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Get $8.50 percent off a PWTorch VIP membership today and enjoy PWTorch VIP benefits for a full month for just $1.49 or a full year for $90.50

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Why Go VIP?…

This is the most fascinating chapter in this pro wrestling industry in nearly 20 years. Immerse yourself in our unmatched coverage with daily excuses. Discover the difference when this collection of experience, independence, and diverse points of view converge, led by PWTorch founder and 30-plus year Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame journalist Wade Keller.

Benefits include access to the following…

  • Daily VIP exclusive podcasts compatible with popular podcast apps on iPhone & Android, plus ad-free streaming from our VIP-exclusive mobile & desktop sites. VIP shows include:
    • Wade Keller Daily Hotline
    • Post-PPV Roundtables (following WWE & AEW events) w/Wade Keller, Bruce Mitchell, Todd Martin
    • Bruce Mitchell Audio Show hosted by Wade Keller
    • The Fix with Todd Martin hosted by Wade Keller
    • Artistry of Wrestling with Zack Heydorn
    • The British Wrestling Report with Will Cooling
    • Alan 4 L’s Pro Wres Paradise covering Japan & Europe
    • Radican Worldwide covering Japan, U.S. Indies, Europe
    • Retro Radio Flashbacks
  • Wade Keller Podcasts & Post-shows with ads/plugs removed
  • PWTorch Dailycasts with ads/plugs removed
  • Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter in PDF & TEXT versions each week w/exclusive articles
  • Our entire library of VIP Podcasts dating back to 2004 (including Post-PPV Roundtables)
  • Our entire library of Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletters dating back to 1988 (over 1,600 editions)
  • Retro Radio Show Archives from 1990s
  • Ad-free access to PWTorch website including Keller’s live coverage of TV & PPV reports

So, you can check out our VIP Membership Info page for even more details HERE.

Or jump right to our sign-up form HERE.


New VIP member Grant J. writes:

I am a new VIP member, and love your content (joined just to support with my $$$) and the lack of ads (the trigger point to help me make the decision), but have found that the time I used to spend listening to ads is now spent on VIP exclusive podcasts. It feels good being a part of this community.

VIP member Wesley Platt writes:

Thank you for all that you and your colleagues do for the business that I love. The Fix, and the Bruce Mitchell Audio Show are a wrestling fans bible.

VIP member Nate from New Hampshire writes:

THANK YOU for all of the amazing daily content. I went VIP during your Black Friday promotion and I won’t look back! You and your team have even ousted some other podcasts from my listening rotation that I had been listening to religiously for years.

VIP member Nick from Collegeville, Pa. writes:

You got me with the VIP special Wrestlemania deal and I am loving VIP.  GO VIP!!!

VIP member Michael C. writes:

I know you probably get this all the time but I want to say that I appreciate the hard work you put into your organization. I’ve been a listener for nearly two years, but I’m somewhat new to VIP and I have to say it has been one of the best investments I’ve made in a long time. Your analysis is second to none and I hope that every once in a while you take time to appreciate the success you’ve had. I definitely plan to be a member for life. Thanks for everything you and your team do.

VIP member Brian E. writes:

I’m compelled to email to tell you that you’re doing a hell of a job with the VIP podcasts, certainly the best of the subscription sites. Details are important, and that’s where you, Todd Martin, and Bruce Mitchell in particular are excelling. 

So, you can check out our VIP Membership Info page for even more details HERE.

Or jump right to our sign-up form HERE.

Thank you! If you have any questions at all after signing up, just email me at I’m happy to provide any guidance or support as you explore all the benefits on our ad-free mobile & desktop websites and/or on our VIP podcast feed on your iPhone or Android device.

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