entering the Performance Center. He talks up Takeover: Chicago, then points out that he wasn’t on the card. He says that he will be on all Takeovers going forwards. When they ask who he wants to face he says “everybody”.

[ J.J.’s Reax: EC3 is still giving heel words with a babyface delivery. Or vice versa. ]

The Mighty try a pre-match ambush on War Raiders.


Rowe demands the bell ring, and he takes out both Miller and Thorne. Hanson tags in. Rowe throws Hanson onto Miller. Cheap shot from Miller gives Thorne a chance, he rolles up Rowe and puts his foot on the ropes for two. Miller manages to get Rowe out of the ring where Thorne hits a cheap shot. Team move on Rowe for a nearfall. Rowe tries to fight out of the corner. Thorne gets intimidated by Hanson, then Hanson is able to tag in. Hanson takes out Thorne and Miller by himself. Vic Joseph says “no wasted motion!” right after Hanson does the clumsiest cartwheel in history. Team move on Thorne but Miller breaks it up. Hanson dives through the ropes.

[Q4] War Raiders prep their team finisher, hit it.

WINNERS: War Raiders in 4:31. Not only did The Mighty not need a loss right now, they didn’t need it in under five minutes. This match was clumsy and clunky. Hanson tries moves like cartwheels and suicide dives, but instead of impressing up with his agility like Heavy Machinery does, it emphasizes that he is just not a cruiserweight.

FINAL THOUGHTS: These post-Takeover shows are having less and less original content, they are now down to two matches, and tonight had a total of 11 minutes of action. Even the post-Takeover interviews were weak. I liked the way Dream handled himself, and the EC3 promo was fine for a character still stuck in tweener-land.

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