7/12 IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: McMahon’s report on Swann, Pentagon & Fenix vs. OVE, DeAngelo Williams’ return



July 12, 2018
Taped from Windsor, Ontario (St. Clair College)
Aired on Pop TV

Announcers: Josh Mathews & Don Callis

— Highlights of last week’s show aired.

— The Impact opened graphic aired.

(1) HOMICIDE & HERNANDEZ vs. local tag team

Homicide and Hernandez made quick work of their opponents. The match was over in a matter of seconds and set up a King promo to follow the match.

WINNERS: Homicide & Hernandez

— King cut a promo alongside Homicide and Hernandez. They challenged Konnan, Ortiz and Santana to a 5150 Street Fight at Slammiversary.

(McMahon: Really good promo from King to set up the match with LAX at Slammiversary. Josh Mathews was good here (I know!), pointing out that they returned to the LAX clubhouse entrance from inside the Impact Zone, and he wondered if they had taken over? King’s promo showed that Impact, and its previous management, dropped the ball on him with his original run. He’s a really good talker and a heck of a heel.)

— Shotzi Blackheart cut a backstage promo on Allie, who she will face later tonight.

— The commentary team hyped that DeAngelo Williams, a former NFL running back who wrestled at Slammiversary last year, will return to Impact tonight to give an update on Moose, his training partner.


Allie wins the match with a codebreaker.


After the match, Tessa Blanchard hit the ring and took out Allie with a blindside attack, throwing her into the barricade. Tessa hit a hammerlock DDT in the ring.

(McMahon: Shotzki looked good in her debut against Allie. She didn’t get the win, which means there’s probably not much planned for her moving forward, but she got a good introduction here. The angle with Tessa at the end of the match got her some heat back. Impact, for whatever reason let her simmer a bit before starting to really push the gas on her push.)

— Backstage, Eli Drake ran into Katarina and Grado, with Joe Hendry. Grado challenges Drake to a match, because he felt like Drake was trying to “steal his girlfriend.”

— After the break, Tessa cut a backstage promo on Allie and said she intends to run through the entire Knockouts Division.

— A video package aired on Tommy Dreamer vs. Eddie Edwards.

— A vignette aired for a new woman who will debut soon, but there were no clues other than shadows and “coming soon” appearing on the screen.

— Austin Aries cut a backstage promo on Moose.

— The GWN Moment aired, from Slammiversary 2013, when Gail Kim took on Taryn Terrell.

— Josh Mathews brought DeAngelo Williams to the ring for an interview. Williams said that he’s been training with Moose and he’s ready to win the title at Slammiversary. Williams said Moose has dropped a lot of weight and added a lot of muscle and he’s in the best shape of his life.

They aired a video on Moose’s training. Back from the video, Mathews continued to talk to Williams but Austin Aries’ music hit and he came to the ring. Aries ripped on Williams for not dressing up to be in the ring … Aries asked why Williams was in the ring if NFL Training Camp was about to start? Aries said, “Oh, that’s right, no one signed you.” Williams smiled but looked more and more agitated. Aries asked if Williams won a Super Bowl? And then said, “Oh, you never won a championship? Just like your buddy Moose.”

Aries said Williams was trying to use pro wrestling to stay relevant, just like Moose. Williams said he was only there for an interview. Aries told Williams to deliver a message to Moose. Aries stepped into Williams and said, “This is really simple … do you understand?” and then he gave Williams a cheap shot sucker punch. Aries put the boots to Williiams and then came into the ring with a steel chair. Aries missed the swinging chair shot and Williams kicked Aries in the gut. Williams grabbed the chair and went to use it on Aries but Aries came up and kicked Williams with a low blow. Aries grabbed the chair again and slammed it across Williams’ back.

(McMahon: Notable segment that I bet gets Impact some eyeballs. Williams isn’t a Hall of Famer, but he’s still a notable name in pro football – at least he was when he was playing – mostly due to his impact in fantasy football. Considering this is on free TV, I’m willing to bet this gets Impact a quick mention on SportsCenter or the like. 

On top of that, this was effective heat on Aries. The crowd seemed to be genuinely against him, which is a good sign for the PPV. It’s refreshing to see a wrestling crowd in front of this product … you can actually begin to gauge what the crowd is for and against, and they dug this angle.)

(3) ELI DRAKE vs. GRADO (w/ Katarina & Joe Hendry)

Josh brought up that Katarina posts more photos of her and Joe Hendry than her and Grado. Drake jumped Grado at the bell as the match began and rammed him with shoulders to the gut. Drake eventually hit the Gravy Train for the win. Callis said he barely broke a sweat.

WINNER: Eli Drake

After the match, Katarina and Hendry tried to tend to Grado. Drake tried to approach Katarina again and Hendry stepped in to keep Drake away. Drake said that he thinks something is going on between Hendry and Katarina, and he told a fallen Grado about it.

— A video aired on Moose vs. Aries.

— A vignette aired on Killer Kross, and he addressed Petey Williams.

— Alicia interviewed Matt Sydal backstage. Sydal talked about his match against Brian Cage against Slammiversary.

— Moose cut a promo “on the phone” about what happened between Aries and Williams earlier tonight.

— Alicia interviewed Madison Rayne in a pre-recorded backstage interview. Rayne talked about Su Yung and she was distracted by something in the distance. She walked off set and looked down the hall. The camera followed and Rayne went to return to the interview set and Alicia was gone. There was a sheet hanging up stained in blood that read, “the time has come.” Madison saw something move around the corner and she walked into another room. The door automatically closed behind her and locked. Madison got the door to open and …. the show cut to a break.

— Back from the break … they went to the ring.


The match began on fire with Callihan biting Fenix. All six men were legal at once in the match. Everyone bailed out of the ring at first except Swann and Callihan. Bodies were then everywhere for the next several minutes with some big multi-man dives and moves, including a sit-up powerbomb by OVE on Fenix. Callihan and Pentagon settled in after everyone else bailed out. Pentagon hit a Pentagon Driver for a two count. Swann set up a dive off the top rope but Jake Crist intercepted him with a cutter. Fenix and Pentagon faced off with Callihan, who flipped them off. Pentagon and Fenix combined for a spike piledriver on Callihan, but he kicked out … Fenix used his feet on the spike piledriver. Fenix took out Dave Crist on the outside. Pentagon hit a package piledriver on Jake Crist on the apron. Callihan and Swann were alone in the ring and Swann hit a superkick. Swann kicked a prone Callihan on the top rope. Callihan powerbombed Swann off the second rope and then hit the Get Out of Here for the win.

WINNERS: OVE in 16:00.

(McMahon: Wow! Once again … go out of your way to see this match if you didn’t watch Impact live. That was one of the best six-man tag matches I’ve seen in a long, long time. It was one of the best matches Impact has presented under the new Anthem management … maybe the best. The story was good, and the athleticism was off the charts. Callihan is one of the best heels in the business right now, and this match was a good showcase on why.)

— Mathews said goodnight but we returned backstage and saw that Madison opened the door and instead of the backstage area, she was walking into a forest. Su Yung and undead bridesmaids appeared from behind trees and they whispered that Madison’s time had come. Madison froze, and then all of a sudden the bridesmaids vanished. Su Yung appeared behind Madison and in a demonic voice said, “your time as come!” and the show went off the air.

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  1. I really liked Shotzi Blackheart’s appearance. I was hoping she’d score the win, because like you pointed out, it might’ve meant more for her in the future. She’s going to be a star, though. Impact should jump on signing her.

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