9/16 WWE MAIN EVENT TV REPORT: A lousy Bianca Belair vs. Billie Kay match, Mustafa Ali vs. Humberto Carrillo

By Mike Meyers, PWTorch contributor

WWE Main Event results and analysis


SEPTEMBER 16, 2020

Announcers: Byron Saxton, Michael Cole


  • Carrillo and Ali turn in a gem
  • Ali gets nasty
  • What is Michael Cole doing here?

The announcers joked a bit throughout the show about Michael Cole finally returning to Main Event, but never gave any reasoning for why he was there or where Samoa Joe or Tom Phillips were.


The women awkwardly exchanged holds to start, with Kay trailing Belair by several steps. Belair eventually leveled Kay with a shoulder block, then knocked Kay down again with a drop kick. Belair splashed Kay in the middle of the ring, then pinned for a two-count. The women battled on the ring apron, and Kay knocked Belair down with a front kick. She pinned Belair for two.

While Kay applied a chinlock, Cole explained how tough it’s become for Kay to “go it alone” after working with her best friend Peyton Royce for so long. Belair got to her feet but Kay fired her face-first into the corner. Belair scooped Kay up, but Kay wriggled free and slammed Belair into the corner two more times. Kay issued a barrage of stomps to Belair on the mat. Belair blocked a weak front kick from Kay, then leveled her with a right cross.

Belair rammed Kay’s face into multiple turnbuckles, then scooped her up and issued a bodyslam. Belair landed a handspring moonsault, then covered for a two-count. “Billie Kay has been very impressive here,” lied Byron. Belair slammed Kay’s face into the top turnbuckle again, then executed the K.O.D. Belair pinned Kay for the three-count.

WINNER: Bianca Belair by pinfall in 5:40.

(Meyers’s Analysis: This match stunk. At present, Kay does not have what it takes to shine as a singles wrestler, and Belair was unable to salvage anything from this portion of that experiment.)

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Carrillo arm dragged Ali to the mat after dodging a running attack. Ali regrouped before getting knocked down with a shoulder block and taken down with a springboard arm drag off the middle rope. Ali rolled out to ringside and slapped the barricade in frustration. Carrillo held the middle and top ropes open for Ali to safely re-enter. Instead, Ali rolled in under the bottom rope and shoved Carrillo in the chest, saying, “How come you disrespect me like that?”

Ali kicked Carrillo in the face, sending him out to the floor. Ali joined Carrillo on the floor and slammed him face-first into the barricade. The Thunderdome crowd murmured in disbelief while Ali scowled. We cut to break.

Back in the ring, Ali had control and aplied a chinlock. Carrillo got free, but Ali came back with a neckbreaker, then covered for two. Ali knocked Carrillo down with a reverse elbow and quickly covered for another two. Ali landed two clubbing forearm shots to Carrillo’s back, but Carrillo came back with a flurry of rights. Ali hit a side Russian leg sweep, planting the back of Carrillo’s neck into the bottom turnbuckle. He dragged Carrillo toward the middle and pinned for a two-count. Ali applied a chinlock.

Carrillo battled out but couldn’t execute his move. Instead he sprung off the middle rope and hit a flying knee strike to Ali. Both men recovered on the mat. Carrillo landed a series of rights, then hit a head scissor takedown and a spin kick to Ali’s cranium. Carrillo hit a sitout powerbomb in the center of the ring, and maintained the hold for a pin and two-count. Ali squirmed free from a suplex attempt, then hit Carrillo with a tornado DDT off the middle turnbuckle. He covered Carrillo for two.

Ali laid in some kicks, then dragged Carrillo toward one corner. Ali climbed said corner and took to the air, but Carrillo moved to safety. Ali reacted and rolled through his move on the mat, but this gave Carrillo time to move in and hit the Spanish fly. He covered, but Ali immediately transitioned into a submission hold, wrenching on Carrillo’s neck with his left leg and forearms functioning as a vice. Carrillo tapped out in seconds.

WINNER: Mustafa Ali by submission in 7:35.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Awesome match. I can’t remember an episode of Main Event with this much disparity between the two matches, but this one saved the show. Nice to see some bad attitude from Ali. I sighed when I saw their names pop up again in the preview, but was pleasantly surprised. This featured PPV-level moves and near falls. Check it out.)

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 8.4

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