RADICAN’S 11/3 NJPW Power Struggle PPV report: Taichi vs. Naito, Ospreay vs. BUSHI, White vs. Goto

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @sr_torch)


NOV. 3, 2019

Commentary: Kevin Kelly, Gino Gambino, and Chris Charlton.


(1) Clark Connors & TJP & Titan & Volador Jr. beat Yuya Uemura & Ryusuke Taguchi & Tiger Mask & Jushin Liger in 5:45.

(2) Taiji Ishimori & El Phantasmo beat Robbie Eagles & Rocky Romero in 8:45

(3) Shingo Takagi & SANADA & EVIL beat Minoru Suzuki & Zack Sabre Jr. & Lance Archer in 9:10. SANADA pinned Sabre with a flash pin, which was pushed strongly on commentary. Shingo and Suzuki brawled into the crowd after the match. Also, Archer challenged David Finlay to a match in San Jose after the match.

(4) Hiroshi Tanahashi & Kota Ibushi beat Kazuchika Okada & YOSHI-HASHI. Tanahashi pinned HASHI with the HFF in 11:00. HASHI looked good late in the match and got a near fall on Tanahashi before Tanahashi was able to turn the tide and get the win.

After the match the lights went out. They then cut to a shot of Jericho beating up some people in the ring. Jericho was then shown dressed as The Painmaker. Jericho challenged Tanahashi to a match on Jan. 5 saying, “The Painmaker vs. The Ace.”. He said it would not only be a classic match, but it would be Tanahashi’s last match. The lights came back on and the fans chanted for Tanahashi. Tanahashi got on the mic and accepted the challenge.



Kevin Kelly said this match had become a defacto #1 contenders match for the IWGP IC Championship. Naito went right after Taichi as soon as he got into the ring. Taichi fired back with a hook kick and sent Naito to the floor. They brawled near the English announce table before heading into the crowd. Taichi whipped Naito into a section of chairs. Taichi sent Naito hard into the ringpost once they brawled back to ringside and continue to control the action back inside the ring. Naito fired back and set up for a super rana up top, but Taichi turned it into a powerbomb for a nearfall. Taichi shook off some big strikes from Naito, but Naito managed to hit a poison rana and then Gloria. He went for Destino, but Taichi slipped out of it.

Taichi suddenly fired back and hit a backdrop driver. They went back and forth and Taichi hit another backdrop driver for a nearfall. They traded strikes and Taichi hit a big clothesline. He then hit the Last Ride, but Naito kicked out at the last second. Taichi ripped his pants and measured Naito for a kick, but he blocked it and hit a dragon suplex. Taichi got right to his feet, but Naito nailed him with a rolling kick. He then hit Destino for a nearfall. He went for Destino a short time later, but Taichi tried to counter it into Black Mephisto. Naito got out of it, but Taichi nailed him with a slap. Naito then hit Black Mephisto on Taichi. He followed up with Destino for the win.

WINNER: Tetsuya Naito in 13:00. (***½)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a really good physical match with both men going at it from bell to bell. Naito winning gives him a path to challenge for the IWGP IC Championship at Wrestle Kingdom and possibly advance to face the IWGP Hvt. Championship on Jan. 5 for a title vs. title match.)


Kanemaru and Desperado attacked SHO & YOH from behind as they made their entrance. Kanemaru and Deserado already attacked SHO & YOH after they advanced to the finals on the final night of block action. YOH managed to mount a comeback on his own and he hit a double dragon screw on Desperado and Kanemaru. SHO was shown struggling to get down the ramp. YOH got cut off and Desperado sent him into the guardrail on the floor. YOH barely beat the ref’s 20 count. SHO was still down on the outside when Desperado sent him back first into the guardrail. YOH continued to take a beating back inside the ring. The announcers continually pointed out that SHO’s back was heavily taped.

SHO got the hot tag and ran wild. Kanemaru held the ref and Desperado nailed SHO in the back with a chairshot from the floor. The ref got distracted again and Kanemaru blew whiskey into SHO’s eye while Desperado had him in a stretch muffler. YOH finally made the save by running himself into Desperado and SHO. SHO countered Desperado and hit a deadlift German and the fans fired up. SHO hit the Powerbreaker on Desperado, but he was slow to make the cover and Kanemaru ran in to save the pin. Desperado broke up a 3K attempt and sent SHO into YOH. He hit a spinning blue thunder bomb variation for a near fall.

Desperado raked SHO’s eyes and hit him with a big punch, but SHO wiped him out with a clothesline as he came off the ropes. Desperado blocked a Shock Arrow, but he walked right into 3K as YOH got back into the ring and it was good for the pin.

