Interview Highlights: Gail Kim talks about her experience in WWE, being a producer,

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


The following are key highlights of Lilian Garcia’s interview with Gail Kim on her latest podcast, “Chasing Glory”

•On once saying WWE is racist: “I said they’re racist and then I made… I was clear on my statement. Then this writer or was really a fan, just writing his opinion about it. He’s like, ‘Gail Kim backtracked on her statement.’ But I was being more… clarifying it. So, I got upset that he said I backtracked and I wrote, ‘wrong.’ That’s all I said, ‘wrong,’ and all the fans who read it completely backed me. And that’s why they pulled down the article. It wasn’t because… ’cause they actually said they didn’t want to pull it down. They’re like, ‘We would be happy for you to write a piece to oppose it.’ I’m like, I’m not writing a piece for you to help your website. Basically, the fans read everything, and they backed me and that’s why they took it down…

•On why she concluded her lack of push in WWE was due to racism: “I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do here because I do everything you guys ask me to do. And I’m like, I got to the point where I’m like, am I too Asian? I was literally highlighting my hair near the end to become more white. I didn’t know what to do at that point. That’s why I left. Because I’m like, I know I have more to give to this business and you hired me back for a reason. I did do something, and you brought me back for a reason. So, I just felt really, I don’t know, suppressed. I felt very suppressed.”

•On whether she looks back with a different perspective now on her time in WWE: “Honestly, now in hindsight, of course I tried to look at the positives. I always tell everyone like, cause the fans will always be like, Oh my God, I hate the way that they used you. I hear that all the time and my answer to them all the time as well, if they didn’t do that, I would never have had the career I had at TNA Impact and I would never have had done all those things and I’m so satisfied with my career and that’s because of the road I’ve taken. And what’s happened. I am very vocal about things that I truly believe in but I would never do anything… Like I love. That’s my passion, my love. I’ve been part of this business for close to 20 years.”

•What it’s like being married to Robert Irvine, who has had great success in his field: “I have to say it because I’m going to get it off my chest. Everyone’s like, oh she’s married to Robert Irvine. I Googled him and he’s worth whatever million. I’m like, I pay my own bills and I’ve always been independent my whole life. Yes, of course, he’s more successful and he takes care of the home and everything like that. But I’ve worked my whole life and I want to continue to be able to reach my own goals in my life on my own and with these girls and [crosstalk 00:17:47] Yeah, this is not his. I think people just assume.”

•On becoming a match producer: “Maybe, yeah. Like I said, as soon as I became a producer, it’s like the fight started all over. I felt like I went down to the bottom again and trying to prove myself, prove myself, prove myself, even though I know I have the respect of my coworkers, I’m just always trying to be perfect again.”


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