7/5 IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: McMahon’s report on Killer Kross’ debut, Swann vs. Fenix, Cage vs. Kong


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July 5, 2018
Taped from Windsor, Ontario (St. Clair College)
Aired on Pop TV

Announcers: Josh Mathews & Don Callis

(McMahon: Just a heads up guys, I’m traveling while writing this report and watching the show from my phone. So, you’ll get all the necessary info and analysis but not play-by-play of the matches. Sorry for the one-week detour from our typical coverage! We’ll be back to normal next week. And, don’t worry! I’ll be at my destination and on the air with Andrew Soucek on the Thursday Livecast immediately following Impact tonight!)

— Highlights of last week’s show aired.

— The Impact opened graphic aired.


McMahon: This was a really incredible match. You should go out of your way to see it, and I can’t remember saying that about many Impact matches in recent months. This was everything you want in an athletic wrestling match. That said, the booking of having Swann take the loss, one week after beating Trevor Lee, bugs me. Impact again seems to keep defining Lee down the card.

— After the match, OVE attacked Fenix. Pentagon ran down to make the save, but Pentagon then attacked Fenix. … Callis and Mathews wondered what was going on, and Pentagon removed to mask to reveal that he was actually Sami Callihan in disguise. OVE continued attacking Fenix. Swann tried to make the save, but he was beat down by OVE as well. As Callihan was about to remove Fenix’s mask, the real Pentagon hit the ring and cleaned house.

McMahon: Good angle, especially where Callihan “stole” the mask last week. You could tell it was Callihan though … not that it really matters. I still don’t fully understand why Callihan, who was almost murdered a few weeks ago (their words, not mine), is suddenly concerned with stealing a bunch of Lucha masks.


McMahon: This is what you would expect of Kross’ debut. Bahh got some offense in early in the match, but I think it was only done so in order to show that Kross doesn’t get hurt. He no-sold most of it. Kross looks legit (I haven’t seen much of his indie stuff) so I’m intrigued to see where this goes.


McMahon: The undead bridesmaid looked like it was KC Spinelli under the makeup. The match was very formulaic, with Tessa Blanchard running in to attack Madison Rayne and then she brawled with Allie in the aisle. Madison ended up getting the pin for the win. At least she pinned the undead bridesmaid, and not Su Yung. The latest Madison Rayne return still isn’t resonating for me. I realize she’s a former Knockouts Champion, but while other companies — WWE, ROH — are pushing more athletic women with more athletic wrestling matches, Impact reverting back to Madison Rayne just feels a bit off. Giving Madison credit, she’s improved in the ring since her early days with the Beautiful People, but she doesn’t feel like a big enough name for her “return” to mean enough. And isn’t going to have the match quality of some of the top women in the wrestling world, so the whole return feels like more of a dud than anything else. 

— A video package aired on Austin Aries vs. Moose

— Konnan was on the phone, saying his proof that King was behind attacking him was rock solid.

– Tommy Dreamer cut a backstage promo on Eddie Edwards. We learn later that it will be Edwards vs. Dreamer in a House of Hardcore match at Slammiversary.


McMahon: Like with the Madison Rayne return, the Grado-Katarina angle isn’t resonated. The introduction of Joe Hendry likely leads to a Grado-Hendry feud. I’m guessing Hendry and Katarina are romantically involved at some point. Remember, two weeks after her debut, she booked Grado in a bad match where he got beat down. 


McMahon: This match blew away my expectations, and credit is due to both of these guys in my opinion. They did some crazy things for two guys that size. This was a good win for Cage. They need to do something with Kong soon in order to get their heat back, I think. He’s a good monster, but he’s been built up and brought down a few different times now. Cage looks fantastic and even though he took a loss a few weeks ago, he still feels like he’s on a path for a World Title shot at Bound for Glory.

— Konnan revealed his proof that King was behind attacking him at Redemption. King brought out Homicide and Hernandez and Ortiz and Santana flipped him off when he asked for allegiance, who jumped Konnan, Ortiz and Santana. King choked out Konnan while Homicide and Hernandez beat up Santana and Ortiz. Homicide and Hernandez laid a flag over the new LAX. King grabbed a mic and said, “When you come at the King, you best not miss. We are LAX. 5150.”

McMahon: Very good show-closing angle. The LAX vs. LAX feud should be great with Konnan and King trading a back-and-forth on the mic. King really shined on the mic at the end of the segment and Homicide and Hernandez is a nice throwback for the longtime Impact/TNA viewer. 

Overall, a very good show — one of the better ones in recent weeks — as the company builds towards Slammiversary. The new setting has drastically improved the show, and I hope the atmosphere continues. 

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