6/17 WWE Raw Results: Keller’s report on Daniel Bryan Wildcard appearance, Stomping Grounds hype, Fatal Five-way for U.S. Title contendership

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


JUNE 17, 2019

Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Renee Young


-They opened with Elias strumming his guitar mid-ring under a spotlight. He said he talked earlier in the day to “his good friend” Anthony Davis. He asked Davis why he’d want to move to Los Angeles. “He said, ‘Elias, let’s be real, I’m a piece of garbage and I need to surround myself with other pieces or garbage and the only way to do that is to move to a city where the people are more toxic than the air.'” Elias said he’d rather be anywhere but L.A. but he was invited there by Baron Corbin. He took off his jacket and revealed a striped referee shirt. He said Corbin picked him to be the special guest referee at Stomping Grounds. Seth Rollins hit Elias from behind with a chair, knocking him off his stool.

Seth took the mic and said after everything he’s been through with Brock Lesnar, he is done playing games. Cheers. He said he gets Corbin needs to find himself a guest referee by Sunday, but this is their fist warning if they side with Corbin. He said whatever Corbin has promised them, this chair awaits them on the other side.

(Keller’s Analysis: So we’re supposed to assume because Elias took a chair to the back, if he was Corbin’s choice, Corbin would now not want him to be the referee? That makes no sense. Or are we to believe Elias can’t referee anymore because he got hit with a chair? Or that Elias wasn’t actual Corbin’s pick? Or Corbin would change his mind because Elias has a sore back? My head already hurts trying to figure out this logic.)

-They went to the announcers on camera. Cole said this Sunday at Stomping Grounds, “it’s time to kick ass and take names.” (Everything Cole says wilts into uncoolness instantly.) Cole said Elias must be having second thoughts about being a referee. Graves said Corbin has to find a special guest referee tonight.

-Miz came out for his match. Elias was struggling to stand. Miz gave him a Skull Crushing Finale. Miz played to the crowd and got cheered. Bobby Lashley then made his entrance. The announcers touted Lashley as being a badass with a great physique. Lashley tackled Elias as soon as Elias stood. Cesaro entered the ring, looked down at Elias, shrugged his shoulder, and then gave Elias a Cesaro Swing. Ricochet came out next. Cole said Ricochet has called this one of the biggest opportunities of his career. Ricochet gave Elias a double knee lift to the face. Braun gave Elias his running powerslam. Cole yelled that they’d find out who will face Joe for the U.S. Title on Sunday next. [c]

(1) MIZ vs. BOBBY LASHLEY vs. CESARO vs. RICOCHET vs BRAUN STROWMAN – Fatal Five-way Elimination match for the U.S. Title

Joe watched at ringside. Cole noted there are no countouts or DQs. (Why are multi-man matches always no-DQ?) Cesaro lifted Strowman onto his shoulders early and slammed him down. The announcers gasped at his strength. Braun powered out of Neutralizer. Braun caught Cesaro flying at him and powerslammed him. He then caught a charging Lashley and slammed him onto Cesaro. Braun covered him for the three count to eliminate him. Braun caught Ricochet and tossed him across the ring. Miz charged and ate a boot. Lashley caught Braun with a face-plant. Then he suplexed Braun. Lashley elbowed Ricochet off the ring apron. Braun surprised Lashley with a powerslam and got the three count. (That made Lashley look so weak to lose so easily and quickly. They didn’t protect him nearly enough by just having him slightly surprised by Braun since he had his back turned for a minute when dealing with Ricochet.)