WINNERS: SHO & YOH in 14:15. (***½)

(Radican’s Analysis: The match told a good story with SHO and YOH fighting from behind the entire time and overcoming the odds to win.)

After the match ELP and Ishimori attacked SHO & YOH from behind with the IWGP Jr. Hvt. Tag Team titles. ELP went up top and hit a belt shot Doomsday Device on YOH. They ended up celebrating with the Super Junior Tag League trophies. They then left the ring with the trophies.

(7) NEVER Openweight Champion KENTA vs. TOMOHIRO ISHII

KENTA backed Ishii into the ropes and then slapped him in the face. Ishii fired back and slapped KENTA in the face. The pace picked up and they went back and forth trading kicks off the ropes. Ishii finally took KENTA down with a running shoulder tackle. Ishii got on top of KENTA on the mat, but KENTA fired back and hit a short DDT. Ishii told KENTA to bring it and KENTA kept slapping him across the face. They traded slaps and KENTA unleashed a HUGE slap to Ishii’s face and he went down to the mat. Ishii finally fired back and hit a suplex and the fans fired up. Ishii went on the attack and hit some chops in the corner. He caught KENTA with a powerslam a short time later for a two count. KENTA fired back with several forearms and then caught Ishii with a knee lift as he came off the ropes.

KENTA hit a big running kick in the corner and then a stalling dropkick. He then came off the top with a double stomp, but Ishii kicked out at two. KENTA hit several kicks to Ishii’s chest and he went down to the mat. KENTA then mocked the fans and tried to start a chant for Ishii. KENTA hit a HUGE kick a short time later, but Ishii chopped him right in the throat. Ishii then went to the corner and hit a series of throat chops. The ref tried to stop him, but wasn’t successful. KENTA fired back and locked in Game Over. Ishii tried to escape, but KENTA rolled with him and then got the hold on with an even better position. The crowd tried to rally behind Ishii, who finally got to the ropes. KENTA went for a PK a short time later. Ishii caught it, but KENTA kicked him with his other leg. KENTA then hit the Busaiku Knee, but Ishii got right back up. He hit a second Busaiku Knee, but Ishii got up again. He then hit a third Busiku for a nearfall. Ishii blocked the GTS. They went back and forth and Ishii drilled KENTA with a clothesline right before the 15 minute mark.

They traded blows and Ishii decked KENTA with a HUGE forearm. He took KENTA down with a clothesline a short time later. Ishii hit a folding powerbomb for a nearfall. He followed up with a sliding lariat for a nearfall. KENTA countered Ishii’s suplex attempt and hit a falcon arrow. Both men were down and the fans fired up.

They got up and Ishii went for a flurry of forearms, but KENTA ducked him with a lariat. He then hit a PK. KENTA went for the GTS, but Ishii blocked it. Ishii tried to get KENTA up, but he couldn’t KENTA finally got an inside cradle for a two count. They went back and forth and KENTA hit a Busaiku Knee out of nowhere and both men were down again. Ishii went for a headbutt, but KENTA blocked it with a short right. They traded blows and KENTA went for GTS and this time he connected. KENTA didn’t go for the cover. He took his knee pad down and hit a second GTS with his knee pad exposed and it was good for the win.

WINNER: KENTA in 20:15. (****¼)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a really good match with a ton of great back and forth hard-hitting exchanges. KENTA proved a point beating Ishii clean with no outside interference.)

On the final night of Super Junior Tag League, BUSHI attacked Will Ospreay and cost his team a spot in the finals. BUSHI had challenged Ospreay to a match earlier in the tournament, but Ospreay told him he was busy. BUSHI’s attack on the final night of tournament action gave Ospreay no choice, but to accept his challenge on this show according to the announcers.

(8) IWGP Jr. Hvt. Champion WILL OSPREAY vs. BUSHI

Ospreay tossed his belt to the ref and nailed BUSHI with a running kick. BUSHI spilled to the floor and Ospreay caught him with a slingshot splash. Ospreay went for a springboard off the guardrail, but BUSHI nailed him with a dropkick. BUSHI then hit a neck breaker over the barricade. The action spilled back into the ring and BUSHI worked a STF. Ospreay got on track a short time later and hit a rolling kick. He hit Pip Pip Cheerio a short time later. He set up for Stormbreaker, but Bushi blocked it. Ospreay sent BUSHI to the floor with an enzuguri. Ospreay set up for a handspring dive, but BUSHI got up on the apron and hit a draping DDT. BUSHI continued to target Ospreay’s neck. They battled up top and BUSHI hit a super rana, but Ospreay landed on his feet. He caught BUSHI with a dragon suplex. Ospreay then hit the space flying tiger driver to the floor. Ospreay hit the Robinson Special back inside the ring. He went for the Os-cutter, but BUSHI blocked it and sent Ospreay into the ref. Ospreay swallowed the mist out of BUSHI’s mouth and spit it back into BUSHI’s mouth. WOAH!

