6/21 Impact Wrestling Results: Pentagon & Fantasma vs. OVE


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Impact Wrestling Results
June 7, 2018
Taped from Orlando, Fla. (Universal Studios)
Aired on Pop TV

AnnouncersJosh Mathews & Don Callis

1 — LAX beat Z&E to become the new Impact Tag Team Champions

Not only a great start to the show, but a really good match no matter where it was placed on the card. Even though they lost the titles, being such a new team, this was an excellent showing for Z&E against the top tag team in the company (despite their losing streak). The Z&E title win was a transition move to get the belt off Eli Drake and Scott Steiner, and it allowed Impact to tell the story of LAX struggling to find themselves as a team with Konnan gone, until King has now shown up.

2 — Scott Steiner beat KM via submission

This entire run with Steiner has been weird. First he was a heel aligned with Eli Drake, then he was a tag team champion, lost the belts, turned (sort of?) on Drake and now he’s the big legacy babyface all of a sudden? None of it is clicking.

3 — Madison Rayne beat Taya Valkyrie

Madison Rayne has been effectively retired for a few years now, and Impact has brought her back into the fold and given her wins over Tessa Blanchard and Taya Valkyrie. I don’t think I’m alone in asking, “why?”

Taya missed some tapings with immigration issues in Canada, and the company is heading back there so maybe they can’t use her again and they know that, so they’re trying to give someone the rub by beating her. Honestly, I’d rather see a heel-heel match and give Tessa a statement win over Taya. Giving Madison Rayne this push feels like it’s four years too late.

4 — El Hijo Del Fantasma & Pentagon Jr. beat OVE

I think I liked this match more than others, reading some other reviews of the show over the last few days. It definitely started slow but the action picked up mid-match and really showed how underrated OVE is right now. The reason I feel that they’re underrated is they’re essentially there to take pins for Sami Callihan, who Impact is (rightfully so) trying to protect.

They feuded earlier this year, but there is still a lot left in a OVE vs. LAX feud. Especially with the roles reversed.

That said, I’m not sure I understand what the company is doing with Fantasma and Pentagon. The whole idea of OVE suddenly feuding with the two Lucha talents feels out of place.


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