4/10 NXT TV REPORT: Recaps, Street Profits vs. Aichner & Barthel, Burch vs. Ryker, LaRae vs. Aliyah

By Justin James, PWTorch contributor


APRIL 10, 2019

Quick recap of the events of Takeover: New York.

1. CANDICE LARAE vs. ALIYAH (w/Vanessa Bourne)

Lockup, they break, Aliyah gets the edge and mocks LaRae. Aliyah poses on the turnbuckle, but takes a kick to the face when she comes down. LaRae slides through the ropes, Aliyah dodges and slides LaRae into the ring but LaRae shifts her momentum to kick Aliyah. A distraction at ringside from Bourne lets aliyah go on the attack. Aliyah slams LaRae into the mat for one. LaRae struggles to get traction but Aliyah keeps her from gaining momentum. A big boot gives Aliyah a pair of two counts. Aliyah slaps LaRae, which helps her shake the cobwebs off and start to rally. Springboard moonsault wins it for LaRae.

Winner: Candice LaRae at 4:09. OK match to give LaRae some of that much-desired “momentum” and start to position her on the card.

Recap of Velveteen Dream retaining the NXT North American Championship against Matt Riddle.

Selfie video of Velveteen Dream on Wrestlemania Sunday. Buddy Murphy is shown walking by, Dream makes a comment about Murphy losing the 205 Live Championship. They have a verbal altercation.

Advertised for tonight is Jaxson Ryker against Danny Burch.

Quick video package on War Raiders giving Aleister Black and Ricochet what was presumably their NXT sendoff, then shots of Kushida appearing at Takeover: New York.

Footage of Triple H and William Regal signing Kushida’s contract. It’s great to see Regal on TV, but maybe it is the microphone placement, but he sounds a bit like he has a cold, but does look well and uncharacteristically well-tanned. As one of the most-cherished characters on NXT TV, Regal’s absence has been noted by many, and it would be good to see him return to a role bigger than tweets appearing on the screen.

2. DANNY BURCH (w/Oney Lorcan) vs. JAXSON RYKER (w/Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler)

Burch starts hot, a dropkick and chop get him one. Burch chops Ryker into the corner, but Ryker blocks a strike and rams Burch into the corner. Armsweep takes Burch off the second turnbuckle. Running back elbow gets Ryker two. Belly to back followed by a diving headbutt get Ryker another two. Jawbreaker lets Burch escape a sleeper attempt and start a flurry of offense. Missile dropkick puts Ryker down, but Burch has to fend off Blake and Cutler on the apron, until Lorcan wipes them out. Small package almost lets Burch sneak a win. The Widowmaker powerbomb gets Ryker the win.

Winner: Jaxson Ryker at 3:07. Par for the course, this felt like 6 – 7 minutes.

Post-match, Lorcan tries to protect Burch from Ryker, but Blake and Cutler help put Lorcan down too.

Clips from the NXT Women’s Championship Fatal Fourway are shown.

Backstage interview with Shayna Baszler. Baszler talks herself up and says it doesn’t matter who or how many “girls” they put against her, she is never losing the title.

Package on Pete Dunne losing the UK Championship to Walter.

Interview with Dunne. His chest is bruised and bleeding. His only comment is to vow to have a rematch.

Lengthy recap of Johnny Gargano defeating Adam Cole in a 2-out-of-3 falls match to gain the vacant NXT Championship.

Backstage, Undisputed Era are moping. Cole demands to know what Roderick Strong was thinking, and just as he is about to explain Cole spots the camera and yells to turn it off.

Velveteen Dream is booked to face Buddy Murphy next week with the NXT North American Championship in jeopardy.


I still don’t understand why Aichner and Barthel don’t officially go by the name “European Union” at this point. Aichner and Ford start, which should be exciting. They pace a bit. Aicher takes a cheap shot on Dawkins, then turns around to drive Ford into the corner and bring in Barthel. Ford fights off the double team then mocks Barthel’s parade rest stance. Kick to the middle catches Ford trying to leap over in the corner. Barthel pounds Ford’s face in and covers for two, tag to Aichner. Aichner messes Ford up in the corner, suplex for two, then back to the corner. Ford lands on his feet after a suplex, but Barthel grabs his pants to keep him from tagging out. Aichner gets a tag and keeps Ford away from Dawkins. Aichner wraps himself around Ford, but Ford leans back into a cover for two. Aicher puts Ford back into the corner. Ford slips under and tags Dawkins who has hot tag offense for Aichner and Barthel. Suplexes all around. Dawkins tags Ford, but Barthel shoves Ford off the apron before they can hit a team move, and Ford gets isolated by Aicher and Barthel. Double springboard moonsault from Aichner nearly finishes Ford. Ford looks dazed and stunned on the mat. Ford drops down to evade Barthel off the top, Dawkins spears Aichner. An official tag happens, Dawkins sets up an electric chair into a top rope blockbuster, that’s three.

Winners: Street Profits in 6:07. Fun, fast-paced action that didn’t wear out its welcome. Despite Aicher and Barthel getting 90% of the action in the match, it did not drag out at all.

This episode was the usual post-Takeover fare, with a few acts being brought out of the shadows. The most notable thing to happen was the tease of tension within Undisputed Era.

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