Ospreay went for the Os-Cutter again, but BUSHI shoved the ref in the way and the ref took it. Ospreay hit a coast to coast dropkick on BUSHI as he got back into the ring. Ospreay went for a SSP, but BUSHI got his knees up and sprayed mist in his face. Another ref came down to the ring and BUSHI hit a destroyer for a near fall. BUSHI went up top for MX, but Ospreay nailed him with a big head kick. Ospreay got some water to clear his eyes out. Ospreay hit a hook kick on BUSHI. He went for the hidden blade, but BUSHI avoided and hit a big hurricanrana for a two count. Ospreay fired back and hit a one man spanish fly for a near fall. The fans fired up and Ospreay went for Stormbreaker, but BUSHI got out of it and got a backslide. He then held it and floated over on Ospreay for a sick pinning combination. BUSHI hit a short MX. He then went up to the ropes and hit the MX for a nearfall. The fans lost their minds when Ospreay kicked out. That was amazing. BUSHI went up top for a super MX, but Ospreay caught him with a cutter for a nearfall. Ospreay went for Hidden Blade again and connected. Ospreay hit a double step up Os-cutter off the top. He held on and hit Stormbreaker for the win.

WINNER: Will Ospreay in 16:20. (****)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a great back and forth match. The spot where Ospreay stole the mist from BUSHI’s mouth was insane. They really got the crowd into the match late with some tremendous back and forth action and nearfalls.)

Ospreay got on the mic after the mic. He asked if there’s anyone else? Ospreay listed all the people he’s beaten. Ospreay screamed for anyone to come out. He said until someone steps up he will forever be IWGP Jr. Hvt. Champion.

Ospreay went to leave and the lights went out. They came back on and the screen said Time Bomb. It counted down and said Time Bomb will blow up soon. Kelly said it would blow up in 62 days. A cat then came up on the screen. They figured out the countdown ended on Jan. 4. The cat lit a fuse on the timebomb and it counted down from 10. Two cats danced and then many cats joined them in dancing until the Time Bomb exploded.

Hiromu Takahasi then came out carrying two toy cats to a giant pop. He took his neck brace off and ran down to the ring. He teased getting into the ring, but thien backed away. Milano cried at ringside and Hiromu gave him one of his cats. He gave the other to Kevin Kelly. He threw himself into the barricade and then ran up the ramp and fell down. He said this is what I’ve wanted to do for so long. Ospreay put the belt down inside of the ring. He waved Takahashi into the ring. Takahashi got into the ring and went at Ospreay, but then he went up to the ropes and posed.

Takahashi got a mic and the fans chanted his name. He said I am Hiromu Takahashi. Thank you for waiting me for so so long. Thank you so so much. Now that I’m back, I’m going to make the Jr. Hvt. division a hell of a lot more fun. Takahashi said he needs to take it easy and work a safer style after that injury, but who else other than me can beat that champion. It’s only me. I’m going to show you. Takahashi then took a big back bump. He then ran himself into the corner. Takahashi sold a neck injury. Takahashi then did a neck bridge and asked for the mic. Ospreay brought it for him. He said Hiromu is back. He stood up and challenged Ospreay to a match at Wrestle Kingdom. Takahashi then licked the belt. Both men smiled at each other. Both men ended up hugging. Takahashi teased an attack, but didn’t do anything. He went and got his cats at ringside.

(9) IWGP IC Champion JAY WHITE (w/Gedo) vs. HIROOKI GOTO

Goto beat White on the first night of block action at G1 Climax 29. White went to the floor quickly to stall. They locked up and White bailed to the floor again. Goto chased White around the ring and they went at it and then White went back to the floor. White’s games continued until Goto hit him with a shoulder tackle. Goto sent White to the floor. Gedo distracted him, which allowed White to nail him with a chair to the back while the ref handled Gedo. White sent Goto into the barricade and got in Shibata’s face. Shibata stood up and White backed off. White worked over Goto and Gedo took off one of the turnbuckle pads. The ref didn’t see it and White whipped Goto into the exposed corner for a two count. White worked over Goto’s back for a long period of time. He continually pulled him back first into the mat at times when he would get to his feet. Goto tried to mount a comeback, but White dumped him over the top and his back hit the apron on the way to the floor.