Braun knocked Miz down, then charged at Ricochet at ringside. Cole said he “literally turned him inside out.” (I think Cole actually has no idea what “inside out” means.) Strowman then went after Miz in the corner with splashes. Lashley tackled Braun as he had Miz lifted. Cole noted that Lashley had been eliminated already. Cesaro then interfered with a Neutralizer on Braun. Ricochet landed his 630. Lashley and Cesaro held Braun down as Ricochet made the cover, getting the three count. (That made Ricochet look like a schmuck that he needed that much help, or that he even accepted that much help. It also draws attention to the ridiculousness of the no-DQ stip in these matches. There’s no rational reason. It cheapens everything that happens and essentially invalidates the winner having proven anything.) Braun beat up Lashley at ringside, then charged at Cesaro and knocked him into the video wall. Miz and Ricochet were the last two, and both were knocked down and out at ringside thanks to Braun. [c]

[WWE announced on a local ad that Raw is coming to St. Paul, Minn. at Xcel Energy Center on Aug. 19 rather than Minneapolis, Minn. at Target Center. They are advertising Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin for the Universal Title plus A.J. Styles and Becky Lynch. It noted “Card Subject to Change.” That’s an understatements. It also touted tickets starting at $20.]

Back live, Joe continued to watch as Ricochet took Miz down with a head scissors. Cole said Miz and Ricochet were “able to recuperate a bit during a two minute break period during the commercial break.” (Huh?) Ricochet climbed to the top rope and went for a top rope move, but Miz moved. Ricochet followed with a kick to Miz’s face. Miz attempted a Skull Crushing Finale, but Ricochet countered with a roll-up for a two count. Miz countered with a DDT for a near fall. Miz then hit a series of Yes Kicks. Ricochet ducked one and came back with his own leading to a roll-up. Miz came back with a figure-four mid-ring. Ricochet rolled over to reverse the pressure. Miz rolled back. Ricochet then forced a break by grabbing the bottom rope. Cole wondered if the damage has been done because Ricochet’s offense is predicated on having strong legs. Miz went for another figure-four, but Ricochet rolled him up for a near fall. Ricochet came back with a knee to the jaw and then climbed to the top rope, but struggled as he did it because of the sore leg. He landed his 630 for the win.

WINNER: Ricochet in 15:00 to earn a U.S. Title match against Joe at Stomping Grounds.

(Keller’s Analysis: Miz did a suitable job keeping up with Ricochet, but at the same time, Ricochet is so much smoother and more athletic, which is pronounced against someone like Miz. By the end, the win was good for Ricochet but it still feels like a qualified victory given how Braun was eliminated.)

-Graves hyped that Roman Reigns is live on Raw tonight. Cole announced Daniel Bryan would face Seth later on the show, and he noted that Seth has never defeated Bryan one-on-one.

-They showed Bryan and Rowan arriving backstage with rolling suitcases. Then they showed Becky Lynch strutting backstage with her WWE Title belt. Cole said she’d confront Lacey Evans later. [c]

-They showed postcard shots of L.A. Then they showed Seth and Becky kissing at the MTV Movie & TV Awards last Saturday in L.A. Renee called them a “power couple.”

-Becky made her entrance, holding up the Universal Title belt. Becky called Lacey Evans out. She said week after week she has to look at Lacey’s “dopey head drone on and on about what you deserve.” She said she’ll give her exactly what she deserves next time she’s within striking distance of her. She said Lacey likes to “curry favor backstage.” She said she’d like to do a favor for the L.A. fans kick her ass all over the city. Lacey’s music played and she sauntered out. Lacey said Becky doesn’t understand her. Becky mocked her slow talking style. Lacey said she is classy, but deep down under her flawless image is a tough-as-nails woman who has been through things even “The Man” could never comprehend. Lacey said this town should make a movie about her because her life is quite the story. She said she’s not just a lady, and unlike Becky, she’s an actual U.S. Marine. She entered the ring and talked about enduring boot camp with dignity and grace. She said she is what the Women’s Division deserves.

Becky asked why she sucker punches at every turn. She said she respects who she was, but it’s who she currently is that bothers her. She said she’s a piece of trash. Lacey said WWE needs a proper classy lady as champion, “not some nasty like you.” She said Becky is beatable. She said she’s already made Becky lose one of her precious titles. Becky attacked Lacey with a Becksploder. Renee said she had it coming. Graves disagreed. Becky’s music played and she left with her title, while wearing Lacey’s hat.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m still enjoying Lacey’s distinct character, and she’s a good foil for Becky. I like Becky getting in one signature move and then leaving, not overdoing it on the attack on Lacey but still making her point.)

