RADICAN’S COMIC REVIEW: “The Luchaverse: Rey Mysterio One-Shot” – Mysterio embarks on dangerous adventure to obtain first Rey Mysterio mask

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist

Rey Mysterio is reportedly dealing with an injury
Rey Mysterio (art credit Grant Gould © PWTorch)



“The Luchaverse: Rey Mysterio One-Shot” is the first comic in a series of 5 stand alone issues that will begin the Luchaverse, which is a collaboration between Chido Comics and Masked Republic. In the first comic in the series, Rey Mysterio Jr. is featured as an action hero of sorts. The comic gives some backstory on Mysterio before he embarks on a dangerous mission to a Temple to retrieve the mask of the first Rey Mysterio.

Mysterio is in search of the mask to help him combat an unknown great evil that has been prophesied to send the world into darkness. Mysterio is accompanied on his adventure to capture the mask by a military group known as “The Ambassadors” and they seem reluctant to help Rey out after clashing with a bunch of undead cat people.

The comic is engaging and hints at things to come with references to Tinieblas and Konnan. Mysterio’s presentation is really well done, as his mask is placed into context during the story and the hunt for the original Rey Mysterio mask is nicely set up before danger arrives to set the stage for the second comic in the series that will feature Penta Zero M and Rey Fenix.

It’s not clear exactly what is going to happen, as the evil force Mysterio is preparing to face off against hasn’t been revealed. The strategy with the comics is to have the 5 one-shots lay the groundwork for the entire series.

“The Luchaverse: Rey Mysterio One-Shot” is like a cross between an action movie and a wrestling story. The military types with Mysterio crack one-liners that you’d hear in most action movies. Mysterio’s character really gets a chance to shine in this story, as he’s told he will be the first person in over a thousand years to hold the mask of the original Rey Mysterio.

Marco Lopez and Ivan Plaza will be writing all of the comics, but each book will have a different look to it with a different art team assigned to handle each title. Ben Harvey and Bryan Magnaye did a great job with the Mysterio comic and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the other artists have in store for the next four books.

Right now “The Luchaverse: Rey Mysterio One-Shot” is only availble at LuchaShop.com . If you read the comic and enjoy it, Masked Republic and Chida Comics are asking that fans ask their comic stores to stock The Luchaverse comics from Chido Comics. You can also read the series digitally through Comixology.

Overall thoughts: I give “The Luchaverse: Rey Mysterio One-Shot” a high recommendation, especially if you’re a fan of Mysterio and Lucha Libre. Mysterio’s character is represented well here and the story seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun to follow as it unfolds.

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