WWE SURVIVOR SERIES PREDICTIONS – Tom Gets it Wrong: Know with great uncertainty result of every match from Bryan vs. Lesnar to Charlotte vs. Rousey to Raw vs. Smackdown to Seth vs. Nakamura

By Tom Colohue, PWTorch Specialist


So it’s possible, even likely, that I’m going to get all of these wrong.

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1. Tag Team Survivor Series Elimination Match

Well, this is going to be an absolute mess. It might even end up on the pre-show the way this is going.

The Raw teams are quite the collection of underpushed and underappreciated talent. Meanwhile, Smackdown’s team contains both The New Day and The Usos, the literal top tag teams in the company.

It would be a travesty if Smackdown lost this one.

Winner: Smackdown Live

What If?: The New Day and The Usos go out early, leading to a big one match push for The Club and Sanity?

2. Buddy Murphy vs. Mustafa Ali (Cruiserweight Championship)

205 is much improved lately and is very deserving of being back on PPV cards. Ali and Murphy have had incredible matches recently and with Murphy a perfect champion to draw eyes to the product, Ali has had a few title shots now and is putting on great matches. That said, Murphy is an immense talent still on the rise so hopefully we will see his reign continue.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

What If?: This match is made no DQ at the last minute?

3. Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

This would have been a dream match if not for the fact that everyone’s eyes have been elsewhere. The fans have been more focussed on Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey. Meanwhile, Nakamura has been focussing on YouTube videos of Seth Rollins rather than appearing on Smackdown and Seth Rollins has been focussed on Dean Ambrose.

Ultimately, letting this match fall into the background may enable it to become a sleeper hit. These two should put on a high calibur encounter that has the potential to be the match of the night. That said, I can definitely see it ending on a bit of a downer, as Dean Ambrose is almost guaranteed to be involved here.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

What If?: They don’t book a dodgy finish and Nakamura gets a major win clean?

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4. Authors Of Pain vs. The Bar

This is the first main roster PPV for the Authors of Pain and they go in representing all of the Raw tag teams. This match really shows how the state of the Raw tag team division has dipped lately. One of the main points in this of course is that we’re going to have four of the biggest lumps of beef in the company smashing against each other. Another point is that we have probably the biggest lump of beef in the company on the outside, supporting The Bar and lined up against Drake Maverick on the other side.

Might get another dodgy finish here.

Ultimately, The Bar have to win this one. They lost to The Usos last year and, once against, the Smackdown Live tag division is massively superior to the Raw one.

Winner: The Bar

What If?: The Big Show turns on The Bar and becomes a much more logical manager for AOP?

5. Men’s Survivor Series Elimination Match

The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe and Shane McMahon.

Braun Strowman. I can barely remember anyone else on the Raw team. Braun Strowman will maul them all.

Winner: Raw

What If?: We get plenty of time to enjoy McIntyre vs Joe, Balor vs Mysterio and many other great potential combinations here?

6. Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan

The last minute change to make fans feel better about the loss of the actual main event; Rousey vs Lynch. Don’t get me wrong; it should be an entertaining close cut back and forth, but with neither guy at their most popular and with the robbery of the title from AJ Styles, as well as Brock’s renewed title reign leaving a sour taste in a lot of mouths, this is not a match people are cheering for.

This comes down to something very simple though. Brock Lesnar is only allowed to lose to Roman Reigns.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

What If?: Brock’s arsenal, which is almost entirely based on German suplexes, is limited by the need to protect Daniel Bryan’s neck?

7. Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair

This match makes me sad and it really shouldn’t. Rousey vs Charlotte is a huge match with two of the company’s best going head to head. We are going to be hearing a lot of Becky chants during the match though.

This will be a big test for Rousey. As a woman with a limited amount of actual wrestling dates, Rousey have thrived with a large amount of time for rehearsal. Charlotte Flair used to be much the same but her time alongside her fellow Horsewomen has made her more comfortable calling matches on the fly. This could either go very well or very badly, essentially.

Winner: Ronda Rousey

What If?: In the build to their actual match, Becky Lynch has to chase away a Ronda Rousey that will not release a submission hold from Charlotte Flair.

8. Women’s Survivor Series Elimination Match

Ostensibly, Raw has the better team here, with Jax and Natalya in particular two talented heavy hitters who have a distinct advantage over the much lighter and less physical team on the other side. That said, it all comes down to individuals.

While Sonya Deville has the potential to have a bit of a breakout moment in this match, Asuka should be the one who has a big moment here. A lot rides also on the unannounced fifth member of team Smackdown Live. If we get a surprise appearance from Becky Lynch then I could definitely see her and Nia Jax being eliminated via count out early.

Winner: Smackdown Live

What If?: This is the beginning of a return to prominence for Asuka?

I’ll see you for a live tweeting session of Survivor Series 2018.

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