HEYDORN’S WWE RAW REPORT 1/27: Alt Perspective coverage of the live show including Royal Rumble fallout, Liv Morgan vs. Lana, the return of Edge, and more


Wrestling Night in America Reunion: PWTorch columnist Greg Parks is joined by former PWTorch columnist Pat McNeill for a full match-by-match preview of WrestleMania 36
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JANUARY 27, 2020

Announcers: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Jerry “The King” Lawler

-The show kicked off with a highlight package detailing the men’s Royal Rumble match from last night’s Royal Rumble event. The video package detailed the interaction between Drew McIntyre and Brock Lesnar including Drew’s eliminating of Lesnar. From there, it went on to detail Drew’s win in grand fashion.

Heydorn’s Analysis: That’s a very telling video package in how detailed and intense it defined Drew McIntyre. The machine looks to be fully behind him and rightfully so given what happened last night.

-When the video package ended, the official intro aired, pyro went off, and the announce team welcomed the audience to the show. In addition, they highlighted key matches and events of the night including Rollins/Murphy vs. Joe/Owens for the Tag Team Championship, Andrade vs. Humberto Carrillo for the United States Championship, Liv Morgan vs. Lana, Edge’s return, and Charlotte choosing her WrestleMania opponent. When the hype was done, Drew McIntyre made his entrance to a strong reaction from the audience. As he walked to the ring, the announce team ran down his Royal Rumble accomplishments.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Once again, a really nice setup for the rest of the night by the announce team. 

-Once Drew got to the ring, he posed on the ropes and pointed at the WrestleMania sign before grabbing a microphone. Eventually, his music stopped playing and Drew paused as the audience chanted “you deserve it.” Drew soaked in the chant and then spoke and said he needed someone to pinch him because he was convinced he’d been dreaming for 24 hours. He said it felt good to stand before the audience and say that the winner of the 2020 Royal Rumble was Drew McIntyre. He then asked if everyone knew what that meant and answered with “I’m going to WrestleMania.” From there, he said that he knew others liked to play games with the WrestleMania reveal. He said that wasn’t his style though and that he wanted to make an announcement. Drew then outright challenged Brock Lesnar and the audience roared in approval. When he finished, he said that others in the back are terrified of Brock Lesnar. He said he wasn’t and that he saw fear in Lesnar’s eyes last night. He said he saw that he could Claymore Kick Brock over the top rope and that he would beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. Drew then said he was wound up and wanted to get some energy out of his system. He said that he wanted to throw a Claymore Party and challenged anyone to set up if they had the balls to fight Drew McIntyre. Gallows and Anderson answered the call and walked to the ring. Anderson took a microphone and said that he accepted. Gallows then said he wanted to fight him instead. In response, Drew looked to the audience and said “are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Drew then called himself the dream maker and said he would face both of them and the audience cheered. From there, a referee showed up in the ring and the match began.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Very well done and exactly what it needed to be. Drew stayed in his lane and kept to the intense, but charismatic character he’d been running with for the past month or so. He didn’t pander to the audience about his win, but came right out and went after the biggest dog in the yard in Brock Lesnar. That is alpha babyface work and it looked fantastic on Drew McIntyre.


Out of the gate, Drew took over early and crushed Anderson with a vertical suplex and chops. Anderson then tagged Gallows. Drew kept momentum for a bit, but then was hit in the throat by Gallows. Gallows made the tag and the two got a brief run off offense until Drew took over on both again with suplexes. Drew then went to the top rope and hit a flying chop before hitting the Future Shock DDT. After, he counted down to the Claymore Kick and hit it on both Gallows and Anderson. Drew then made the cover on the both men for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: McIntyre via pinfall

-After the match, Drew tossed both Gallows and Anderson out of the ring, but was then attacked from behind by Brock Lesnar. Lesnar hit Drew with an F-5 and then let then left the ring with Paul Heyman as the show went to break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: A good match that existed to highlight Drew in the best way possible. That worked. The post-patch angle? Questionable. It seemed like tonight would have been a good night to simply let fans buy-in on Drew rather than build heat on Brock by taking Drew out. A little too cute, but nothing that will derail the McIntyre push or WrestleMania storyline with Brock.

