9/23 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Moxley vs. Kingston for the AEW World Title, Mr. Brodie Lee vs. Orange Cassidy for the TNT Title, Miro in action, Shida & Thunder Rosa vs. Diamante & Ivelisse, More.

By Tyler Sage, PWTorch contributor


September 23, 2020

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

-An in memoriam for Joe Laurinaitis “Road Warrior Animal,” was shown before the opening graphic.

-Normal Dynamite pyro opened the show and crowd shots lead to the entrance of Kip Sabian and Miro.


Kip and Kiss started the match. Kiss quickly got advantage and tagged in Janela. Sabian tagged in Miro, who stared down Janela. Sabian tagged himself back in, he and Janela battled. After a dive out of the ring, Janela got the advantage and worked tandem offense on Kip. Miro entered the ring and got a cheap shot on Kiss. Miro was then tagged in and threw Janela around like nothing. Miro then tagged Sabian back in.

After a few moments, Miro was tagged back in. He hit Kiss with serval strikes and slams, which led to a near fall. Kip was tagged in and hit the Punt Kick on kiss, he took a few a moments and then covered for a near fall. Janela and Miro were tagged in but the tags were not seen and called off. Kiss and Sabian continued to fight, Janela and Miro eventually squared off.

Janela was able to get a running knee on the apron to Miro, slowing him down, Janela and Sabian fought on the concrete. Eventually both men were legal and back in the ring. Miro entered the ring after being hurt for a while and attacked both Janela and Kiss who were gloating. Miro got. near fall on Kiss, but Janela broke up the pin. Miro took out Janela and kicked Kiss, setting him up for a Game Over (camel clutch).

WINNER: Kip Sabian & Miro in 15:00

(Sage’s analysis: A below average opening Dynamite Tag-Team match. Sabian always seems to be just whatever in his matches. Miro looked strong, but the faster he turns on Sabian the better. I thought that Jericho and Hager had a better match with Janela and Kiss a few weeks ago. That is not a complement.)

-Eddie Kingston came out and called out Jon Moxley for his time in sports entertainment. Kingston called out the “entertainer.” Moxley came out and both were nose-to-nose as AEW officials came out to break the two up. [c]

-Kenny Omega entered the arena in street clothes, he joined commentary for the Adam Page match.


Uno started by getting Page in the corner, he then evilly walked away as he had Page in the corner. After a series of moves, Uno turned his back, Page took advantage with a kick. Page then went on the offensive. Page hit some new moves on Uno, per Omega on commentary. Uno was able to hit a knife edge chop and regain the advantage.

Soon after, Page got Uno on the apron, he then did a cross body on Uno to the outside the ring. Uno then used the referee as a shield, Uno then used the ref to block page, and get a cheap shot in. [c]

Once the show returned from break, Page was thrown out of the ring and was surrounded by Dark Order. Kenny Omega was conflicted as to weather he should help or not, he did not and Uno called off the dogs. Page got a slam on the apron, then a fallaway slam, into a shooting star press for a near fall.

Uno hit a seton off the top rope for a near fall. Page hit another shooting star press but Uno got his knees up and Uno got a near fall. Page then went to set up, and he hit the Buckshot Lariat for the pinfall.

WINNER: Adam Page in 13:00

(Sage’s analysis: This was a good singles match, UNO is better then I think he is almost every time I see him. But, the end of the match had Page hitting to many big moves to put away someone like Evil Uno. It would have been better to shave 90 seconds off of this match and just have the decisive victory for Page.)

-Tony is in a segment talking with the Young Bucks, it was only with Matt. He faked apologized for their actions the last few weeks. He thinks that people should feel bad for them and that they will do better. Tony asked about FTR, Matt says next question. Matt asks Tony for his phone and they he smashed it on the door. He then gave Tony some cash and left. [c]


Cassidy started the match by putting his hands in his pockets and doing his signature shin strikes. Lee responded with a stiff slap to the face. Cassidy did a kip up and a dive threw the middle rope with his hands in his pockets. Dark Order members caught him and held him, for Lee to dive right onto him. Lee the threw Cassidy back into the ring, Where he did a half hearted cover. After the cover he chopped Cassidy to the outside of the ring, where Dark Order members attacked Cassidy.

This exact sequence happened again, but Cassidy was able to get a counter once in the ring, but Lee countered that for a slam. [c]

Upon return from commercial, Lee was continuing his assault on Cassidy. When brought up, Cassidy fell to his feet as if he could not continue. But it appeared that Cassidy was playing opossum. This led to a near fall roll up by Cassidy. He eventually got some momentum and hit two dives out onto Lee. He then threw Lee into the ring, Cassidy laid out Dark Order members before returning.

Orange hit a DDT from the top rope, but could not get the quick cover, Cassidy hit the Running PK once then a second time, which led Lee to stand up in anger and get hit again, Cassidy got a near fall. John Silver took an Orange Punch from Cassidy, meant for Lee. Lee then took advantage and hit his Discuss Lariat for the Pinfall.

WINNER: Mr. Brodie Lee in 11:00

(Sage’s analysis: This match was a good blend of both men. Lee looked strong throughout 75% of the match. Cassidy had his crazy like a fox super babyface comeback, Lee won like the heel that he is. I think running this match back in a few months with a different result would be smart.)