Goto fired back on the outside and clotheslined White over the guardrail. Goto took control of the action and White raked his eyes and used the ref as a distraction to snap White’s head over the top rope. White hit a big DVDDT for a nearfall. They went back and forth off the ropes, but White got the upper hand and hit a deadlift German. Goto got right up and hit a German of his own and then a clothesline and both men were down at the 15 minute mark. Goto invited White to strike with him in the middle of the ring, which didn’t work out so well for White. White fired back, but he couldn’t take Goto down. Goto fired back and White went down after a lariat. They went back and forth and White sent Goto crashing to the apron and then the floor with a backdrop driver. White hit a big urangi. Gedo called for the Kiwi Crusher and White hit it for a nearfall. Goto returned the favor by driving White down over his knee by the back of his head. White ducked a charge and hit a Saito suplex at the 20 minute mark.

They battled up top. White got the upper hand, but Goto fired back on the mat and hit a Ushigoroshi out of nowhere. White countered a GTR and went for the Blade Runner, but Goto grabbed him by the hair. Gedo got up on the apron with Goto in control and White hit a low blow with the ref distracted. White hit a sleeper suplex a short time later. Goto fired back with a headbutt. He hit another and hit a reverse GTR. Goto hit Shoten Kai for a nearfall. Gedo got on the apron again, but Goto sent him flying into the guardrail. They went back and forth and White hit a sleeper suplex. Goto no-sold it and nailed White with a big mid kick. He then hit a big GTW for a nearfall. Goto followed up with the GTR, but Gedo pulled the ref out of the ring.

Gedo got into the ring, but Shibata ran into the ring to get rid of him. Shibata choked Gedo on the outside. The fans fired up big time, but KENTA ran into the ring and nailed Goto with a kick and a GTS. Shibabta got up on the apron, but KENTA nailed him with a running kick. KENTA put the ref back into the ring. KENTA sent Shibata into the guardrail on the floor as Kelly went nuts on commentary. White then hit Bladerunner for the win.

WINNER: Jay White in 27:40. (****)

(Radican’s Analysis: This took awhile to get going, but Goto got on track late and then the interference began mounting up on him. KENTA ran down only for Shibata to confront him. The fans went nuts for Shibata getting involved, but it wasn’t enough for Goto to win.)

Kevin Kelly wondered if White has a plan for Wrestle Kingdom. White got on the mic and laughed. The fans booed. They chanted for him to go home. White told the fans to be quiet. Gambino on commentary said he was trying to quiet the cheers. White said he did what he said he was going to do. He said Goto is done and his career is over. He said Goto lived up to the embarrassment we all knew he was. White said he sold out MSG and he’s the last Rock N’ Rolla. He said he’s the IWGP IC Champion. He said he would soon be the first ever IC and IWGP Hvt. Champion. The fans booed loudly. White said he would go to the second night of Wrestle Kingdom to face the winner of Ibushi vs. Okada. He called them down to the ring.

Tetsuya Naito came down to the ring instead and the fans fired up with a big chant. White said he’s not Ibushi or Okada. He said Naito must be there to congratulate him. Naito grabbed the mic from White. Naito said holding both titles at once sounded like an idea that he had. He said maybe it’s time for White to give him back the IC title. Ibushi began making his way down to the ring. He said it’s been awhile since he had seen them in the ring. He said I have the same plans when it comes to those two belts. He said on Jan. 4 he’s going to change his life in NJPW. He said there’s one other person that isn’t there. The fans fired up and chanted for Okada.

White got on the mic and said Okada, this is your old friend Jay White from Chaos. He then said Gedo used to be friends with Okada and he said he should ask him to come down. Okada came down on his own. Okada got on the mic and said what the hell are you talking about to White. He said they all want double titles. What the hell is this all about? Okada said he’s proud of the IWGP title and proud of fighting for it. He said this belt is THE belt in NJPW. He went back and forth between IWGP title match and double title match. He asked the fans what they wanted. He said in that case, how about at the Tokyo Dome…. then he looked at Naito and said a long time ago we had a vote. He said they should let the people vote. Naito glared at him.

White grabbed the mic and told everyone to f–k off. He said he wants his confetti. He said this is his night. He said we’re not fighting for this. Okada and Ibushi left. White told Naito to leave. Naito left the ring. He said he wanted to be announced as just the IC Champion, but the soon to be first ever double champion. He said he wanted confetti with it. The announcer obliged and White got his confetti. Naito watched on from the top of the ramp.

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