-After the break, an Edge highlight aired from WrestleMania 17. When that ended, Rey Mysterio walked to the ring to a big reaction from the Houston crowd. As Mysterio got into the ring, a hype video package aired on MVP. When the video ended, MVP made his entrance to a decent reaction the crowd. When he got into the ring, the bell rang, and the match with Mysterio began.


Both men exchanged 50/50 offense until MVP took control. He battled Mysterio into the corner with strikes until the action spilled to the outside of the ring. There, Rey countered MVP and connected with a hurricanrana as the show went to commercial break. (c)

Out of the break, the action was back in the ring. Mysterio connected with some punches, but was then whipped into the corner. MVP charged, but Rey countered and climbed to the top rope. MVP lifted him off of the ropes, but Rey hit a second hurricanrana and sent MVP into the ring post. From there, Rey struck MVP with kicks and strikes before hitting another hurricanrana. Rey then climbed to the top rope and connected with a seated senton. After, he hit a moonsault and covered, but only got a two count.

Heydorn’s Analysis: The audience is in the middle of a 50/50 chant for MVP and Rey. It’s a strange match to book for a returning MVP because fans want to cheer him. They like Rey too though. Just a bit awkward.

Out of the pin, Mysterio went for another high risk move, but MVP countered. He hit Mysterio with the “ballin” elbow before making his own cover, but Mysterio grabbed the lower rope to break the count. Out of that pin, MVP kept control and lifted Rey for a powerbomb. Rey countered and hit the 619 before hitting a springboard splash. Mysterio then made the cover for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Mysterio via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: I wouldn’t call it a bad match, but the audience had no idea who to cheer. The result was a lukewarm reaction to almost everything they did. 

-After the match, the announce team hyped events coming up on the rest of the show as it went to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, the WrestleMania hype commercial aired and detailed the 69 days left until the big show. After, the announce team recapped Drew McIntyre beating down Gallows and Anderson earlier in the night and then getting attacked by Brock Lesnar. When the highlights ended, the announce team officially announced the Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre match at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship.

Heydorn’s Analysis: I really like that they put the chips in the middle of the table and made this match without any hedging. Not only does that position Drew as a top star with momentum and leave nearly two months to build the program, it makes the Royal Rumble match meaningful and something to take even more seriously moving forward.

-Aleister Black made his entrance. Once he got to the ring, the bell rang, and his match began.


Black dodged some punches to start the match, but then immediatley connected with Black Mass. He then made the cover for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Black via pinfall

-After the match, Black spoke on the microphone and said that he got eliminated at the Royal Rumble. He said that the only person accountable for his loss was him. Not Buddy Murphy or Seth Rollins. Black said he owned the loss, but that there was something else he needed to be held accountable for. He said he made the mistake of waiting for people to come to him for a fight and that he would now bring the fight to those in the locker room.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Well, it’s a different direction? I suppose that is a good thing given the silliness of Black waiting for people to knock on his door. It’s still all vague though. The audience needs a mission from Black that they can get behind. 

-A recap video aired that detailed the events of last week between team Seth Rollins and team Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens including Rollins and Buddy Murphy winning the Raw Tag Team Championship. When it ended, Seth Rollins walked to the ring with Buddy Murphy at his side. As they made their way down the ramp, the show went to a commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, Rollins spoke and said he was close to winning the Royal Rumble match for the second year in a row. Rollins said he was eliminated by Drew McIntyre and then mocked the audience for cheering. He warned Drew that the audience would turn on him very fast. From there, Rollins talked himself up and said that he eliminated Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens and that neither of them would go to WrestleMania. From there, Rollins talked up Buddy Murphy and celebrated winning the Raw Tag Team Championship last week. Rollins then called for Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens to walk out and get beat up by the Monday Night Messiah.