-They went backstage to The Revival all dressed up walking into a lounge area with Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre.

-Charly Caruso interviewed Baron Corbin about facing Seth at Stomping Ground. She said as a result of the attack earlier, Elias is no longer interested in being his referee. Corbin said “what happened happened.” He said he has many choices, and he’ll reveal it later on a special Kevin & Sami Show. Seth then bashed Corbin with a chair.

-They showed The Viking Raiders. Cole said they’re marauders and they’re in action next. [c]

-Bryan and Rowan walked out. Bryan said he understands why the McMahon Family needed to bring him to Raw as a Wildcard tonight “because this place sucks.” He said he means both Raw and the entire city of Los Angeles. He said they all know L.A. is the smog capital of America, but it is also filled with ignorant and impotent people. He said they are there to lift them out of the smog and educate them and excite them. He said tonight, he will excite them by destroying Seth. He said that will prove one-half of Smackdown’s tag team champions is better than the entire roster of Monday Night Raw, and that will show all of Raw’s tag teams why they’re the greatest tag team in WWE history. He told the masses to “prepare to be excited.”

The Viking Raiders then walked out and briefly stared down Bryan & Rowan before heading to the ring.


Total squash with their double-team powerslam to win it.

WINNERS: Raiders in under 1:00.

-They cut to R-Truth and Carmella watching at ringside, dressed up as Charlie Chaplan. Once spotted, they panicked and threw their popcorn into the air. The usual cast of 24/7 contenders ran to ringside. Truth and Carmella hid under the ring. Renee said they should cue up the under-the-ring cam. They yanked someone out by his boots – it was Titus O’Neal. Renee wondered what he was doing under there. Truth and Carmella ran through the crowd, but they were chased the whole way.

-They cut to Corbin chatting with Owens and Sami backstage.

-Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn made their way to the ring to KO’s music.

-An ad for Smackdown hyped that tensions are rising heading into Stomping Grounds with Dolph Ziggler vs. Xavier Woods, plus Bayley on “A Moment of Bliss.” [c]

-Heath Slater knocked and then walked in on Shane, Drew, and The Revival putting food on their plates from the catering table. Drew stared at him. Slater talked about his kids and how expensive things are getting as they get older. He asked for a raise. The Revival did a spit take and laughed. Shane said it takes a lot of balls to request that. Shane said he has kids too, but the answer is no. He said he walked in like man, so he’ll let him walk out like a man. “It’s a closed party,” he said. “So excuse me.” Slater turned and left. Drew didn’t like how Shane treated his old pal, apparently. He left and walked up to Slater in the hallway. Drew said it kills him to see him like this, so he wants to do something for him. He pulled out a wad of cash. Slater tried to stop him. Drew dropped the money. Slater offered to pick it up. Drew then kicked him and bashed his head into the crate over and over. The Revival pulled Drew off of Slater. Scott Dawson, hilariously, yanked the money out of Slater’s hands and pocketed it. Fans laughed. Dawson joined in and picked up some of the cash too. They returned to their private VIP room.

-KO and Sami sat mid-ring. KO welcomed everyone to the return of “The Kevin & Sami Show.” KO blamed “Bob” for not updating the set with new graphics. Owens introduced Corbin with his list of accolades. They threw to a clip from Super Showdown (which Cole noted was “in Jedda”) of Seth attacking Lesnar with a chair, then attacking Sami with a chair last week on Raw. Sami told Corbin that this is a safe space for him, which is more than he can say about WWE in general after what happened to Elias this week and Sami last week. Sami withdrew his eligibility for being referee. Owens said in a showing of solidarity with his friend Sami, he is also withdrawing himself from consideration. Sami then asked Corbin to reveal who his referee will be.

