MIZ & MRS TV REPORT 5/21: The Dad Bod episode, Maryse struggles to pronounce “annihilate” and inhales helium, Miz’s birthday fest

By Sarah K, PWTorch contribuutor


MAY 21, 2019

The show opens with the Miz eating croissants and discovering that he made the list of the “Top Ten Dad Bods.” Maryse cannot pronounce “annihilate,” which is comical. Moving along, evidently Miz is having a birthday, so, Maryse takes him shopping in what looks like a furniture store. Miz thinks he’s having a low key party, Maryse has a surprise party planned. Mike wants a card table, Maryse wants the table hockey unit. They play for it. Maryse wins the first round, Miz wins the second. Maryse wins at darts. I have a feeling a poker table is going to show up anyway. Paige and Renee Young make cameos.

Evidently it’s Miz’s birthday, and his surprise party is the following day. Miz is expecting a surprise and Maryse is holding out. She bought him a gym membership. She also bought him man Spanx. “My wife wears body shapers all the time—” says Miz, before Maryse pelts him in the head with a shirt in the cutaway. Maryse makes it clear that she does not wear Spanx. Miz threatens to go put on some baggy clothes and sulk.

Miz goes to the fancy expensive gym. He claims he’s normally in the gym 4-5 times a week, but the baby has changed that. Meanwhile, Maryse is planning Miz’s surprise birthday party at home. Evidently his birthday celebration has a name — MizFest — and a planned activity — everyone gets on a bus and goes to a bunch of bars. So, Miz comes home from the gym and changes, and then the guests try to surprise him. It doesn’t exactly go as planned. They surprise the contractor and Miz comes out wearing underwear.

Back from commercial – Miz is fully clothed. His dad is there. Oh, and he got the poker table, because — of course. Marjo got him a life-sized cardboard cutout of herself – it folds up, so, he can take it anywhere. George offers to babysit. They don’t appear to trust him. There’s a cake with a lot of candles and the word “Miz fest” written on it. There’s a bus. Ryan Cabrera is there and he gets Miz a t-shirt with his own face on it that says “Dad Bod.” They go to some bar where they do line dancing. They call George. George wants to know if the baby takes a day time or night time diaper. I think George is screwing with them. Maryse inhales some helium from a balloon. It’s a moment. George is at the last bar. He and Marjo traded. She’s with the baby.

“Best birthday ever!” Miz shouts as white people party as only white people can on a party bus.

The following day Miz is hungover and Maryse offers to get Mike a drink. He doesn’t want any more alcohol (sorry, Dolph Ziggler’s hangover advice). Maryse acts like she has something sexy in the bedroom. Not quite. She’s blown up the image of Mike and her body transposed with a hotdog into life sized cardboard cutouts. Maryse stands behind the hot dog and caresses it. The show opens with Miz joining Maryse behind the cardboard cutouts.

The show closes with teasers for the upcoming season 2.

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