Heydorn’s Analysis: More of the same from Rollins here, but not a bad thing at all. His new character continues to double down on him being unlikable and it’s working well. At some point, WWE will have to define some sort of end game here, but we aren’t to that point yet.

-Kevin Owens answered the call first and was followed by Samoa Joe. Both men stood on the top of the ramp and then addressed Seth. Owens said that Seth still talked too much and that he was delusional. Owens said that Rollins was a jackass to which the audience cheered. He said that Rollins sucks now and Rollins responded by saying it was Owens who talked too much and that he should walk down and wrestle him for the tag titles. Joe then chimed in and questioned why Rollins was so eager to fight. Owens agreed and said that they were sure AOP was nearby to jump them an interfere. Rollins reacted back and said that he told AOP to stay in the back and cued up a camera with them on it to prove that he did not have them hiding ready to fight. Joe still didn’t believe Seth and accused him of running another scam. Rollins was flabbergasted that Owens and Joe were calling him a liar. Rollins proceeded to put AOP back on the big screen to prove once again that the video was live and that they were in the locker room. Owens and Joe said they believed Seth and were happy because they now knew where AOP was. At that point, the Viking Raiders crashed the locker room and started brawling with AOP. As Rollins looked on in disbelief, the show went to break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: It’s refreshing to see a pair of babyfaces act smart rather than clueless. This was a bit over the top, but worked in framing Owens and Joe as ahead of the Seth Rollins game. 


-After the break, official introductions were made, the bell rang, and the match began.


Joe and Rollins started things off and exchanged holds in the middle of the ring. Joe punched Rollins in the face which caused Rollins to roll out of the ring and regroup with Murphy. Owens laughed in the corner as Rollins got into the ring. From there, Rollins tagged Murphy into the match. Both him and Joe tied up until Joe dropped him with chops. From there, Owens and Joe tagged in and out of the match to maintain control over Murphy. Eventually, Rollins made a blind tag into the match and turned the tide on Joe. They double teamed him with two back elbows which gave Rollins the time and space to take full control. He stomped on Joe in the corner, but then tagged Murphy back into the match. They whipped Joe into the corner and Rollins charged after him, but Joe countered and tossed Rollins over the ropes. He then tossed Murphy over as well. With them on the outside, Owens and Joe hit dives on both of them as the show went to break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: I like the pace to the match thus far, but they don’t seem to have the audience quite yet.

After the commercial break, Murphy held control over Kevin Owens in the middle of the ring. He had a headlock locked in, but Owens countered it with a DDT. Owens went for a tag but didn’t have Samoa Joe in his corner. In the meantime, Rollins tagged into the match and jumped at Owens. Owens moved out of the way and connected with a frog splash instead before making the cover for a two count. Out of the pin, Rollins tagged Murphy back into the ring, but Owens still kept control with a flurry of strikes. He held momentum until Murphy hit Owens with a spinning heel kick before making the cover for a two count. Out of the pin, Murphy tagged Rollins in and Seth maintained the momentum until Owens hit him with the pop up powerbomb. After, Owens made the cover, but only got a two count. Eventually, the double team from Murphy and Rollins became too tough for Owens to handle. He tried for Stunners on both Murphy and Rollins, but only connected with the one on Seth. Right after, Murphy rolled Owens up for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Rollins and Murphy via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: A good match for what it turned out to be given the apparent injury to Samoa Joe. Owens, Rollins, and Murphy looked as good as they could given the circumstances. Not a shock that Rollins and Murphy retained the belts given that they won them only a week ago.

-After the match, more Edge hype occurred before Andrade made his entrance with Zelina Vega. As they posed, the show went to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, Becky Lynch was interviewed backstage. She said that her win against Asuka did something better for her than just collect a debt. She said after she won, she iced up, and then looked at her title. She then said that it hit her at that point and that she was heads and above the other dopes in the locker room. She said she has beaten everyone and that the next butt she kicks would be one she wants to kick not just one she has to kick. From there, Becky addressed Charlotte and said it wouldn’t be the first time that she challenged her, but would be the last. Becky then spun around and revealed at GOAT logo on the back of her coat before walking out of the shot.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Very Becky-esque. Bordered on the line of arrogance, but delivered with Lynch’s charm to take it out of that arena. Good stuff. 

