ETC News: Jon Moxley announced for GCW’s Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 2, set to take on Barnett (w/Radican’s Analysis)



-GCW announced a big match for Jon Moxley, as he will wrestle Josh Barnett at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 2. In a new video released by GCW and directed by Nick Mondo, it was announced that Moxley would appear at Bloodsport and take on Barnett on Sept. 14 in Atlantic City, N.J. Moxley appears in the video with a Molotov cocktail that winds up setting the backdrop for a confrontation with Barnett in front of the GCW logo on a brick wall.

Bloodsport has become one of GCW most popular events during WrestleMania weekend. Moxley attended Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport this past April while still under WWE contract. The event is a hybrid of pro wrestling and MMA. There is a ring for the matches, but no ropes. A contest can only end via ref stoppage and not via pinfall. If the opponents find themselves on the edge or the outside of the ring, the official will bring them back to the center. There are no rope breaks or count outs. All contests must end inside the ring.

You can buy tickets here

The show will also be available as a PPV on Fite TV here

Radican’s Analysis: This is likely one of the last chances people will get to see Moxley on the independents before he heads to AEW full time once TV launches on Oct. 2. Bloodsport has been one of the best events during WrestleMania weekend each of the last two years. Matt Riddle hosted the first Bloodsport in 2018. Josh Barnett took over the hosting duties this year and the event was incredible with Barnett and Minoru Suzuki putting on a MOTYC in the main event. 

Given what Moxley has shown in the G1 so far, I expect his match against Barnett to be incredible. If you’re planning on going to this event, I suggest getting tickets soon, as GCW is a hot company right now and running in their home base means they are sure to sell out quick. 

You can watch GCW’s announced of Moxley vs. Barnett below:

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