NXT Great American Bash draws more total viewers, AEW Fyter Fest closes gap and retains lead in key demographics

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


NXT on USA on Wednesday night drew a 0.61 rating for night one of “The Great American Bash,” down from last week’s 0.62, but still above the recent average.

AEW Dynamite on TNT drew a 0.56 rating for night one of “Fyter Fest,” up from last week’s all-time series low of 0.48.

In total viewership, NXT outdrew AEW by a 792,000 to 748,000,a difference of 44,000. That closed the gap on last week’s viewership lead for NXT over AEW, which was 787,000 to 635,000, or 152,000.

AEW scored a victory, as usual, in the statistic that matters most to advertisers and thus TV executives – the demographics. AEW outdrew NXT in the key 18-49 adult demographic 0.29 to 0.22. In the male 18-49 demo, AEW won 0.18 to 0.12. In the broader male demo, 18-49, AEW won 0.37 to 0.29.

Any TV network would prefer AEW’s numbers. That said, total audience is valuable to wrestling companies because they are potential ticket purchases, PPV buyers, and merchandise customers also.

AEW Dynamite’s ten-week average: 717,000

NXT on USA’s ten-week average: 695,000

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