-When Becky’s interview ended, Humberto Carrillo made his entrance. Once he got to the ring, official introductions were made, and the match with Andrade began.

(5) ANDRADE vs. HUMBERTO CARRILLO – WWE United States Championship

Carrillo kicked Andrade into the corner, before stomping on him as Vega looked on. Eventually, Andrade rolled out of the ring. He regrouped with Vega and then took over once he got back in the ring. Andrade hit a flurry of offense and held momentum until Carrillo countered and knocked him out of the ring. From there, Carrillo hit a corkscrew dive over the top rope as the show went to commercial break. (c)

After the break, the action continued, but back in the ring with Andrade owning momentum. He power bombed Carrillo and then stomped him in the corner. From there, he went for his double knee attack, but Carrillo rolled out of the way to counter. From there, Andrade lifted Carrillo for a move, but Carrillo countered. He then connected with a cross body and followed that with a dropkick. After, Carrillo connected with rolling moonsault and the made the cover, but only got a two count. Eventually, Carrillo built momentum enough and looked to be in a position to win, but Zelina Vega interfered. This immediatley caused the referee to call for the bell.

WINNER: Carrillo via disqualification (Andrade still United States Champion)

-After the match, Carrillo attacked Andrade in anger due to the fact that he did not win the US Championships. Vega screamed as Carrillo beat on Andrade. Eventually, Carrillo pulled back the pad on the outside of the ring to reveal concrete. He then hit Andrade with a hammerlock DDT on the concrete like Andrade did to him just a month ago. The crowd seemed to cheer loudly as he hit that intense move.

Heydorn’s Analysis: A good match, but more importantly an impactful angle at the end of the match for Carrillo. Carrillo needed a second layer to his character and one that showed some depth and intensity. This helped accomplish that and the audience positively reacted to it.

-After the match, the announce team hyped Charlotte’s WrestleMania announcement as the show went to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, Charlotte made her entrance. She smiled before walking down the ramp and then posed in the ring before removing her robe and picking up a microphone. Charlotte pointed at the WrestleMania sign and then spoke and said that she won the Royal Rumble. She said she did something she wanted to do and didn’t want to brag. Charlotte then said she did want to brag because she was Charlotte Flair. Flair then cued up highlights of her in the Royal Rumble match last night. After the highlights, Charlotte spoke again and said she outlasted 29 other women and now gets to face any champion of her choosing at WrestleMania. She said she doesn’t take the choice lightly, but would challenge for a championship. She then revealed she was still thinking about who she would face though and the audience booed. From there, Asuka walked out and congratulated Charlotte before yelling in Japanese as she got into the ring.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Why? Why bait and switch in that way with this significant call. If you don’t have an announcement to make, the solution to that problem is to simply build to the announcement rather than cheapen it with a fake announcement for some cheap Charlotte heat that soon will evaporate into thin air. 

Once Asuka got into the ring, the audience started to chant her name. Asuka addressed Charlotte and said if she had entered the Royal Rumble match, she would have won. Charlotte then questioned if Asuka was challenging her and in response, Asuka attacked her. The show then cut to commercial break. (c)


-After the break, the bell rang, and the match between Asuka and Charlotte began.


Both women exchanged punches to start the match. Charlotte took over early and worked over Asuka’s left leg until Asuka looked to counter via a bulldog. Charlotte countered that counter and then continued to work over Asuka’s leg. Eventually, Asuka took momentum back after connecting with a German suplex. After, she climbed to the top rope and connected with a dropkick before covering for a two count. Out of the pin, Asuka tried for another German suplex, but Charlotte countered to block it. Instead, Asuka locked in an octopus submission. Charlotte escaped and nailed Asuka with a dropkick over her own. From there, she connected with a flurry of chops as the audience woo’ed. After, Charlotte lifted Asuka to the top rope and then climbed up after her. At that point, Kairi Sane distracted the referee as Asuka pushed Charlotte off of the turnbuckle and all the way to the ground. The show then went to break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: Good match thus far with interesting commentary around Charlotte. Lawler advocating for Charlotte amidst the Phillips claims that she was arrogantly teasing her WrestleMania announcement provides some insight as to how we’re supposed to look at Charlotte. That commentary style frames her as a heel.