Corbin said he revealed someone who was born to count “1-2-3…” He introduced EC3. Out came EC3 in a referee shirt. Renee said EC3 has been looking for an opportunity, but what about Seth’s warnings. Seth then attacked EC3 from behind with a chair. Renee said Rollins has been a man of his word with that chair in hand. Corbin said Seth just took away another opportunity from an up-and-coming Superstar. He said it’s apparently back to the drawing board. Suddenly Big E’s music played. Out came New Day. “Talk about Wildcards!” said Cole. Big E draped his vest over EC3 and put his hand over his heart, as if to mourn his death. Sami said New Day were not invited guests, and they’re not even Wildcards officially, so he said he was politely asking them to leave the building. Kofi said he’s the champion, so he goes where he wants when he wants, and he brings his boys with him. KO said if Dolph Ziggler doesn’t take the title from him on Sunday, it’ll be him who does it next chance he gets. Kofi said “just like you beat me at Money in the Bank?” KO hung his head. Kofi said he has Ziggler right where he wants him, inside a cage – so no more running away and no more sneak attacks. (Didn’t Ziggler demand the match to stop Xavier from interfering?)  They gyrated.

Corbin said if Sami and KO don’t want to be referees, that’s fine, but he suggested they all have a six-man tag team match. Xavier said that sounds like a challenge, but they’d need a referee to sanction the match. They looked down and noticed EC3 still face down from the chairshot from Seth. They lifted EC3 up. Xavier asked if EC3 was okay. They shook him so his head nodded. Big E lifted his head. Kofi voiced EC3 as if he was Minnie Mouse and said he is officially sanctioning the match. “It’s like Weekend at Bernies, what the hell?” said Renee. Cole said, “Ridiculous or not, it looks like we’ll be having a six-man tag team match next.”

(Keller’s Analysis: The Wildcard Rule is loose enough, but now wrestlers who aren’t designated Wildcards can show up because they decide they can or because they’re champions and their friends are included too? Why not just do away with the roster split entirely?) [c]

-They cut backstage to A.J. Styles who was chatting with a doctor about what he needs to do to be cleared. In walked Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows dressed as doctors. They flashed black surgical gloves. Styles said he’s been thinking about them lately. He said it was three years ago they made their debuts right there in L.A. by jumping the guard rail and attacking the Usos. Styles said they dominated Japan together. He said they had classic matches with The Bar, New Day, The Hardys, and The Usos. He said they made a lot of money and “got comfortable.” Anderson and Gallows listed various toys they bought for themselves and their kids. Styles said this isn’t funny. He asked when the last time was they won a match or were even on Raw. He said he misses the old Gallows and Anderson. They got serious and said they’ll show him how serious they can be when they beat the so-called best tag team on the planet.

(Keller’s Analysis: Now that should be the beginning of an actual rehabilitation of Anderson & Gallows, and I’m glad to see history being acknowledged and incorporated into the Anderson & Gallows backstory which is also structured to give viewers a reason to believe they have a higher gear if they get serious. Now will it lead to utilizing them better or is it a one-off way to have them lose clean to the Usos and become invisible again?) [c]


Graves asked if the three falls format is another call “from the unconscious EC3.” When the announcers talked about Corbin’s quest to find a willing and healthy referee, Graves said it’s in his contract that he can’t be hit by chairs. The heels isolated Xavier early. He rolled up Sami out of nowhere for the first fall (in one of those finishes that would only happen in a best-of-three falls match, but has no reason to happen otherwise). [c]

Back live, Corbin stomped away at Big E in the corner. Cole said Corbin complained the ref counted Sami’s shoulders down too quickly. Big E eventually gave KO a belly-to-belly and hot-tagged Kofi. Kofi rallied against Corbin. He landed a crossbody off the top rope for a two count. Then he landed his Boom Drop and set up a Trouble In Paradise, but Corbin surprised him with a Deep Six after Sami distracted him. Big E and Xavier broke up the cover. Corbin mistakenly clotheslined Sami. KO got in Corbin’s face and then shoved him. Corbin shoved him back. KO superkicked Corbin and then he and Sami left. Kofi then hit Trouble in Paradise for the win. The kick landed on Corbin’s shoulder, nowhere near his head.

