7/9 NXT UK TV REPORT: Walter vs. Kushida, Pete Dunne vs. Zack Gibson, Toni Storm vs. Maiko Satorumura

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


JULY 9, 2020

Hosted By: Andy Shepherd (from home).

-Andy Shepherd introduces the show as another “Superstar Picks” edition, but these are all matches featuring NXT UK brand competing in the US.

-Alexander Wolfe introduces the first match, which is his Imperium leader Walter facing Kushida in October 2019, early in the battle of AEW vs. NXT.

(1) WALTER (c) vs. KUSHIDA (from NXT TV October, 9, 2019)

Walter tossed Kushida early on and tasted him. Kushida went for the legs but Walter kept him on the mat. He started to taunt Walter after escaping and the big went after him, but Kushida kicked him outside. *commercial break

Back in the ring, Kushida fumbled off of the top rope and Walter kicked him in the head, leaving him lifeless on the apron. Walter pulled him in the center and worked his leg. Walter put him up, but Kushida countered with a reverse DDT. While he was down, Kushida hit him with several quick shots. He attempted a sunset powerbomb on the apron, but Walter kicked him down. He got up and they battled on the hard apron before both got floored after Kushida executed a DDT.They both rolled in by nine. Kushida went right at him for the hoverboard lock but Walter was able to put a stop and apply a sleeper. He countered with an Okada roll and near pinfall. The two then went on to counter several of each others moves until Kushida got a count count with a roll up.

Walter started to catch his second wind here and tossed Kushida around after a German suplex and near pinfall. He attempted to go to the top but Kushida pounced up to meet him there. Kushida wrapped him up and slammed Walter to the mat. he attempted a hoverboard lock but Walter escaped. Kushida kept the lead in the match until Walter landed a shotgun dropkick and a powerbomb for two. “This is awesome chants” started. Walter with a lariat for the win.

WINNER: Walter at 13:23

(Koenig’s Analysis: This highlighted Kushida in my opinion. He looked great in this match with great moves and counters. However, Walter got the win with his massive size and strength. A really fun match and styles clash.)

-WWE Horror Show at Extreme Rules commercial

-Eddie Dennis vignette.

-Xia Brookside picks her match- Toni Storm vs. Meiko Satomura from the 2018 Semi-Finals of the Mae Young Classic.

(2) TONI STORM vs. MAIKO SATOMURA (from NXT, October 24, 2018)

The two went right for each others wrists. Storm with a key lock but Satomura got her down for a one count. Storm grabbed a side headlock that Satomura countered into head scissors and escaped. The two countered each other on the ground for a bit, showing off both of their technical mat wrestling skills before getting back to their feet. They ran the ropes and Storm connected with a big boot for two. A suplex from Storm followed for another near pinfall. Satomura grounded Storm and wrapped her up in a unique leg lock. She escaped by grabbing the ropes but Satomura continued to toss her around the ring and caught her with a spinning heel kick. Storm with a backslide for two after countering a series of uppercuts. Storm grounded her into a long headlock until she could reach the bottom rope.

As Satomura rested, Storm went right for her- hooking her up into a Fishermans suplex for two. Satomura rolled out and Storm hit the obligatory suicide dive, driving her into the floor. She rolled her back in for two.

Storm taunted Satomura with several kicks to the head. She started to get angry here and executed a DDT and a kick to the neck. She lifted Storm up for a Death Valley Driver for two. Satomura ran with a knee to the face. Storm countered with a German suplex, followed by a Storm Zero for two. Satomura with a Pele kick for two. The frustrated Satomura then connected with a Scorpion Kick and yet another near pinfall. The crowd was on their feet. Satomura went for another Death Valley Driver, but Storm countered with another Storm Zero for the victory.

WINNER: Toni Storm at 13:06

(Koenig’s Analysis: Started off slow but picked up in the last few minutes. An interesting clash of styles. Satomura is a veteran in Japanese wrestling and is much more mat-based than Storm. It was a fun match to watch. Not the best from that tournament, but enjoyable.)

-WWE Horror Show at Extreme Rules commercial

-Nina Samuels vignette

-Flash Morgan Webster chooses Zach Gibson vs. Pete Dunne as his match. He gave a brief history of the two competitors and said to sit back and relax and watch this match.

(3) PETE DUNNE (c) vs. ZACK GIBSON (from NXT TV August 22, 2018)

– They start with a lockup and Dunne went right for the hand. Gibson countered and did the same. When Dunne broke free, he was met with a fierce chop to the throat. Dunne got the upper hand after a lariat that grounded Gibson. Dunne went right for more joint manipulation. After a battle of exchanging slaps, Dunne went for a Kamura lock that was countered into an interesting double crab.

After escaping that move, the two worked the mat for a bit. Dunne battled his way back to their feet. Gibson slammed him to the ground for two and went right back to barring Dunne’s arm before tossing him into the air and onto his back. Dunne started to show some aggression and hit Gibson with a forearm before tossing him into the corner, slamming into him and applied an arm lock to him on the mat. Gibson rolled out as Dunne climbed to top and took him out with a dive. Dunne rolled him back in and stood over Gibson who was pleading. Dunne with a double stomp and powerbomb for two. Gibson got up and tossed him into the ropes. Dunne pounced onto the middle rope but Gibson connected with a kick to the back of his head for two.

Gibson started to show signs of frustration when Dunne got up and brought him to his knees. Dunne stood over him with his feet on Gibsons hand before he double stomped them. Dunne his the ropes and Gibson landed a codebreaker. Both of them dropkicked each other and laid both men out.

Gibson worked his way to the turnbuckle and Dunne followed. Dunne went for a suplex and Gibson countered for a near pinfall. Gibson grabbed his arm for a Ticket to Ride into the Shankley Gates. Dunne writhed in pain as he had it applied in the middle of the ring. Dunne escaped by working his way to the rope and biting down on it. Gibson stomped away at Dunne before the ref separated them. Gibson grabbed a hold of Dunne’s hair and lifted him right as he hit a hard lariat. Gibson went for what seemed to be a forearm, but Dunne intercepted and grabbed his hand and snapped his fingers. Dunne with a Bitter End to retain.

WINNER: Pete Dunne at 13:38

(Koenig’s Analysis: Another fun match. I love when there is such a blatant face and heel dynamic. Gibson, although a veteran in his own right, really has the potential of being a Randy Orton type heel. His work and mannerisms are tremendous. Dunne, as always, is perfection in the ring. His aggression and strength are in full display.)

-NEXT WEEK- NXT UK’s Greatest Hits

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