After the break, Asuka maintained control of the match and connected with the running bulldog. From there, Asuka climbed to the top rope and and tried for a dropkick, but Charlotte moved out of the way. Charlotte then connected with a dropkick and followed that with a boot to the face before making a cover for a two count. Out of the pin, Charlotte moved Asuka toward the corner and climbed to the top rope. She then attempted her moonsault, but missed. This allowed Asuka to quickly roll Charlotte into a submission. Charlotte quickly escaped, but Asuka locked in a second hold instead. Eventually, Charlotte hit her spear and went for the cover, but Asuka kicked out at two. Out of the pin, Charlotte tried for the figure four and got it after a struggle. Asuka worked to prevent Charlotte from turning it into the figure eight. As Charlotte was about to turn the move, Kairi Sane hit Charlotte with the Insane Elbow. This ended the match as the referee called for the bell.

WINNER: No contest

-After the match, Charlotte Flair beat up Kairi Sane until Asuka was able to pull her out of the ring.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Strange booking. On commentary, Charlotte was framed as a heel and her promo and announcement tease was heelish in nature as well. The post-match angle with the Kabuki Warriors screamed babyface. This exact inconsistency around Charlotte prevents her from doing anything impactful out there. The audience has no clue how to react to her when she’s in the ring and the booking is entirely to blame. 

-After the match, the Street Profits were shown backstage. They hyped Raw and then interacted with Kelly Kelly. Dawkins flirted with Kelly before they announced that the 24-7 Championship would be on the line soon. They sang “we want the smoke” with Kelly Kelly as the broadcast moved back to the ring.

-Mojo Rawley made his entrance with Riddick Moss at his side. As they posed in the ring, the show went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, Rawley spoke and said that the 24-7 would no longer be the hide and go seek championship. He said he would defend it against all comers and at any place. From there, he said that every good franchise quarterback like him needs a good offensive line. Rawley then introduced Riddick Moss. Rawley finished by saying that if anyone gets in his way, they’d get blocked. From there, No Way Jose made his entrance. Once he got into the ring, the bell rang, and the match began.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Not a great refresh for the 24-7 title, but good enough to at least make it a viable very low card prize. It gives something for Mojo Rawley to do as well. This won’t ever become mid or main event level stuff, but it has its place on the show. Especially a three hour show. 

(7) MOJO RAWLEY w/Riddick Moss vs. NO WAY JOSE – WWE 24-7 Championship

Rawley took over right away and hit his finish in matter of seconds before making the cover for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Rawley via pinfall

-After the match, a man dressed as a hamburger from the conga line rolled Rawley up for a win and to become the new 24-7 Champion. That person was revealed as R-Truth. Right after, Rawley and Moss beat Truth down and Rawley made the cover again to become the champion.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Thought I was going to have to eat my words on that one. This helped define how Rawley’s 24-7 title reign will go as it outlined the clear differences between him and Truth. Not impactful whatsoever, but decent enough in grading on the 24-7 title curve.

-Lana made her entrance after a video package aired that detailed the events between Lana and Liv Morgan and Lana’s wedding to Bobby Lashley. As she posed in the ring, the show went to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, Liv Morgan made her entrance and briskly walked to the ring. Once she got there, the bell rang, and the match began.