WINNERS: New Day in 12:00.

-Cole hyped Seth vs. Bryan in their first one-on-one match in four years.

-Backstage Alexa Bliss gave Nikki Cross a gift. It was a mug with a scroll inside. Nikki was very excited. She read the message that Nikki is invited to team with her against The IIconics. Nikki said this is her first title match in WWE. She asked how she managed to swing that. Bliss said she knew she was upset she didn’t get the match after beating Peyton Royce, so she worked her magic. She said after she beats Bayley, WWE will finally have a champion who knows how to treat fans. Nikki asked what she meant, but Bliss told her not to worry about it. She said she’s going to do everything she can to help her out as champion. Nikki got so excited, Bliss told her to “try decaf next time.”

-They showed Paul Heyman adjusting his suit and tie in the mirror. Cole wondered if Brock Lesnar was there. [c]

-Heyman entered the ring as he was introduced by the ring announcer. Heyman introduced himself. He said you’d have to be some kind of a dumbass to accept the job as Corbin’s special referee, because as soon as you accept, you’ll get beaten down by Seth and a chair. He said he’s not a candidate. He said this morning he thought about what Seth and the Lakers have in common. “They both traded away their balls.” Heyman said Lebron James will now have a playmate when he disappoints the entire city of Los Angeles. He said Seth traded away his balls for a steel chair because that’s the only way he’s man enough to fight his client, Brock Lesnar. Heyman said his client knows how to swing a chair pretty well himself. He said he knows Seth is here tonight, and perhaps so is Lesnar. “Then again, maybe not,” he added. “Maybe Sunday, maybe next Monday. I don’t know, you don’t know. But most importantly, guess who doesn’t know? The soon to be former reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion Seth Freakin’ Rollins.” He dropped the mic and left. Cole said it was a pathetic statement because it was Lesnar’s steel chair attack that drove Seth to where he is today. “That’s exactly how the Beast wants it,” said Graves.


-Backstage, Corbin told Eric Young he knows things haven’t gone well for the other guys, but if he becomes referee, it could strap a rocket to his career. Young said he’d think about it. Young then saw Seth and said he doesn’t look good in stripes and he’s turning it down. Seth said they go back a long way and he knows he’d never do anything to compromise their friendship. Young looked relieved, then posed to be hit from behind. Seth bashed him with the chair and then hit him a half dozen or so times further. Graves said they won’t have a roster left at this rate. [c]


Cole said we have to wonder who will be Raw tag team champions in September at Clash of Champions. He plugged the ticket sales launch this Friday. He said it might be Gallows & Anderson, who had a fire lit under them by their longtime buddy Styles earlier tonight. Gallows and Anderson got early control, with Anderson locking Jey in a chinlock mid-ring a minute in. They showed Styles watching and cheering them on backstage. Jey escaped, but Anderson took him down with a clothesline. Renee said Anderson is in his happy place and soaking in his early success. She said it’s not time to celebrate yet, though. Anderson tagged in Gallows. They set up a Magic Killer, but Jimmy broke it up. The Usos stereo kicked Gallows for the three count. They showed a frustrated Styles reacting backstage.

WINNERS: The Usos in 3:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Well, that further established Anderson & Gallows as underachievers or losers, but incorporating Styles into this means there’s another stage to this, so stayed tuned.)

-They showed Shane, Drew, and The Revival enjoying themselves in the VIP room backstage.

-They showed Roman Reigns backstage. Cole said he was out next. [c]

-They showed Hulk Hogan touting the U.S. Women’s Soccer team in the World Cup. Cole said the next match is later this week against Sweeden on FS1. (That was random.)