-After the match new music hit and the lights went out. Codys music hit and he emerged, with new and improved dark hair. Cody hit the ring and took out 9, 10, and 5 of the Dark Order. [c]

-Dasha was backstage with The Dark Order. Mr. Brodie Lee took over, he complained about the audacity of Cody. He has been gone, he let his Brother and Wife get beat up and post thirst traps on IG while he was gone. Sooner or later he is gonna wrap a dog collar around Cody’s horrible neck tattoo. He has one week to answer.

-Matt Hardy and Private Party come out to the ring. Hardy was limping from his assault last week. Hardy asks who attached him last week. He had a heated exchange with MJF, Mr. Brodie Lee, and The Inner Circle last week. He was hit by a pipe or bat, with someone in a mask. Chris Jericho is his prime subject. Private Party had a great match against Jericho & Hager last week, per Hardy. Hardy says that Jericho wants to be the “Demo God,” but ,”he will always be an Asshole.”

Jericho’s music hit, he walked out with the entire Inner Circle, sans Sammy. Jericho mockingly says happy birthday to Matt. Sammy is missing, because of Matt. But, Jericho was kidding Sammy appeared. Jericho and Matt got into it. Marc Quen stepped in and told Hardy to heal up. He is clear, Isiah then jumped in and called out Jericho for hitting him from behind. Isiah issued a challenge for Jericho to face him one-on-one next week. Jericho mouthed sure as Private Parties music played. [c]

-Tony was in the ring with FTR & Tully Blanchard. Tully asks how the thousands of new fans each week can see FTR in action. Usually a tag title match is a 60 minute time limit match, but for TV it will be 20 minute matches. They also, for some reason, get to pick their opponents. They will be going against SCU next week. SCU has to win, if not FTR wins. Which is an odd way to frame it. Best Friends’ music hits.

Best Friends ask for a match and appear to get it. But at the last second FTR says that Best Friends are hurt, it wouldn’t be right to fight them in their weakened state. Chuck calls FTR a name and they get a best friend hug in.


Ivelisse & Diamante attack Shida and Rosa as they posed with their respective titles. Diamante and Shida ended up in the ring after the dust settled. Quickly Rosa and Shida hit a double knee strike on Diamante on the apron. Rosa was tagged in and she got a near fall on Diamante. Ivelisse tagged herself in once the action ended up in their corner. Ivelisse got several strikes in on the head of Rosa as the break started. [c]

Diamante and Shida were in the ring once the show returned. Ivelisse tagged in and got a near fall, which Rosa broke up. All four were in the ring at one point, with Ivelisse getting a kick on Shida, leading to a near fall. Diamante tagged in and got a near fall that Rosa broke up just like before. Rosa was in and hit a Death Valley Driver, into a Shida Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Shida then hit a move on Diamante and got the pinfall.

WINNER: Shida & Thunder Rosa in 9:00

(Sage’s analysis: A fine match. I would like if the women didn’t just always have the 9:30-9:45 time slot, just saying, mix it up a bit.)

-Dasha is backstage with Jericho. He is asked if he will face Kassidy next week. He will, MJF appears in the frame. He can’t believe that Jericho would be disrespected like that. They both heap fake praise on each other. They both call each other great, with fake laughs. They say din tandem, why did you call me a loser? The two argue, MJF said the limo drivers were the losers. They both agreed that was correct, and Jericho was calling Tony a loser.

-The announce team run down the card for next week. [c]


A collar-elbow tie up started the bout. The two then locked hands and did the test of strength spot. Moxley countered and got Kingston on the ropes. The two traded slaps to the face, then stiff, stiff chops. These two were beating the crap out of each other. I would say this was a block A G1 match in New Japan if I didn’t know better.

The two then ended up on the outside of the ring. Kingston threw Moxley into the table at ringside. [c]

Kingston had Moxley in a headlock as the show retuned, Jim Ross said that Kingston had gotten the advantage. Moxley dodged a kick and clotheslined Kingston to get the advantage back. Moxley then hit a suicide dive on Kingston. After throwing Kingston back in the ring, Moxley hit knees to the head and hit a pile driver. Kingston was able to break the pin on the bottom rope.

Kingston hit a power bomb and got a near fall. The two stood up and once again traded strong style shots. Mox hit a German Suplex, Kingston hit two back drop slams in return. The two traded strikes again, Moxley avoided the back fist, and choked out Kingston for the win

WINNER: Jon Moxley in 12:00

-After the match The Lucha Bros. came out and beat up Moxley. Will Hobbs came out for the save but was overwhelmed. Darby Allin’s music hit, he came to the ring and cleared the Lucha Bros. and Kingston. Ricky Starks came out and took out Allin. Taz, Kingston, Starks, Pentagon, and Rey Fenix stood tall as the show ended.

(Overall show thoughts: This was another solid show that payed off on what was set up on last week’s episode. They made some pretty great lemonade out of the Archer situation. I was a big fan of Kingston and Moxley’s match to close the show. This show also set up matches well for next week. The overall booking attention to detail is strong in AEW right now and each show is elevated because of that. My only negative note is that Miro feels like a lower Mid-Card guy with Kip, they need to get rid of that angle yesterday.)




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