Morgan and Lana quickly tied up to start the match. Morgan got a quick pin attempt in, but Lana kicked out at two. From there, the two continued the fight and Lana knocked Morgan out of the ring. Soon, Morgan got back into the ring and was stomped by Lana. Lana followed that with a cover, but only got a two count. Out of the pin attempt, Lana yelled that she was the best wrestler in the world before putting Morgan in a submission. Eventually, Morgan escaped the hold and went on the offensive. She hit Lana with an enziguri and followed that with a double stomp in the corner before making a pin attempt. She only got a two count, but immediatley kept momentum after the attempt. Morgan then hit a flatliner off of the second rope and made another cover for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Morgan via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: Not good. Not good at all. The crowd was dead and Lana and Morgan just didn’t seem to have the chemistry or in-ring talent to get them back. 

-After the match, Rowan was shown walking backstage. The show then went to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, Rowan made his entrance with his cage in hand. With is opponent waiting inside the ring, the bell rang once he got inside of it.


Rowan crushed his opponent with a running cross body to start the match. He demolished the opponent some more before hitting the claw slam finish for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Rowan via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: I just don’t feel like they have an endgame for this right now. The squash matches will always work to keep Rowan relevant, but the cage thing is more old news than meaningful and intriguing at this point in time. 

-After the match, Rowan left with his cage. As he did, the announce team cued up highlights of Edge’s return at the Royal Rumble last night. The show then went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, Edge made his entrance to a huge pop from the audience. He darted out onto the ramp and high-fived the announcers before hitting his pyro and walking down to the ring. In the ring, Edge posed on the ropes as the audience continued to roar. Eventually, Edge took a microphone and addressed the cheering audience. He started to speak, but then stopped as the audience continued to cheer him and chant his name. He said that as a performer, athlete, and artist the reaction he received last night and just then meant the world to him. He said that reaction is why wrestler do what they do and then thanked the crowd. From there, the audience chanted “you still got it” and he responded “you god damn right I do.”

Heydorn’s Analysis: Heck of an off the cuff line there. Really good improv stuff. 

Edge continued and explained how he got back to the ring. He talked about what ifs and making those what ifs disappear. He said that over the years, he started to feel better and then asked himself, “what if he came back home.” The audience roared again and then chanted welcome home. Edge continued and said that after that he got back to work. He got a second neck surgery done and then busted his ass to get into the best shape of his life at 46 years old to end his career on his own terms. From there, Edge said he saw some old faces and new faces in the Royal Rumble like Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, Matt Riddle, and more. He said that hoped to see those guys down the road. Edge then said he wasn’t fooling himself about his return and that he didn’t know how long it would last. He then asked the audience to join him on the ride though. From there, Edge said he was older and grayer, but had grit. He said that if anyone knocks him down, he gets back up.

Heydorn’s Analysis: That worked. Edge appeared authentic and realistic while also letting the fans in on what made the return possible. Nothing special as far as the promo went, but effective enough. 

At that point, Randy Orton walked out and interuppted. Orton walked to the ring and gave Edge a hug once he got inside of it. Orton then grabbed a microphone and told Edge that he has a self destructive personality. He said that through some bad times, there was only one guy that would pull him out of them and that was Edge. Orton told Edge “welcome home” and that he was a brother to him. He said that last night he felt special chemistry inside the ring. Orton then talked about what ifs and said “what if Rated RKO got back together one last time.” As Edge thought it over and as the audience cheered, Orton nailed him with an RKO. From there, he hit Edge with a steel chair and then placed his head inside the chair and on the mat before climbing to the top rope. Orton dramatically teased jumping off and crushing Edge’s neck, but thought better of it and jumped down as the audience booed loudly. Instead, Orton grabbed another chair and hit Edge with the Con-chair-t0 as the audience booed loudly. After, Orton sat by Edge as the show faded to black.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Wow. That’s one helluva an angle that succeeded due to the nuances and drama that Orton brought to the table. Telling Edge it would be alright and patting him on the shoulder as he held his neck in the chair build the seriousness up to high levels and if you look around the arena, many in the crowd were standing up in anticipation of what would happen. This worked very well, but to what end. Is this build to Saudi Arabia? Or WrestleMania? Hoping for the latter. 

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