-Reigns made his ring entrance. It sounded on TV like more boos than cheers. Then not much of a reaction at all after that as he strolled to the ring looking “laser focused,” as Graves put it. He fist bumped a few fans at ringside. Cole threw to footage of Shane beating Reigns at Super Showdown. (He didn’t mention where it was this time.) Back live in the ring, the music stopped and there were scattered cheers but not much reaction. He paced the ring briefly and then asked, “What’s going on, L.A.” He said Super Showdown wasn’t a good week for him. (It was a week?) He said he’s ready to entertain them by whooping someone’s ass tonight. Short burst of cheers. He said he’s going to give Shane the chance to do something on his own for the first time in his life and prove he’s a man. Pause. Then on the big screen Shane showed up. He said there’s a little bit of business to take care of first. He asked ring announcer Mike Rome to introduce him. Rome did.


Shane told Reigns he shouldn’t be ashamed of losing to the Best in the World. Dash said it was 150 degrees. “It was hot,” Shane said. “They call me Mr. Fahrenheit.” Shane said Reigns should be focused on his opponent this Sunday, Drew. Drew said the sole reason he’s not out there tearing him limb from limb is because of Shane. He said nothing can stop him at Stomping Grounds, though. He vowed to kick his ass and physically assault him until it becomes very uncomfortable. He said then he might consider pinning him, but that won’t be the end of his night. He said he’ll physically disfigure him. “I want you to go home to your children and I want them to scream at the mere sight of their beloved father,” he said. Reigns left the ring and walked through the crowd. Drew said he has a movie coming out, and in any future movies, his only role will be that of a lifeless body. Shane grew concerned with where Reigns appeared to be headed. Reigns showed up in the VIP level and beat up The Revival.

Reigns entered the VIP room. Shane looked really concerned. Drew beat him up as soon as he got his hands on Shane. Reigns slammed Drew through the table onto the food. Shane ran away right back into the arena and toward the ring. Reigns caught him with a flying tackle at ringside. He beat him up some more, then speared him in the ring. Reigns then told Shane to crawl to the back and tell Drew he’s going to whoop his ass on Sunday.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was good. Shane being used to set up a tougher challenge against Drew is the right way to utilize Shane at this point. The intensity here was good, but Reigns still seems to move at half-speed through everything, though. Drew cut a strong heel promo that elevated the sense of what’s possibly going to happen in their match. Bringing Reigns’s kids into it cemented him as the heel.) [c]

-They replayed clips of Reigns beating up Drew and Shane.

-Caruso asked Bayley about the accusations being made against her on social media, such as her refusal to take a picture with a fan because she was wearing a Nikki Cross t-shirt. Bayley said this has Bliss written all over it. She told Natalya and Naomi she’d go take care of it. Natalya wondered if it was true. Renee said, “No way.” Graves said if it’s on the Internet, it must be true.

-The IIconcis came out and talked about being in L.A., the home of stars and A-listers, so it makes sense they’d be defending their titles. They wondered if there were no other tag teams available, though. Then they brought up Lebron James and the Lakers again. They said he was a champion, but then teamed with the Lakers and look how that turned out. They joked about him not making the playoffs. Cole said they’re finally being forced to defend their tag titles. Graves said he’s tired of Lakers jokes. Cole said yeah, there are eight other pro sports teams in L.A.

-Nikki charged to the ring well ahead of Bliss, she was so excited. The IIconics slipped to the floor. They did formal ring introductions, then cut to a break. [c]

(5) THE IICONICS vs. NIKKI CROSS & ALEXA BLISS – Women’s Tag Team Title match

Bayley watched from ringside. Bliss and Bayley got into an argument a few minutes into the match. Bliss shoved Bayley down hard. Back in the ring Nikki was distracted by Peyton Royce and then Billie Kay rolled her up for the win. Of course, Bliss used that to fuel her case to Nikki that Bayley wasn’t very nice.

WINNERS: The IIconics in 3:00 to retain the Women’s Tag Team Titles..

-They went to the announcers on camera who hyped the Stomping Grounds line-up and WWE Network. [c]

-Nikki told Bliss she was right that Bayley clearly has issued with her because “tonight she crushed my dreams.” She said at Stomping Grounds she wants to see Bliss crush her dreams. She said she wants to be in her corner. Some fans cheered.

