PWTORCH CONTEST: How to win a free Blu-ray copy of Acceleration starring Chuck Liddell, Quinton Rampage Jackson, and Natalie Burn

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist


PWTorch is giving away one Blu-ray copy of Acceleration. Acceleration stars Dolph Lundgren, Natalie Burn, Chuck Liddell, and Quinton Rampage Jackson. Acceleration will release on Blu-ray on Dec. 17.


Vladik Zorich (Dolph Lundgren), a villainous crime lord, is double-crossed by his most trusted operative Rhona (Natalie Burn). Vladik’s propensity for power, control, and violence drives him to kidnap Rhona’s son forcing her to participate in a twisted plan to eliminate one of Vladik’s enemies. To keep her on a short leash, Vladik sets out the ‘rules’ to his ‘game’ and overseas Rhona’s every move as she navigates the darkened streets of Los Angeles. As her son’s life hangs in the balance, Rhona struggles to eliminate the most violent and depraved delinquents, however, Vladik underestimates the power of a mother’s love and finds himself losing control as his devious plan.

To enter the contest, email with Acceleration in the subject of the email or retweet the contest tweet below. The winner will be chosen on Dec. 13 at 8p.m. Eastern.


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