7/11 STARDOM NEW SUMMER 2020 results: Donna Del Mondo vs. Oedo Tai, Syuri vs. Starlight Kid, Jungle Kyona and Riho return to action

By Harley R. Pageot, PWTorch contributor


JULY 11, 2020

Like with our last show, none of the matches here were announced ahead of time. As such each faction filmed generic group promos rather than individual match promos like usual.

Jungle Kyona and Ruaka were back for Tokyo Cyber Squad alongside Konami, Death Yama-san, and Rina.

Queen’s Quest (Momo Watanabe, AZM, Utami Hayashishita, Hina, & Saya Kamitani) addressed not knowing who they were facing and wondered if it would be themselves like last time.

Oedo Tai (Natsuko Tora, Saki Kashima, & Natsu Sumire) said they had nothing to talk about and left.

Donna Del Mondo (Giulia, Syuri, Maika, & Himeka) said no one can beat them. Himeka said everyone is smaller than her. Syuri had new gear and felt empowered.

Stars (Mayu Iwatani, Tam Nakano, Starlight Kid, Hanan, & Saya Iida) said they’d do their best. Hanan vowed to wrestle again before her birthday on August 11. Nakano showed off a bruise under her eye from a kick Giulia gave her three weeks ago. Iwatani was looking for someone to step up and challenge her for the red belt.

(Pageot’s Perspective: I can only speculate that the decision not to announce matches ahead of time was in case of someone having to be pulled last minute due to COVID-19. Otherwise I don’t know why they wouldn’t have announced them. It’s not like there any incredible surprises in here that they were holding off on announcing to avoid spoilers.)

(1) TOKYO CYBER SQUAD (Jungle Kyona & Konami) vs. TOKYO CYBER SQUAD (Death Yama-san & Rina)

Kyona and Death started. Rina tapped out to Konami’s triangle lancer.

WINNERS: Kyona & Konami in 7:04.

-Ruaka joined both teams after the match. They bowed to the crowd and did the TCS salute to Hana Kimura in heaven.

(2) STARS (Tam Nakano & Saya Iida) vs. QUEEN’S QUEST (Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani)

Nakano and Kamitani started. Hayashishita dumped Iida on the back of her head with a (sort of) bridging German suplex for the pin.

WINNERS: Queen’s Quest in 13:32.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Hayashitani are still establishing themselves as a tag team so expect them to keep racking up wins until the time in the seemingly-distant future when tag champions Jamie Hayter & Bea Priestley will be able to return to defend their belts.)


Kid tapped out to the Suzaku armbar.

WINNER: Syuri in 10:19.

-Out of nowhere Riho was back. Yes, she was still High Speed Champion and also the last remaining freelancer in Stardom who isn’t affiliated with any one faction.


Riho and Kid started with some high speed action. AZM tapped out to a standing dragon sleeper from Iwatani.

WINNERS: Iwatani & Riho in 13:23.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Prior to the pandemic shutdown there was a round robin tournament in play to determine Riho’s next challenger. What would end up being the last match was held on February 15 leaving Stardom unable to close the tournament with AZM vs. Starlight Kid and Leyla Hirsch vs. Zoey Skye. Kid had been eliminated from contention already, though, based on the points system and Skye was two points behind AZM, Hirsch, and Death Yama-san. My predictions at the time had Hirsch vs. AZM in the finals with AZM winning and facing Riho for the belt. The fact that she was chosen as one-half of Riho’s return opponents in this tag match makes me think that may still be the plan.)

(5) DONNA DEL MONDO (Himeka & Artist Of Stardom Champions Giulia & Maika) vs. OEDO TAI (Natsuko Tora, Saki Kashima, & Natsu Sumire)

Giulia and Tora started. By 10:00 both teams were feeling it. Himeka lifted Sumire and Kashima into a torture rack at the same time, though, until Tora broke it up. Moments later she took a crotch assault from Sumire but powered up and out of it. A double underhook DDT by Sumire put Himeka back down. Tags to Tora and Maika. Maika wanted an elbow submission but Tora made it to the ropes. Kashima with a face wash. Maika with a series of hip tosses.

Oedo Tai with some triple-teaming to Giulia. Kashima with a top rope double-stomp. Giuilia rolled her shoulder. Kashima wanted a pedigree but Giulia blocked. She hit it on the second try. Giulia rolled her shoulder again at two and a half. Maika and Himeka returned to level Kashima. Back body drop from Giulia. Tora and Sumire returned to dump the illegal women. Tora clotheslined Kashima by accident. Everything broke down again. The kids lifted Kashima into an elevated field goal kick from Giulia. Giulia sort of hit a dead lift falcon arrow for a two-count on Kashima. She wanted the Glorious Driver but Kashima turned it into a crucifix pin.

WINNERS: Oedo Tai in 20:35.

-Giulia shoved the ref to the mat and grabbed him by the collars, demanding answers. Kashima and Sumire laughed. Tora brought her a mic.

She asked Giulia how it felt to lose to the bean sprout. Giulia clubbed her and the rest of DDM pulled her back. Kashima informed them that they want the Artist Of Stardom trios title. Giulia got in her face again so Kashima slapped her and walked off, grinning. Giulia said they’d have their match. She said they’d get it right away and there’d be no tricks. Syuri told her to calm down. Giulia screamed that she is calm. Syuri was confident they’d defend and retain successfully in the future.

(Pageot’s Perspective: On what was otherwise a seemingly inconsequential show, Giulia takes her first pinfall loss in Stardom. Prior to the shutdown this Oedo Tai trio were slated for a title shot so this win gets us back on track. Tora and Kashima are starting to feel like real Oedo Tai members finally as we come to terms with the fact that Kagetsu and Hazuki are really gone and won’t be back. Sumire felt presented as a more credible in-ring threat here than usual as well, which is extra necessary with the Top Gaijins stuck in England and Oedo Tai down to a trio. We even got some DDM development as it appears Syuri is the veteran voice of reason in the unit to counter Giulia’s spoiled brat vibes.)

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