-Renee said she likes that Cross is fired up. Cole then said you haven’t seen anything yet and he fake laughed as he threw to it.

-Firefly Funhouse: Bray Wyatt was watering a plant outside his window. He said a mind is just like a garden, which needs just water and sunshine and then ideas can grow. He said some ideas are full of worms and that’s no good. He said parents always lie to them, such as telling them the Earth is round, yet they’ve never travelled around the world. He doubted dinosaurs are extinct. He said he built this world so they can all be together and the fun never ends. The creepy puppets all said, “Join us.” Bray then got sinister and said people follow what they fear. Then the screen flashed with various creepy images of Bray and the dolls and the phrase “erase your mind” and kids singing “Follow the Leader.” Then Bray showed up in his masked persona. He said, “Let me in.” He then disappeared.

(Keller’s Analysis: Another good Funhouse at setting the tone for Bray’s return to the arenas as a wrestler.)

-Charly interviewed Bryan and Rowan. Bryan said he has a question for Charly. He asked why no one has had the common sense to take the chair out of Seth’s hands. He said maybe they like seeing him on a rampage, but that’s about to end. He said without a chair, he is not a better wrestler than he is. He said Seth has never defeated him and he never will.

-They showed Seth backstage. Becky walked up to him and looked at his chair. They exchanged looks and moved on. Becky looked at him over her shoulder. Cole called it a major main event up next. [c]


Bryan came out first with Rowan. Then Seth. Renee said it would mean the world to Seth to get a win over Bryan for the first time. Bryan dove at Seth through the ropes, but Seth punched him. Seth then clotheslined him as he flew back into the ring. Bryan rolled to the floor. Seth dove through the ropes onto him. He tried again, but this time Rowan caught him. Rowan claw slammed him on the ring apron. The ref DQ’d Bryan. Fans broke out in boos.

WINNER: Seth via DQ in 1:00.

-Rowan and Bryan double-teamed Seth. Kofi ran out for the save. Xavier and Big E were next. KO, Sami, and The Revival joined in the fight. Then the Usos. “Insanity’s ensued!” shouted Cole. Referees ran out to try to separate everyone and restore order. They cut to a break. [c]

Back live, Cole said the match was restarted. He said everyone was barred from ringside. Bryan was in control at first. Graves said Lesnar could show up anytime. Seth made a comeback. Bryan caught Seth’s enzuigiri attempt and turned it into an ankle lock attempt. Seth tried to power out, so Bryan turned it into a German suplex. Seth rolled to the floor. Bryan connected with a flying knee off the ring apron to the side of Seth’s head. Back in the ring Bryan climbed to the top rope. Seth leaped up to meet Bryan and gave him a superplex. Bryan countered with a Lebell Lock mid-ring. Seth got his leg over the bottom rope to force a break. They continued to fight back and forth with near falls. Seth sold a shoulder injury as he climbed to the top rope. He went for a frog splash, but Bryan lifted his knees. Bryan then put on another Lebell Lock. Seth escaped and landed a Stomp for the 1-2-3. “Talk about building momentum,” Cole said, touting that he knocked off one of the best on the entire planet.

WINNER: Rollins in about 15:00 overall including the brawl and restart.

-As Seth admired his title belt on the stage and as Cole plugged the special referee at Stomping Grounds, Corbin attacked Seth from behind with a chair. Boos. He beat him up in the ring with an End of Days. Cole said Seth has to face Corbin, a special referee, and the specter of Lesnar as the Money in the Bank holder this Sunday. Corbin’s music played as he held the Universal Title belt and the show ended.

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  1. In regards to the early on question why multi-man matches are no DQ, I pose a separate question. How would a winner be decided then? Lets say its Rollins vs Elias vs. Lashley vs. Ricochet. Elias hits Rollins with the guitar. If he is DQ’d who is the winner? Rollins because he was hit? Where does that leave Lashley and Ricochet. The best (only?) idea would be the guy dq’d is out of the match.

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